List of Men who have won 3 or more awards, and the areas that the awards represent
The data are taken from the Raise Project database
Click on Awards link to see each person's awards, categorized and sub-grouped.
The areas of scientific and medical interest are culled from those award categories.
The specific citations can be obtained from the links to the individual awards listed next to each person.
! indicates elected membership in National Academy of Sciences.
* indicates elected membership in National Academy of Engineering.
# indicated elected membership in the National Academy of Medicine. Previously IOM
^ indicated elected membership in the National Academy of Inventors.
Count Of Awards RaiseProject AwardsFull NameStem AreasMedical Areas
55 AwardsRobert S. Langer !*#Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Biology: Innovation- Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Biology- Biomaterials- Biomedical- Biomedical - Chemistry- Material Sciences- Mechanics- Mineralogy- Pharmacology- General: Chemistry- General: Medicine- Technology- Technology: MedicineOncology- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: General
31 AwardsBert Vogelstein !#Engineering: Biology: Innovation- General: - General: General: Medicine- General: Science- TechnologyDermatology- Gastroenterology- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
28 AwardsAnthony S. Fauci !#General: Medicine- Technology: GeneralImmunology- Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology: Physics- Physiology: Diabetes- Public Health- Rhumatology- Virology
28 AwardsNikoloas A. Peppas *#Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Biomaterials- Biomedical- Biomedical - Chemistry- Education- Mineralogy- Pharmacology- GeneralPharmacology
25 AwardsJames P. Allison !#Biology: Innovation- General: Medicine- General: Science- TechnologyImmunology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer- Pharmacology: Physics
24 AwardsEric R. Kandel !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Physiology- TechnologyMental Health- Psychiatry
22 AwardsFrancis S. Collins !#Chemistry: Biotechnology- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: MedicineDermatology- Engineering- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology- Pediatrics
21 AwardsRobert A. Weinberg !#Biology: Innovation- General: - General: Biology- General: Medicine- General: Science- Medicine- TechnologyDermatology- Oncology
21 AwardsGeorge M. Whitesides !*Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Biomaterials- Material Sciences- General: ChemistryGeneral
21 AwardsEric S. Lander !#Biology: Innovation- General: Medicine- Mathematics- Microbiology- TechnologyDermatology- Human Genetics- Oncology
20 AwardsRichard N. Zare !#Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science- Physics- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology
20 AwardsJoseph L. Goldstein !#Engineering: Astronomy: Meteorology- Cell Biology- Metallurgy- General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryCardiac and Stroke- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics
20 AwardsRobert J. Lefkowitz !#Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: Medicine- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Life Sciences- Pharmacology
20 AwardsCato T. Laurencin *#Engineering: Cell Biology- Biomaterials- Biomedical- Biomedical - Chemistry- Technology: MedicineGeneral
19 AwardsStanley Cohen !#Chemistry: Biotechnology- Microbiology- Technology- Technology: MedicineDermatology- Life Sciences- Pathology
19 AwardsNorman R. Augustine *Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics- Education- Mechanics- General: Science- Technology: Medicine
19 AwardsRonald M. Evans !#Chemistry: Biochemistry- General: Biology- General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Nutrition- TechnologyEndocrinology- Genetics- Life Sciences- Oncology- Pharmacology
19 AwardsChad A. Mirkin *#Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Biomedical- Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- General: Science- Technology
19 AwardsBrian Druker #Engineering: Biomedical- General: Biology- General: General: Medicine- HematologyClinical Chemistry- Engineering- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
19 AwardsKarl A. Deisseroth !*#Biology: Innovation- General: Biology- General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Neuroscience: Brain- Sociology: Social Benefit- TechnologyMental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Neuroscience
19 AwardsFeng Zhang !Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Technology- General: Biology- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Technology- Technology: LawAnatomy- Genetics
17 AwardsRobert C. Gallo !#Engineering: General: General: Medicine- HematologyDermatology- Infectious Diseases- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
17 AwardsLeroy E. Hood !*#Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- Microbiology- TechnologyOncology- Oncology: Urology
17 AwardsSolomon H. Snyder !#General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Pharmacology
17 AwardsPhillip A. Sharp !#Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
16 AwardsMichael S. Brown !#Cell Biology- General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryCardiac and Stroke- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics
16 AwardsSeymour Benzer !General: Medicine- General: Science- Genetics: Biology- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGenetics
16 AwardsK. Barry Sharpless !Chemistry- Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Science- TechnologyPharmacology: General
16 AwardsPeter G. Schultz !*#Astronomy: Meteorology- Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Nuclear- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Technology: Medicine
16 AwardsTobin J. Marks !*Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- General: Science- Technology
16 AwardsStanley B. Prusiner !#Chemistry: General: Biology- General: Medicine- General: ScienceNeurology: Neuroscience
16 AwardsRoger Y. Tsien !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General: Biology- Medicine- Physiology- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryCardiac and Stroke- General
16 AwardsDean Kamen *Engineering: Chemistry: Education- Mechanics- Robotics- Technology- Technology: Technology: Law- Technology: MedicineGeneral
16 AwardsRobert E. Kahn *#Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: MedicinePediatrics
15 AwardsStuart L. Schreiber !#Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry- Chemistry: Microbiology- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryOncology
15 AwardsNick Holonyak !*Engineering: Energy- Material Sciences- Mineralogy- General: Science- Optics- Technology- Technology: Medicine
15 AwardsAhmed Zewail !Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- General: Science- Physics
15 AwardsJ. Craig Venter !Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- MicrobiologyGeneral
14 AwardsGabor A. Somorjai !Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Biomaterials- Material Sciences- General: Science- Physics- Sociology: Social Benefit
14 AwardsPaul C. Lauterbur !Engineering: Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Science- Physics- Technology- Technology: MedicineRadiology
14 AwardsHarry B. Gray !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry- General: Science- Technology
14 AwardsSamuel J. Danishefsky !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: ScienceOncology
14 AwardsRobert H. Grubbs !*Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
14 AwardsStuart H. Orkin !#General: ALL- General: Medicine- General: Science- HematologyEngineering- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer- Pediatrics
14 AwardsBruce M. Alberts !Biology- Biology: Developmental - Chemistry: Biotechnology- Comparative: Comparative Biology- Geoography: Geography- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
14 AwardsRudolf Jaenisch !#General: ScienceDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- Genetics- STEM : Stem Cell Research
14 AwardsAlexander J. Varshavsky !Biology: Innovation- Cell Biology- General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Sociology: Social BenefitGenetics- Oncology
14 AwardsArthur Horwich !#Biology: Innovation- Cell Biology- General: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryPediatrics- Pharmacology: Physics
14 AwardsVictor Ambros Biology: Innovation- General: Biology- Genetics: BiologyGenetics- Pharmacology: Physics
14 AwardsCharles L. Sawyers #Biology: Innovation- Sociology: Social BenefitEngineering- Oncology- Oncology: Urology- Pharmacology: General
13 AwardsJ. Michael Bishop !#Cell Biology- GeneralDermatology- General
13 AwardsHarold E. Varmus !#Biology- Cell Biology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- GeneralOncology
13 AwardsJudah Folkman !Engineering: Biology: Vascular- Biomedical- General: MedicineOncology- Oncology: Cancer- Surgery: General Surgery
13 AwardsThomas R. Cech !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
13 AwardsDavid J. Julius !#Biology: Innovation- GeneralNeuroscience- Neuroscience: Brain- Pain- Pharmacology: Physics
13 AwardsMario R. Capecchi !#GeneralCardiac and Stroke- Genetics- Oncology
13 AwardsTony Hunter !#Engineering: General: Biology- General: General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Sociology: Social BenefitOncology
13 AwardsVinton Cerf *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
13 AwardsA. Paul Alivisatos !Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- General: Science
13 AwardsJon M. Kleinberg *Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences- General: Science- Mathematics- Technology
13 AwardsJeffrey M. Friedman !#Biology: Innovation- General: Biology- General: Science- Nutrition- Sociology: Social BenefitEngineering- General
13 AwardsDouglas R. Lowy #Microbiology- Technology: MedicineDermatology- Engineering- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer- Oncology: Cancer Research- Pharmacology
13 AwardsShinya Yamanaka !#Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Biology: Innovation- Sociology: Social BenefitGenetics
13 AwardsBuddy D. Ratner *Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials- Biomedical- Biomedical - Chemistry- Mineralogy- Vacuum
12 AwardsThomas M. Jessell !#General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGenetics- Neuroscience- Neuroscience: Brain
12 AwardsBruce N. Ames !Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: General: Environmental health- Genetics: Biology- Microbiology- Nutrition- Pharmacology: ToxicologyOccupational Medicine: Occupational & Environmental Medicine
12 AwardsSiegfried S. Hecker *Engineering: Mineralogy- General: Nuclear- Nuclear- Physics
12 AwardsRobert G. Bergman !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- General: Science
12 AwardsRobert G. Roeder !General: - General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
12 AwardsGordon E. Moore *Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Computer Sciences- Technology: Technology: Medicine
12 AwardsC. Everett Koop Biology: Biomedical- General: Environmental health- General: ScienceInfectious Diseases- Occupational Medicine: Occupational & Environmental Medicine- Oncology- Public Health
12 AwardsJohn B. Goodenough !*Engineering: Education- Material Sciences- Mineralogy- General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear
12 AwardsCarlo M. Croce !#Engineering: General: General: Medicine- Hematology- MedicineOncology- Oncology: Cancer
12 AwardsPaul Greengard !#Chemistry: Biochemistry- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Pharmacology
12 AwardsLeland H. Hartwell !Cell Biology- Genetics: BiologyOncology- Oncology: Breast
12 AwardsMichael Posner !#General: Medicine- General: Science- Mathematics- Mathematics: Statistics- PsychologyMental Health
12 AwardsJames E. Rothman !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
12 AwardsChristopher N. Bowman #Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials- Chemistry- Education- Material Sciences- General: Chemistry
12 AwardsAllen J. Bard !Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- General: Science
12 AwardsC. David Allis !Biology: Innovation- General: - General: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGenetics
12 AwardsStephen J. Elledge !#Biology: Innovation- General: Biomedical- General: Science- Genetics: BiologyOncology- Oncology: Cancer
12 AwardsL.S. "Skip" Fletcher Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Aeronautics- Education- Mechanical- Mechanics- General
12 AwardsTerence Tao !Biology: Innovation- Mathematics
12 AwardsHarold Widom !Mathematics- Mathematics: Statistics
12 AwardsSteven A. Rosenberg #Chemistry: General: Biology- Microbiology: Cancer- Dermatology- Immunology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer- Surgery: General Surgery
11 AwardsPhilip Leder !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Science- Genetics: Biology- TechnologyDermatology- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics
11 AwardsCharles H. Townes *Engineering: Astronomy- Mechanics- Optics- Physics- Physics: Optics
11 AwardsAlfred G. Gilman !#General: ScienceLife Sciences- Pharmacology
11 AwardsPeter B. Dervan !#Chemistry- Chemistry: Technology
11 AwardsEdward Witten !Biology: Innovation- Mathematics- Physics- Technology
11 AwardsSydney Brenner !#Chemistry: Biochemistry- Genetics: BiologyGenetics- Oncology
11 AwardsLuc Montagnier Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: MedicineInfectious Diseases- Pharmacology: General
11 AwardsStephen J. Benkovic !#Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
11 AwardsIrving Weissman !#General: Medicine- General: Science- HematologyOncology: Cancer- STEM : Stem Cell Research
11 AwardsOliver Smithies !#Chemistry: General - Genetics: BiologyCardiac and Stroke- Genetics
11 AwardsAlfred Knudson !Engineering: General: General: MedicineDermatology- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer
11 AwardsCharles M. Lieber !#Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- Physics
11 AwardsHarald zur Hausen #Engineering: Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: General: MedicineDermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer Research- Virology
11 AwardsV. Craig Jordan #Life Sciences- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Pharmacology
11 AwardsRoderick MacKinnon !Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryNeuroscience
11 AwardsStanley Korsmeyer Engineering: General: Biomedical- General: General: Medicine- HematologyDermatology- Engineering- Oncology
11 AwardsBarry J. Marshall #Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Biology- General: MedicineGastroenterology- General
11 AwardsCharles B. Nemeroff #Psychology: PsychomomaticEndocrinology: Neuroscience- Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: Pharmacology- Psychiatry
11 AwardsAntonios G. Mikos *#Engineering: Biology- Biomaterials- Chemistry- Education- Material Sciences- Pharmacology
11 AwardsCarl H. June #HematologyEngineering- Immunology- Oncology
11 AwardsShuji Nakamura *Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Energy- Material Sciences- General: Science- Optics- Technology
11 AwardsJohn Mendelsohn #GeneralDermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer- Oncology: Urology
11 AwardsDavid A. Patterson *Engineering: Computer Sciences
11 AwardsAlexis T. Bell *Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry- Education
11 AwardsRashid Alievich Sunyaev !Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Physics: Research
11 AwardsH. Vincent Poor *Engineering: Communications- Education
11 AwardsJoseph M. DeSimone !*#Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- Technology- Technology: Medicine
11 AwardsGary Ruvkun #Biology: Innovation- GeneralGenetics- Pharmacology: Physics
11 AwardsEmmanuel Candes General: - Mathematics
11 AwardsKrzysztof (Kris) Matyjaszewski !*Chemistry: General: Chemistry
11 AwardsDan Kalman Mathematics
11 AwardsDrew Weissman 
11 AwardsR. T. Rockafellar *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
11 AwardsJohn A. Rogers *Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Mechanics- Technology
11 AwardsDavid M. Sabatini Engineering: General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
10 AwardsBarry M. Trost !Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry: General
10 AwardsElias Corey Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Science
10 AwardsRoald Hoffmann !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science
10 AwardsPierre Chambon !General: Chemistry- General: Science- TechnologyGenetics- Life Sciences
10 AwardsWilliam H. Foege #General: SciencePharmacology- Public Health
10 AwardsAndrew J. Viterbi !*Engineering: Communications- Mechanics- General
10 AwardsEdward O. Wilson !*Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health- Sociology: Social Benefit
10 AwardsJames E. Darnell !Cell Biology- GeneralLife Sciences- Oncology
10 AwardsStanley Falkow !#General: - General: Science- MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
10 AwardsWallace S. Broecker !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: Environmental health- General: Science- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Sociology: Social Benefit
10 AwardsRonald Breslow !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
10 AwardsRandy W. Schekman !#Cell Biology- Microbiology- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
10 AwardsRobert H. Dennard *Engineering: General: Science- Technology- Technology: Medicine
10 AwardsHerbert W. Boyer !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Microbiology- Technology- Technology: MedicineGeneral
10 AwardsDavid Botstein !#Biology: Innovation- General: Medicine- Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyOncology
10 AwardsC. Grant Willson *Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Science- Physics: Optics
10 AwardsThomas Kailath !*Engineering: Acoustics- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology: General
10 AwardsKip Stephen Thorne !Biology: Innovation- Physics- Technology
10 AwardsEugene M Shoemaker Engineering: Astronomy- Astronomy: Meteorology- Petroleum- General: Science- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
10 AwardsAlfred Sommer !#General: Medicine- NutritionOpthomology
10 AwardsRoger D. Kornberg !Engineering: Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: General: Medicine- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- TechnologyGeneral
10 AwardsBruce S. McEwen !#General: Medicine- Psychology- Psychology: Social ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience: Brain
10 AwardsCharles M. Vest *Engineering: Biology- Education- Optics- Physics: Optics- Technology: Medicine
10 AwardsJohn Edward Porter #Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: Science- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryUrology
10 AwardsLeonard Kleinrock *Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
10 AwardsMartin Rees !Astronomy- Physics- Physics: Research
10 AwardsC. Ronald Kahn !#PhysiologyDiabetes- Diabetes: - Life Sciences
10 AwardsBenjamin Cravatt #Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Chemistry- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
10 AwardsFrederick W. Alt !#Biology: BiomedicalImmunology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
10 AwardsSimon A. Levin !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health- Geology: General
10 AwardsEnrique Iglesia *Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry
10 AwardsPeter Walter !#Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General: Biomedical- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
10 AwardsAlan N. Willson *Engineering: Acoustics- Education
10 AwardsRichard M. Felder Engineering: Chemistry- Education
10 AwardsAli Khademhosseini Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials- Chemistry- Education- Material Sciences- Mechanics- Pharmacology- Technology
10 AwardsGary M. Hieftje Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
10 AwardsGregory N. Stephanopoulos Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Chemistry- Microbiology
10 AwardsJames S. Jackson *#Psychology- Sociology: PsychologyGeriatrics- Psychiatry
10 AwardsJeffrey Gordon !#General: - General: Science- Nutrition- Sociology: Social BenefitGastroenterology- General
10 AwardsMark E. Davis !*#Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry- General
10 AwardsSubra Suresh *#Engineering: Civil- Mechanics- Mineralogy- General
10 AwardsChristos Faloutsos : Geoscience- Computer Science:
9 AwardsSamuel J. Oltmans Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Astronomy- Astronomy: Meteorology- Biology- Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Fish- Biology: Innovation- Biology: Paleontology- Biology: Photo-Biology- Botony: Horticulture- Cell Biology- Chemistry: Computer Science: - Ecology: Zoology- Aeronautics- Biomedical- Chemistry- Civil- Communications- Computer Sciences- Education- Mechanics- Mineralogy- Technology- Water- Entomology- General: Education- General: Environmental health- Geology- Geology: Geophysics: Geoscience- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Material Science: - Mathematics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Nuclear- Nutrition- Oceanography: Limnology- Paleontology- Pharmacology: Toxicology- Physics- Physics: Optics- Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Public Service: Social Sciences- Sociology- Sociology: Psychology- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology: Medicine: Eye Health- : Otolaryngology- Cardiologists- Cardiologists: - Dermatology- Education: Health Care- Epidemiology- Marine Sciences- Medicine: Palliative- Oncology- Opthomology- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Physiology: Diabetes- Psychiatry
9 AwardsNicholas Turro !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Nuclear- STEM: Photochemistry
9 AwardsVictor A. McKusick !General: ScienceHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
9 AwardsLuis A. Caffarelli !Mathematics
9 AwardsDonald A. Henderson #GeneralInfectious Diseases- Microbiology: Virology- Pharmacology
9 AwardsPeter C. Nowell !#Engineering: General: Pathology
9 AwardsJohn Cocke Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Law- Technology: Medicine
9 AwardsGeorge H. Heilmeier *Engineering: Optics
9 AwardsPatrick C. Walsh #GeneralOncology: Cancer- Oncology: Urology- Urology
9 AwardsJohn D. Roberts !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry- General: Science
9 AwardsStephen J. Lippard !#Chemistry: General: Chemistry
9 AwardsArnold O. Beckman Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Biomedical - Mechanics- General: Science- Technology: Medicine
9 AwardsMatthew Tirrell !*Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Physics
9 AwardsRaymond Davis !Astronomy- General: Nuclear- Physics
9 AwardsH. Robert Horvitz !#General: Biomedical- General: Science- Genetics: BiologyGenetics
9 AwardsEric J. Nestler #General: MedicineMental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Neuropharmacology: Pharmacology- Neuroscience
9 AwardsFrank S. Bates !*Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences- General: Science- Physics
9 AwardsYakov Sinai !Mathematics- Physics- Physics: Research
9 AwardsF. Albert Cotton Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry- General: Science
9 AwardsCarl Djerassi !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: Science- Technology: MedicineGeneral
9 AwardsMichael E. Greenberg !#Biology: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- Neuroscience- Neuroscience: Brain- Occupational Medicine: Occupational & Environmental Medicine
9 AwardsDaniel Kleppner !Optics- Physics
9 AwardsRobert F. Furchgott !Cardiac and Stroke- Pharmacology
9 AwardsStuart S. P. Parkin *Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Material Sciences- Physics
9 AwardsJohn H. Gibbons *Engineering: Biology- Physics
9 AwardsCharles Elachi *Engineering: Astronomy- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General
9 AwardsBernard Fisher #: Cancer- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Surgery: General Surgery
9 AwardsChi-Huey Wong !Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry- Chemistry: General
9 AwardsEugene Braunwald !#General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
9 AwardsLarry R. Squire !#General: Science- PsychologyMental Health
9 AwardsJohn Hennessy !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education
9 AwardsAdam Heller *Engineering: Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: Biomedical - Chemistry- Technology: Medicine
9 AwardsJoseph T. Coyle #General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuropharmacology:
9 AwardsMichael L. Rutter #Psychology- Psychology: Social ScienceMental Health- Psychiatry
9 AwardsEdward C. Stone !Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- General
9 AwardsJean M. J. Fréchet !*Chemistry: General
9 AwardsAndrew J. Wiles !General: Science- Mathematics
9 AwardsRichard A. Tapia *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education- Mathematics
9 AwardsZdenek Bazant !*Engineering: Civil- Mechanics
9 AwardsJohn N. Bahcall Astronomy- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: Nuclear- General: Science- Physics
9 AwardsLewis C. Cantley !#Biology: Innovation- Biophysics- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology- Pharmacology: Physics
9 AwardsLarry L. Hench *Engineering: Biomaterials- Material Sciences- Mineralogy
9 AwardsDavid Baltimore !#General: MedicineImmunology- Oncology
9 AwardsDavid E. Clemmer Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General: Chemistry- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
9 AwardsDennis J. Slamon General: MedicineOncology- Oncology: Breast- Pharmacology: General
9 AwardsAvram Hershko !Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
9 AwardsMichael A. Gimbrone !#Biology: Vascular- GeneralCardiac and Stroke- Pathology
9 AwardsJames E. Crowe *#Engineering: Biomedical- MicrobiologyEngineering- Infectious Diseases- Pediatrics
9 AwardsNorman Borlaug !Engineering: Biology: Plant Sciences- Biomedical - General: Science
9 AwardsJoan Massague !#Cell Biology- Sociology: Social BenefitOncology- Oncology: Cancer
9 AwardsBert W. O’Malley !#General: Medicine- Physiology- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences- Oncology: Breast
9 AwardsDavid Satcher #Oncology- Psychiatry- Public Health
9 AwardsThomas E Starzl !#GeneralGastroenterology- Surgery: General Surgery
9 AwardsJames E. McGrath *Chemistry: General
9 AwardsRamon Lopez : All STEM- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
9 AwardsDavid W. MacMillan !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
9 AwardsDavid Baulcombe Biochemistry: Biophysics- Botony: Maize - General: Biomedical- TechnologyGeneral
9 AwardsPeidong Yang Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear
9 AwardsXiaodong Wang !Engineering: Chemistry: Communications- General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
9 AwardsJames A. Dumesic *Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry
9 AwardsAaron T. Beck #General: Medicine- PsychologyMental Health
9 AwardsNapoleone Ferrara #Biology: InnovationOncology- Oncology: Cancer- Pharmacology: Physics
9 AwardsRuslan Medzhitov !#Biology: Biomedical- General: Immunology
9 AwardsJames R. Rice !*Engineering: Civil- Mechanics- Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience
9 AwardsLeon Chua Engineering: Acoustics- Computer Sciences
9 AwardsMoe Z. Win Engineering: Communications
9 AwardsJohn E. Dick #Chemistry: General: Biology- HematologyOncology- STEM Molecular Biology: Stem Cell Research
9 AwardsRobert O. Ritchie *Engineering: Education- Mechanics- Mineralogy
9 AwardsWilliam Fisher *Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
9 AwardsGarret FitzGerald #Cardiac and Stroke- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: General
9 AwardsDavid A. Asch #Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
9 AwardsRakesh Agrawal *Engineering: Geoscience- Chemistry: Chemistry- Technology: Medicine
9 AwardsDiran Apelian *Engineering: Mineralogy- Petroleum
9 AwardsPhillip R. Westmoreland !*Engineering: Chemistry- Education
9 AwardsYoshinori Ohsumi Biology: Innovation- General: Biology- General: BiomedicalPharmacology: Physics
8 AwardsRobert M. Williams Engineering: Astronomy- Chemistry: GeneralEmergency Medicine- Obstetrics/Gynecology
8 AwardsRonald W. Davis !General: Medicine- General: Science- Genetics: Biology- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
8 AwardsRobert P. Langlands !General: Science- Mathematics
8 AwardsDavid A. Evans !Chemistry: General: ChemistryVirology
8 AwardsGunter Blobel !#Cell Biology- General: ScienceGeneral
8 AwardsAlfred Y. Cho !*Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics- Technology: Medicine
8 AwardsGeorge C. Pimentel Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry
8 AwardsEdward B. Lewis !Genetics: BiologyGeneral
8 AwardsDonald R. Paul *Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry
8 AwardsRalph Landau Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry- Technology: Medicine
8 AwardsSatoshi Omura !Chemistry: MicrobiologyGeneral
8 AwardsCarl Sagan Engineering: Astronomy- Education- General: Science- Physics
8 AwardsJack St. Clair Kilby Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
8 AwardsDonald E. Knuth !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics- Sociology: Social Benefit
8 AwardsSimon K. Donaldson !Biology: Innovation- Mathematics
8 AwardsMaurice R. Hilleman General: Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology
8 AwardsLeon M. Lederman !Engineering: General: Nuclear- Physics
8 AwardsJoshua Lederberg !Engineering: Computer Sciences- GeneralInfectious Diseases- Informatics
8 AwardsJerrold Meinwald !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Environmental health
8 AwardsLuna B. Leopold !Engineering: Civil- Hydrology/- Geology- Geology: Geophysics: Geoscience
8 AwardsR. Graham Cooks Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
8 AwardsRichard Peto #Engineering: Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: General: MedicineOncology
8 AwardsPol D. Spanos *Engineering: Civil- Mechanics
8 AwardsBruce C. Gates *Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry
8 AwardsFederico Capasso !*Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics- Physics: Optics
8 AwardsGene E. Likens !Biology- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health- Oceanography: Limnology- Sociology: Social Benefit
8 AwardsArnold J. Levine !#Engineering: General: Biology- General: Dermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
8 AwardsRonald D. Vale !#Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General: BiomedicalGeneral
8 AwardsFrank Press !Biology- Geology: Geology: Seismology- Geoscience: Geophysics
8 AwardsPeter H. Raven !Biology- Biology: Plant Sciences- General: Environmental healthSports Medicine: Physiology
8 AwardsRalph F. Hirschmann !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: SciencePharmacology
8 AwardsYale Patt *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
8 AwardsJames A. Spudich !Biophysics- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General: BiomedicalGeneral
8 AwardsRichard B. Alley !General: Environmental health- General: Science- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Sociology: Social Benefit
8 AwardsRalph L. Brinster !#Agriculture: Reproductive Biology- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyGenetics
8 AwardsChristopher T. Walsh !#Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
8 AwardsWayne A. Hendrickson !Biophysics- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- TechnologyGeneral
8 AwardsRichard Lifton !#Biology: Innovation- General: Biomedical- General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Life Sciences- Nephrology
8 AwardsIsiah M. Warner Cell Biology- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General
8 AwardsMarcus E. Raichle !#General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- PsychologyCardiac and Stroke- Mental Health- Nuclear Medicine
8 AwardsCarver A. Mead !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology- Technology: Medicine
8 AwardsGeoffrey W. Coates !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
8 AwardsMax D. Cooper !#MicrobiologyImmunology
8 AwardsJames Hansen !Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics- Sociology: Social Benefit
8 AwardsRichard O. Anderson Engineering: Civil- Education- Mathematics: Statistics- Physics: OpticsAnatomy- Dermatology- General
8 AwardsCarlos Bustamante !Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- General: Science- Physics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
8 AwardsShaun Coughlin !#Biology: Vascular- General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Engineering- General
8 AwardsVijay P. Singh Engineering: Agriculture- Civil- Hydrology/
8 AwardsAndrew Z. Fire !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Biomedical- General: Science- Genetics: BiologyGeneral
8 AwardsJohn Mather !Astronomy- Mathematics- Physics: Optics
8 AwardsBradford W. Parkinson *Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics- Mechanics
8 AwardsClaude M. Steele !Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
8 AwardsPhil S. Baran !Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General
8 AwardsK. C. Nicolaou Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
8 AwardsDavid Liu #Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
8 AwardsPhillip James E. Peebles !Astronomy- Physics: Research- Technology
8 AwardsRichard Van Duyne Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- Optics- Physics
8 AwardsF. Ulrich Hartl !Biology: Innovation- General: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
8 AwardsJames Gunn !Astronomy- General
8 AwardsWilliam A. Wulf Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education- General
8 AwardsFrancois M. Abboud #PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
8 AwardsRoger Nicoll !#General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience: Brain
8 AwardsAxel Ullrich General: MedicineOncology- Pharmacology: Physics
8 AwardsArul M. Chinnaiyan #Engineering: BiomedicalOncology- Pathology- Urology
8 AwardsRainer Weiss !Biology: Innovation- Physics- Technology
8 AwardsJudea Pearl *Engineering: Biology: Cognitive- Computer Sciences- Mathematics- Technology
8 AwardsStanley A. Plotkin #MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Pharmacology- Virology
8 AwardsSamuel L. Katz #MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Pediatrics- Pharmacology
8 AwardsJoseph Gallian Mathematics
8 AwardsArlen Specter Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Biomedical - Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
8 AwardsAndrew Gelman #Mathematics: Statistics
8 AwardsAdrian Bejan Engineering: Education- Mechanics- General
8 AwardsRobert Jordan Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
8 AwardsSteven W. Squyres Astronomy- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
8 AwardsEdward Boyden !Engineering: Biology: Innovation- Technology- General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Sociology: Social BenefitGeneral
8 AwardsNorman N. Li *Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry
8 AwardsJeffrey G. Andrews Engineering: Communications- Education
8 AwardsDavid R. Williams !#Engineering: Chemistry: Mineralogy- PsychologyOpthalmology- Opthomology
8 AwardsRonald T. Borchardt Chemistry: GeneralPharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Pharmacology: General
8 AwardsSvante Pääbo !Biology: Innovation- General: Biology- General: Biomedical
8 AwardsMark C. Hersam Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Vacuum
8 AwardsGregory P. Winter Chemistry: Biochemistry- GeneralPharmacology: General
8 AwardsWilliam J. Borucki !Astronomy- General: Science- Physics: Optics
8 AwardsJames Collins *#Engineering: Biomedical- Biomedical - Microbiology- Nutrition- PhysicsGeneral
8 AwardsKoichi Niihara 
8 AwardsXiang Zhang Computer Science:
8 AwardsJure Leskovec Computer Science:
7 AwardsHugh O. McDevitt !#General: Science- MicrobiologyImmunology- Pathology: Immunogenetics
7 AwardsRafael L. Bras *Engineering: Civil- Geophysics: Geoscience
7 AwardsShing-Tung Yau !General: Science- Mathematics
7 AwardsDennis M. Ritchie Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
7 AwardsRichard Axel !Chemistry: General: ScienceGeneral
7 AwardsDaniel Kahneman !Economics: Economic- Psychology
7 AwardsMiguel A. Ondetti Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- General
7 AwardsAllan C. Spradling !Biology: Developmental - General: Science- Genetics: Biology
7 AwardsAlexander Rich !General: Chemistry- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
7 AwardsCharles Yanofsky !Genetics: Biology- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
7 AwardsJoseph Gall !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- GeneralGeneral
7 AwardsFloyd E. Bloom !#General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- PhysiologyMental Health- Neuropharmacology:
7 AwardsNorman F. Ramsey Engineering: Physics
7 AwardsElias M. Stein !Mathematics
7 AwardsDavid S. Hogness !Biology: Developmental - General: Medicine- Genetics: BiologyGenetics
7 AwardsJohn Hopfield !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Physics- Physics: Research
7 AwardsRichard M. Karp !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics- Technology
7 AwardsFrederick P. Brooks *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
7 AwardsErich Bloch *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
7 AwardsJohn W. Cahn !*Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Technology
7 AwardsPeter G. Wolynes !Biophysics- Chemistry: Physics
7 AwardsJohn Hopcroft *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
7 AwardsEli Ruckenstein *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General
7 AwardsJulius B. Richmond Pediatrics- Public Health
7 AwardsMark M. Davis !#General: - General: Biomedical- MicrobiologyGeneral
7 AwardsRobert N. Clayton !Astronomy: Meteorology- Chemistry: Chemistry: Geochemisty- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
7 AwardsPeter K. Vogt !#Engineering: General: - General: General: MedicineOncology- Oncology: Cancer
7 AwardsIvan Sutherland !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsDale L. Boger Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: GeneralOncology
7 AwardsHerbert Y. Meltzer Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
7 AwardsPeter S. Eagleson *Engineering: Chemistry: Hydrology/- Water- Geophysics: Geoscience
7 AwardsHarden M. McConnell !Biophysics- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
7 AwardsMarc Kirschner !Cell Biology- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- TechnologyGeneral
7 AwardsEugene N. Parker !Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
7 AwardsRichard J. Saykally !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Nuclear- Optics- Physics
7 AwardsRobert J. Haggerty #Psychology: Social SciencePediatrics
7 AwardsJohn T. Cacioppo General: Science- Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic- Sociology: Psychology
7 AwardsThomas Pollard !#Biophysics- Cell Biology- General: ScienceGeneral
7 AwardsDavid Wineland !Optics- Physics
7 AwardsKoji Nakanishi Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: SciencePharmacology: General
7 AwardsJack L. Strominger !#Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryImmunology- Pathology: Immunogenetics
7 AwardsWilliam Julius Wilson !#Biology: Fish- Sociology
7 AwardsRobert C. Malenka !#Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Neuroscience
7 AwardsRichard E. Smalley Chemistry- General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- Physics
7 AwardsStephen L. Buchwald Chemistry: General
7 AwardsJohn E. Sulston Genetics: BiologyGeneral
7 AwardsRichard E. Nisbett !Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
7 AwardsDaniel L. Schacter General: Science- Psychology
7 AwardsLotfi A. Zadeh *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mechanics- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsHarry R. Allcock *Chemistry: Chemistry: General
7 AwardsMartin Seligman Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
7 AwardsJeremy M. Berg #Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Cell Biology- Chemistry- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
7 AwardsWaun Ki Hong #Oncology
7 AwardsDonald Metcalf !General: Medicine- General: Science- HematologyOncology
7 AwardsCarl Wieman !General: Nuclear- Physics
7 AwardsRustum Roy Engineering: Chemistry: Minerology
7 AwardsSyukuro Manabe !Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsSteven Pinker General: Science- Psychology
7 AwardsMorris Cohen Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- General
7 AwardsRobert D. Ballard Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
7 AwardsAnthony J. Pawson !Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Oncology
7 AwardsKenneth S. Suslick Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- General
7 AwardsJohn M. Prausnitz !*Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education- General
7 AwardsRichard J. Davidson #Engineering: Civil- Psychology- Psychology: PsychomomaticMental Health
7 AwardsGraham R. Fleming Chemistry- Chemistry: Physics- STEM: Photochemistry
7 AwardsRoald Z Sagdeev !Astronomy- Physics
7 AwardsJonathan V. Sweedler Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General: Chemistry
7 AwardsRyoji Noyori !Chemistry: General
7 AwardsSalvador Moncada !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Vascular- Chemistry: Biochemistry- HematologyCardiac and Stroke- General
7 AwardsWilliam T. Carpenter #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
7 AwardsRobert E. Newnham Engineering: Material Sciences- General
7 AwardsDavid Livingston !#Dermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer
7 AwardsHarold A. Scheraga !Biophysics- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsJohn F. Hartwig Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
7 AwardsDouglas Engelbart *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology- Technology: Medicine
7 AwardsRobert H. Wurtz !#Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- PsychologyOpthalmology
7 AwardsPaul R. Ehrlich !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsRobert J. Cava !Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Science- Physics
7 AwardsVictor Velculescu GeneralOncology
7 AwardsChaitan S. Khosla *Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Chemistry- General
7 AwardsJohn A. Katzenellenbogen Chemistry: Pharmacology: ToxicologyLife Sciences- Nuclear Medicine- Oncology
7 AwardsMichael Ehlers Chemistry: Biochemistry- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience- Pharmacology
7 AwardsLouis E. Brus !Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science- Physics
7 AwardsRichard Monastersky Geophysics: Geoscience- Microbiology
7 AwardsTodd R. Golub #Oncology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer- Pediatrics
7 AwardsMichael P. Doyle #Chemistry: General
7 AwardsMichael F. Summers Biophysics- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsJoseph LeDoux !Psychology
7 AwardsE. J. Vandenberg Chemistry: General
7 AwardsPeter J. Stang !Chemistry: General
7 AwardsJan D. Achenbach !*Engineering: Civil- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
7 AwardsJames Wells !Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsJeffrey C. Hall !General: Biomedical- Genetics: BiologyGeneral
7 AwardsCarl Zimmer Biology: Evolution- General
7 AwardsDavid Ginsburg #HematologyCardiac and Stroke- Engineering- General
7 AwardsMahzarin Banaji !Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
7 AwardsBradley Efron !Mathematics: Statistics- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsAtul Gawande #GeneralCardiothoracic Surgery- Education: Health Care- Medicine: Palliative
7 AwardsCraig J. Hawker Chemistry: General
7 AwardsCharles L. Bennett Biology: Innovation- General: Science- Technology
7 AwardsJohn Kuriyan !#Chemistry: General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryOncology
7 AwardsAdrian Bird Chemistry: Biochemistry- Neuroscience: Brain- Sociology: Social BenefitDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- General
7 AwardsWilliam G. Kaelin #General: BiomedicalOncology
7 AwardsWilfred A. van der Donk !Chemistry- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsArden Bement *Engineering: Mineralogy- General
7 AwardsWilliam A. Eaton !Biophysics- Chemistry: Hematology- Physics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsRao Y. Surampalli Engineering: Civil
7 AwardsTimothy Berners-Lee Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Computer Sciences- General
7 AwardsJohn T. Schiller Microbiology- Technology: MedicineOncology- Oncology: Cancer- Pharmacology
7 AwardsMoshe Y Vardi *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: General
7 AwardsJohn W. Landis *Nuclear
7 AwardsYannis P. Tsividis *Engineering: Acoustics
7 AwardsKeshab K. Parhi Engineering: Acoustics- Education
7 AwardsSergio Verdu *Engineering: Communications- Education- General: Science
7 AwardsDavid Tse *Engineering: Communications- Education
7 AwardsGeoffrey E. Hinton *Engineering: Biology: Cognitive- Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
7 AwardsValentin Fuster #Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
7 AwardsOmar M. Yaghi !Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences- General
7 AwardsWilliam Dunham Mathematics
7 AwardsEzra Brown Mathematics
7 AwardsDale Bauman !Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
7 AwardsStephen J. Ressler Engineering: Education- General
7 AwardsMichael Tomasello !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Psychology
7 AwardsDouglas R. Fox Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics: Teaching
7 AwardsWilliam S. Hammack Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education- Mechanics
7 AwardsArthur W. Westerberg *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education
7 AwardsCharles J. Mankin Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
7 AwardsPeter Zoller Optics- Physics- Physics: Research- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology: General
7 AwardsWilliam W. Thatcher Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Reproductive Biology- Reproductive Fertility: Embryology
7 AwardsHarry C. Dietz !#Engineering- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Pediatrics- Pediatrics: Medicine Pharmacology
7 AwardsGregg L. Semenza !#General: BiomedicalEngineering- Pediatrics
7 AwardsFergus M. Clydesdale Chemistry: General
7 AwardsBrian Kobilka !#Biophysics- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryCardiac and Stroke- Pharmacology
7 AwardsDonald P. McDonnell #Life Sciences- Oncology: Breast- Pharmacology
7 AwardsKatepalli Sreenivasan *Engineering: Civil- Mechanics- Physics
7 AwardsMichael W. Young !Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: BiomedicalGeneral
7 AwardsSean B. Carroll Biology: Developmental - Biology: Evolution- Comparative: Comparative Biology- Physics
7 AwardsJean-Laurent Casanova #General: Science- MedicineEngineering- Immunology- Infectious Diseases- Pediatrics
7 AwardsRiccardo Rovatti Engineering: AcousticsEpilepsy
7 AwardsPeter Hegemann General: Biomedical- General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Brain- TechnologyGeneral
7 AwardsRush Holt Engineering: Biology- Cell Biology- Biomedical - Geology: Physics
7 AwardsPeter W. Shor !Engineering: Mathematics- Physics: Research
7 AwardsDonald D. Heistad PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Pharmacology
7 AwardsLeonard Wartofsky Endocrinology- Life Sciences
7 AwardsLeslie Z. Benet #Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Pharmacology: General
7 AwardsNeil Kelleher Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
7 AwardsJason Sheehan Neuro-Surgeons
7 AwardsYonggang Huang  *Engineering: Civil- Mechanics
7 AwardsPeter B. Lyons Engineering: Mechanics- Nuclear
7 AwardsGero Miesenböck Biology: Biomedical- General: Medicine- Medicine- Neuroscience: Brain- Sociology: Social BenefitGeneral
7 AwardsNicholas A Kotov Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences
7 AwardsAndrea Alu Engineering: Material Sciences- Optics- Physics- Physics: Optics
7 AwardsLance H. Baumgard Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
7 AwardsRobert Wagoner *Engineering: Mineralogy
7 AwardsY. Chang Engineering: Mineralogy
7 AwardsMarc Meyers Engineering: Mineralogy- Physics
7 AwardsDavid M. Abbott,Jr. Geology
7 AwardsRaymond P. Giroux *Engineering: Computer Science: - Civil- Minerology
7 AwardsKirk E Hively *#Engineering: Aeronautics- Biomaterials- Chemistry- PharmacologyPharmacology: General
7 AwardsGentry Lee *Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics- Chemistry
7 AwardsR. Paul Singh *Engineering: Agriculture- Education
7 AwardsW. John Lee *Engineering: PetroleumEmergency Medicine
7 AwardsJunuthula N. Reddy *Engineering: Civil- Mechanics
7 AwardsStephen D. Silberstein 
7 AwardsDennis W. Readey *
7 AwardsBing Liu Computer Science:
7 AwardsThorsten Joachims Computer Science:
6 AwardsFrank H. Westheimer !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
6 AwardsYuan Tseh Lee !Chemistry- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Nuclear
6 AwardsTorsten N. Wiesel !#Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral
6 AwardsStephen R. Leone !Chemistry: Physics
6 AwardsYoichiro Nambu Physics- Physics: Research
6 AwardsKenneth L. Thompson Engineering: Computer Sciences- Geology- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsJohn W. Milnor !Mathematics
6 AwardsArvid Carlsson #General: MedicineMental Health- Pharmacology
6 AwardsAlexander Pines !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Nuclear
6 AwardsDavid W. Cushman Chemistry: General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- General
6 AwardsGilbert Stork Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
6 AwardsPaul Grant Rogers General: ScienceInfectious Diseases
6 AwardsPhilip Morrison Astronomy- Physics
6 AwardsPaul Berg !#Cell Biology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General - GeneralGeneral
6 AwardsF. Sherwood Rowland Chemistry: Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: Environmental health- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsIra Herskowitz General: Science- Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyGeneral
6 AwardsErnst Knobil Physiology- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences
6 AwardsTheodor W. Hansch General: Science- Optics- Physics
6 AwardsPeter D. Lax !General: Science- Mathematics
6 AwardsRichard H. Scheller !#General: ScienceNeuroscience
6 AwardsPeter T. Scardino #Oncology: Urology- Urology
6 AwardsEdward M. Stolper !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsYuet Wai Kan !#General: Medicine- HematologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
6 AwardsAlbert J. Eschenmoser !Chemistry: General
6 AwardsCharles K. Kao *Engineering: Physics: Optics
6 AwardsWilliam H. Miller !*Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: NuclearOpthalmology
6 AwardsDavid R. Nygren !Engineering: Biology: Innovation- General: Nuclear- Physics
6 AwardsMortimer Mishkin !#General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- PsychologyGeneral
6 AwardsHenry M. Kronenberg Life Sciences- Public Health- Rhumatology
6 AwardsRichard R. Schrock !Chemistry- Chemistry: General
6 AwardsJoseph H. Taylor Jr. !General: Science
6 AwardsJeremy Nathans !#General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience: Brain- Opthalmology
6 AwardsErwin Neher !Biophysics- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral
6 AwardsBert Sakmann !Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- TechnologyGeneral
6 AwardsJames J. Duderstadt *Engineering: Education- General: Nuclear- Nuclear- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsGrover E. Murray Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
6 AwardsJohn C. Polanyi !Chemistry: General
6 AwardsFrank Wilczek !Physics- Physics: Research
6 AwardsMichael E. Debakey Engineering: Biomaterials- GeneralInfectious Diseases
6 AwardsJoseph W. Goodman *Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
6 AwardsMichael G. Rossmann !Biophysics- General: - Molecular Biology: BiochemistryVirology
6 AwardsDavid Packard Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: Science- Technology- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsJohn R. Yates Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
6 AwardsThomas Dunne !Engineering: Hydrology/- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsAndrew H. Knoll !Biology: Paleontology- General: Science- Geology
6 AwardsSteven Chu !Biophysics- Optics- Physics
6 AwardsRalph E. Gomory !*Engineering: Biology- Computer Sciences- General
6 AwardsJoseph B. Keller !General: Science- Mathematics
6 AwardsYoshito Kishi Chemistry- Chemistry: General
6 AwardsEdwin G. Krebs !General: ChemistryCardiac and Stroke- General
6 AwardsLouis Kunkel !General: MedicineGenetics- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Mental Health- Pediatrics
6 AwardsPhilip Seeman General: MedicineMental Health- Psychiatry
6 AwardsM. Frederick Hawthorne !Chemistry: General: Science
6 AwardsWilfried Brutsaert *Engineering: Hydrology/- Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsJames W. Black !GeneralGastroenterology- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: General
6 AwardsLarry E. Overman !Chemistry: General
6 AwardsJacques Blamont !Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Aeronautics- Physics: Optics
6 AwardsLeo Mandelkern Chemistry: General
6 AwardsFred W. McLafferty !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Chemistry: Physics- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
6 AwardsJohn M. Smith Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Geology: MathematicsGeneral
6 AwardsDavid G. Nathan #HematologyPediatric Hematology: Cancer- Pediatrics
6 AwardsPaul Baran Engineering: Communications- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsGeorge E. Brown Engineering: Astronomy- Communications- Education- General
6 AwardsPaul A. Wender !Chemistry: General
6 AwardsDon C. Wiley GeneralPathology: Immunogenetics
6 AwardsJohn J. Dorning *Engineering: Education- General: Nuclear- Nuclear
6 AwardsWilliam H. Pickering Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics- General
6 AwardsDaniel R. Weinberger #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
6 AwardsJohn E. Bercaw !Chemistry: Chemistry: General
6 AwardsMorris Karnovsky #Biology: Vascular- Cell BiologyPathology
6 AwardsKary B. Mullis MicrobiologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
6 AwardsDavid A. Prince Epilepsy
6 AwardsM. Judah Folkman Engineering: General: General: Medicine- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- General
6 AwardsGeorge W. Wetherill !Astronomy- Astronomy: Meteorology- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsIrwin I. Shapiro !Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
6 AwardsJeffrey S. Russell Engineering: Civil- Education
6 AwardsAlan H. Guth !Biology: Innovation- Physics- Physics: Research
6 AwardsPaul M. Nurse !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Chemistry: BiochemistryGeneral
6 AwardsDavid Shaffer Psychology: Social ScienceMental Health- Psychiatry
6 AwardsMichael F. Ashby Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy
6 AwardsJames S. Coleman Engineering: Mineralogy- Sociology
6 AwardsGlenn H. Fredrickson *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences- Physics
6 AwardsWilliam Marston Linehan Oncology- Oncology: Urology- Urology
6 AwardsLouis Nirenberg !Mathematics
6 AwardsIrwin M. Jacobs *Engineering: Communications- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsDavid Baron Microbiology
6 AwardsJohn Hardy Biology: Innovation- Chemistry: Biochemistry- Neuroscience: BrainNeurology: Neuroscience
6 AwardsJohn R. Anderson !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Cognitive- General: Science- Psychology
6 AwardsJack W. Szostak !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Chemistry- General: Science- Genetics: BiologyGeneral
6 AwardsDaniel S. Goldin *Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics
6 AwardsEric A. Cornell !Physics
6 AwardsRoberto Car Engineering: Chemistry: Computer Sciences- Physics- Physics: Research
6 AwardsMichele Parrinello Engineering: Chemistry: Computer Sciences- General: Chemistry- Physics- Physics: Research
6 AwardsPasko Rakic !#General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceAnatomy- Mental Health
6 AwardsJoseph P. Kennedy Engineering: Chemistry: Acoustics
6 AwardsErick M. Carreira !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
6 AwardsJohn Q. Trojanowski #Neurology: Neuroscience- Pathology
6 AwardsDavid Chandler !Engineering: Chemistry: Geology- Physics
6 AwardsElliot Meyerowitz !Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences- General: Science- Genetics: Biology
6 AwardsRonald Levy #HematologyOncology- Oncology: Cancer
6 AwardsThomas C. Südhof !#General: ScienceGeneral
6 AwardsMerton C. Flemings *Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy
6 AwardsIan M. Thompson Oncology: Urology- Urology
6 AwardsHenry T. Lynch : Cancer- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer Research
6 AwardsFred H. Gage !#General: Biology- General: MedicineDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- Mental Health
6 AwardsKing Holmes #Microbiology- Psychology: Social ScienceInfectious Diseases
6 AwardsDavid A. Hamburg #Biology- General: ScienceMental Health
6 AwardsStephen William Hawking !Biology: Innovation- Physics- Sociology: Social Benefit
6 AwardsRichard D. Klausner !#HematologyDermatology- Engineering- Oncology- Oncology: Urology
6 AwardsEric N. Olson !#Biology: Developmental - General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Genetics
6 AwardsShu Chien *#Engineering: Biomedical - Physiology
6 AwardsPeter Agre !#Chemistry: BiotechnologyCardiac and Stroke- Nephrology
6 AwardsMichael David Fayer !Chemistry: Optics- Physics
6 AwardsJoseph Schlessinger !#Cell Biology- Sociology: Social BenefitOncology- Oncology: Cancer
6 AwardsDonald F. Hunt Engineering: Chemistry: Education- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
6 AwardsFuller W. Bazer Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Reproductive Fertility: Embryology
6 AwardsDaniel D. Federman #Life Sciences
6 AwardsFrancisco J Ayala !Biology- Biology: Evolution- Technology: General
6 AwardsArun N. Netravali *Engineering: Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsJerry M. Woodall *Engineering: Education- Vacuum- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsJeffery W. Kelly Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
6 AwardsGordon D. Niswender Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences
6 AwardsJohn B. Gurdon !#Biology: Developmental - GeneralGeneral
6 AwardsRavi Vakil Mathematics
6 AwardsDan M. Frangopol Engineering: Civil
6 AwardsArthur C. Gossard !*Engineering: Mineralogy- Physics- Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsLonnie G. Thompson !Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Environmental health
6 AwardsDavid E. Meyer !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education- Psychology
6 AwardsRiccardo Giacconi !Astronomy- General
6 AwardsDaniel Grossman General
6 AwardsRichard Doll General: Environmental health: Cancer- General
6 AwardsRichard B. Silverman Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General
6 AwardsCraig C. Mello General: Biomedical- General: SciencePharmacology: Physics
6 AwardsPeter Sarnak !Mathematics
6 AwardsEdwin N. Lightfoot !*Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Chemistry- Education- General
6 AwardsPaul R. Gray *Engineering: Acoustics- Education
6 AwardsChuan He Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General: ChemistryOncology
6 AwardsRonald T. Raines Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
6 AwardsBarry S. Coller !#General: Medicine- HematologyCardiac and Stroke- General
6 AwardsP Jeffrey Conn Life Sciences- Pharmacology
6 AwardsGerald E. Galloway *Engineering: Civil- General
6 AwardsMasakazu Konishi !Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Ornithoology: BiologyNeuroscience: Brain
6 AwardsRobert Bonow Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
6 AwardsPeter Carmeliet Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Vascular- Medicine- Technology: GeneralNeurology: Neuroscience
6 AwardsRobert H. Brook #Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
6 AwardsSanjit K. Mitra *Engineering: Acoustics- Physics: Optics
6 AwardsPaul J. Chirik Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
6 AwardsDavid Mumford !Mathematics- Sociology: Social Benefit
6 AwardsPaul B. Corkum Chemistry: Optics- Physics- Physics: Optics- Technology
6 AwardsDavid W Schindler !Engineering: Water- General: Environmental health- Oceanography: Limnology
6 AwardsSteven John Zinkle *Engineering: Mineralogy- General: Nuclear- Nuclear
6 AwardsJean-Pierre Changeux !#Chemistry: Biochemistry- General: ScienceMental Health- Pharmacology
6 AwardsGerhard Ertl !Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum- General
6 AwardsManish Aghi Neuro-Surgeons
6 AwardsWhitfield Diffie *Engineering: Computer Sciences
6 AwardsBrian Litt Epilepsy- Mental Health- Neurology: Neuroscience
6 AwardsJack Parent Epilepsy- Neurology: Neuroscience
6 AwardsGabor C. Temes *Engineering: Acoustics
6 AwardsCarl G. Eilers Engineering:
6 AwardsChenming Hu *Engineering: Technology: Medicine
6 AwardsIsamu Akasaki Engineering: Mineralogy- General
6 AwardsChing Wan Tang *Engineering: Chemistry: Optics
6 AwardsRao R. Tummala *Engineering: Technology
6 AwardsJ. David Irwin Engineering: General
6 AwardsMichael G. Pecht Engineering: Geology- Technology
6 AwardsDavid Allstot *Engineering: Acoustics
6 AwardsVijay P. Kumar *Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences- Robotics
6 AwardsMichael Jordan !*Engineering: Biology: Cognitive- Computer Sciences- Mathematics
6 AwardsPeter Libby Biology: VascularCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
6 AwardsHarold A. Mooney !Biology- Biology: Botany- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health
6 AwardsManjul Bhargava Mathematics
6 AwardsDavid P. Williamson Mathematics- Physics: Optics
6 AwardsWilliam Nix !*Engineering: Material Sciences- Mechanics- Mineralogy- General
6 AwardsAlan Edelman Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
6 AwardsFrancis Edward Su Mathematics
6 AwardsLászló Lovász Mathematics
6 AwardsBernd Sturmfels Mathematics
6 AwardsJames O. Hill #Engineering: Chemistry- NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity
6 AwardsChristos Mantzoros Nutrition- PhysiologyEndocrinology: Obesity- Life Sciences
6 AwardsDean Keith Simonton Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Psychology: Teaching- Sociology: Psychology
6 AwardsRobert J. Sternberg Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
6 AwardsRobert Rosenthal Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
6 AwardsDante Cicchetti Psychology
6 AwardsScott A. McLuckey Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
6 AwardsReinhard Genzel !Astronomy- Technology
6 AwardsSimon D. M. White !Astronomy- General
6 AwardsDavid N. Spergel !Astronomy- Biology: Innovation- General
6 AwardsAdam Riess !Astronomy- Biology: Innovation- General
6 AwardsJames E. Stice Engineering: Education- Physiology
6 AwardsRobert P. Hesketh Engineering: Education
6 AwardsStephen R. Carpenter !Engineering: Ecology: Zoology- Water- Oceanography: Limnology
6 AwardsJohn C. Martin *Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- MathematicsObstetrics/Gynecology- Virology
6 AwardsWilliam L. Smith Engineering: Aeronautics- Geography: Meterology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
6 AwardsHector Levesque Engineering: Computer Sciences
6 AwardsSamuel Refetoff Endocrinology- Life Sciences
6 AwardsStephen Jay Gould Biology- Biology: Paleontology- Geology
6 AwardsLarry Woodfork Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
6 AwardsEric A. Decker Chemistry: General
6 AwardsJames Campbell Quick Agronomy: Agriculture- Psychology
6 AwardsJulio M. Ottino *Engineering: Chemistry- Physics
6 AwardsSalvatore Torquato Engineering: Chemistry: Mechanics- Mathematics- Physics
6 AwardsPeter R. Grant Biology- Geology: Ornithoology: Biology- Sociology: Social Benefit
6 AwardsBenny D. Freeman Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry
6 AwardsJames E. Smith #Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mechanics
6 AwardsBarney Graham General
6 AwardsEduardo Salas 
6 AwardsMichael Rosbash !General: BiomedicalGeneral
6 AwardsSteven M. Holland #Biology: Paleontology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Geology- MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
6 AwardsVladimir Vapnik *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
6 AwardsNeil Gehrels Astronomy- General: Science- Physics: Optics
6 AwardsSteven M. Rothman Epilepsy
6 AwardsScott C. Baraban Epilepsy
6 AwardsRoyce W. Murray !Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: General
6 AwardsPablo G. Debenedetti *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education
6 AwardsMichael R. Wasielewski !Chemistry- Chemistry: STEM: Photochemistry
6 AwardsPeter J. Ratcliffe General: Biomedical- General: MedicineGeneral
6 AwardsRamesh Agarwal Engineering: Education- Experimental : Mechanics
6 AwardsEdward Merrill *#Engineering: Biomaterials- Biomedical - Chemistry
6 AwardsHenry Kautz Engineering: Computer Sciences
6 AwardsP. Reed Larsen Endocrinology- Life Sciences
6 AwardsRakesh Jain *#Engineering: Biology: Vascular- Chemistry- GeneralOncology- Pathology
6 AwardsMichael Morris Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
6 AwardsEleftherios T. Papoutsakis *Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Chemistry- Microbiology
6 AwardsYi Tang Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Chemistry- Microbiology
6 AwardsGeorge Fahey Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
6 AwardsNathan Carter Mathematics
6 AwardsDaniel J. Drucker General: MedicineDiabetes- Diabetes: - Engineering- Life Sciences
6 AwardsKevan M. Shokat !#Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
6 AwardsPaul Kaufman Opthalmology: MedicineOpthalmology
6 AwardsRichard Noble Engineering: Biology: Fish- Chemistry: Chemistry- Education
6 AwardsRohit Bhargava Chemistry: Physics
6 AwardsGordon L. Amidon Engineering: PharmacologyPharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Pharmacology: General
6 AwardsWilliam I. Higuchi Engineering: PharmacologyPharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Pharmacology: General
6 AwardsPatrick P. DeLuca Pharmacology
6 AwardsRory A. Cooper Engineering: Biomedical - Robotics- General
6 AwardsMarkus J. Buehler Engineering: Civil- Material Sciences- Mineralogy
6 AwardsRichard Aslin General: Science- Psychology
6 AwardsJames Williams Engineering: Environmental- Mineralogy- Geology- Psychology
6 AwardsMichael E. Lamb Geophysics: Geoscience- Psychology
6 AwardsJuan J. Loor Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
6 AwardsHans Clevers Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Innovation- General: BiologyGastroenterology- STEM : Stem Cell Research
6 AwardsAshwani K. Gupta Engineering: Aeronautics- Education- Mechanics- Minerology
6 AwardsEli Yablonovitch !*Engineering: Optics- Physics- Technology
6 AwardsDonald Beitz Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
6 AwardsThomas G. Fails Geology
6 AwardsClifford P. Brangwynne Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Cell Biology- General: Biomedical
6 AwardsFreeman Hrabowski III Engineering: Biology- General: Science Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
6 AwardsThomas L. Marzetta *Engineering: Communications
6 AwardsGregory McLaskey *#Engineering: Biology- Biomaterials- Chemistry- Mineralogy- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsXinQi Dong Engineering: ChemistryGeriatrics- Pathology: Immunogenetics- Psychiatry- Public Health
6 AwardsM. Madan Babu Engineering: Chemistry: Biochemistry- Chemistry- Computer Sciences- Molecular Biology- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryPathology: Immunogenetics
6 AwardsSuat Irmak Engineering: Agriculture
6 AwardsRaja V. Ramani *Engineering: Minerology
6 AwardsMichael Karmis Engineering: Minerology
6 AwardsSukumar Bandopadhyay Engineering: Minerology
6 AwardsJan D. Miller *Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology
6 AwardsMichael N. Hall Biology: Innovation- General: Oncology: Cancer
6 AwardsJames Anderson Engineering: Biomaterials- Mineralogy- Pharmacology
6 AwardsMercouri Kanatzidis Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences- Physics
6 AwardsJohn W. Harbell Engineering: Biomedical
6 AwardsAres Rosakis *Engineering: Civil
6 AwardsRonald W.P. Drever Biology: Innovation- Technology
6 AwardsRichard B. Lipton Neurology: Headaches
6 AwardsSergiu P. Pasca Cell Biology- General: ScienceNeuropharmacology: Pharmacology
6 AwardsPadhraic Smyth Computer Science:
6 AwardsFrederick Lange *
5 AwardsMark S. Wrighton Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Nuclear
5 AwardsHerbert C. Brown Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Science
5 AwardsHenry Taube #Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
5 AwardsWilliam D. Hamilton Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Geology: General
5 AwardsLawrence H. Einhorn !Oncology- Oncology: Urology
5 AwardsWilliam O. Baker !*General
5 AwardsGerald R. Fink !#General: Science- Genetics: Biology
5 AwardsRichard B. Bernstein Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
5 AwardsKenneth H. Olsen Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsBertrand I. Halperin !Physics
5 AwardsRoscoe O. Brady !#General: Medicine- General: Science- Technology: MedicineGeneral
5 AwardsArnauld Nicogossian Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics
5 AwardsWilliam P. Thurston Mathematics
5 AwardsJohn I. Ewing Geophysics: Geoscience- Mathematics
5 AwardsMichael J. Berry !Chemistry: Physics- Physics: Research
5 AwardsWalter Munk !Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsKen Thompson !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Geology- General
5 AwardsMario J. Molina !#Chemistry: General: Environmental health
5 AwardsCorey S. Goodman !GeneralGenetics
5 AwardsMichael E. Phelps !#General: Medicine- General: NuclearNuclear Medicine
5 AwardsDonald J. DePaolo !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsGary Parker !Engineering: Civil- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsWilliam J. MacKnight *Chemistry: General: Education- Physics
5 AwardsDaniel E. Koshland Jr !General: Chemistry- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsRaymond Jeanloz !General: Science- Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
5 AwardsRobert E. Tarjan !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: Science- Mathematics- Technology: General
5 AwardsDonald D. Brown !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsHector F. DeLuca !Chemistry: Biochemistry- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryPublic Health
5 AwardsGerald M. Rubin Chemistry: General: Science- Genetics: Biology
5 AwardsG. J. Wasserburg !General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsBassam Z. Shakhashiri Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
5 AwardsJohn I. Brauman !Chemistry: General: Science
5 AwardsC. Bradley Moore !Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- General: Nuclear- Optics- Physics- STEM: Photochemistry
5 AwardsMilos V. Novotny Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
5 AwardsJohn A. Montgomery *Chemistry: General: ChemistryOncology
5 AwardsSydney Finegold MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
5 AwardsRichard J. Havel !#Nutrition- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke
5 AwardsConrad Taeuber Nursing: - Sociology
5 AwardsDavid Gross !Physics- Physics: Research- Technology
5 AwardsWilliam J. Catalona Urology
5 AwardsMartin Karplus !Chemistry: Physics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
5 AwardsPhilip H. Abelson Biology- Chemistry: General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsDavid Kuck *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsMartin Gardner Mathematics
5 AwardsRobert N. Noyce Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsThomas C. Bruice !Chemistry: General: Science
5 AwardsJames F. Gusella Biology: Biomedical- GeneralHuman Genetics- Mental Health
5 AwardsRobert J. Birgeneau !Physics
5 AwardsJerome Kagan #Psychology
5 AwardsWilliam A. Petri MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Microbiology: Virology
5 AwardsPraveen Chaudhari !Engineering: Mineralogy- Physics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsDaniel C. Drucker !Engineering: Mechanics- General
5 AwardsRobert M. Metcalfe *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsRobert W. Field Chemistry: Optics- Physics
5 AwardsJohn L. Hall !Optics- PhysicsCardiac and Stroke
5 AwardsRaymond Damadian Engineering: Biomedical - Technology- Technology: Law- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsKendall N. Houk Chemistry: General
5 AwardsMichael J. Berridge !Biochemistry: Biophysics- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsRajiv Kumar NutritionNephrology- Public Health
5 AwardsRudolph A. Marcus !Chemistry: General
5 AwardsSeymour S. Kety General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral
5 AwardsLouis Sokoloff !#General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health
5 AwardsC. Kumar N. Patel !Engineering: Mechanics- Optics- Physics
5 AwardsRichard M. Schoen !Mathematics
5 AwardsNorman L. Allinger !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
5 AwardsJeremy R. Knowles !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
5 AwardsBenoit B. Mandelbrot Ecology: Computer Sciences- Technology
5 AwardsDavid V. Goeddel !Chemistry: General: Medicine- Technology: LawPharmacology: General
5 AwardsHarold A. Sackeim Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
5 AwardsLennard A. Fisk !Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- General
5 AwardsGeorge A. Olah !*Chemistry: Chemistry: General
5 AwardsSteven L. McKnight !#General: Biomedical- General: Chemistry- General: Science- Microbiology
5 AwardsIrving I. Gottesman PsychologyMental Health- Psychiatry
5 AwardsRichard E. Taylor !Biology: Innovation- Mathematics- Physics
5 AwardsRobert G. Gallager !*Engineering: Communications- Technology
5 AwardsJames D. Meindl *Engineering: Education- General
5 AwardsClayton H. Heathcock !Chemistry: General
5 AwardsDavid Anderson !Biology: Biomedical- Geography: MeterologyAnatomy- Mental Health
5 AwardsChauncey Starr Engineering: Nuclear- Physics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsDavid Edwards *Engineering: Chemistry- PhysicsPharmacology: General
5 AwardsMichael S. Levine Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental - General: ScienceMental Health- Public Health
5 AwardsJames G. Fujimoto *Engineering: General: Science- Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsGeorge A. Miller !PsychologyGastroenterology- Infectious Diseases
5 AwardsThomas E. Spencer !Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Reproductive Fertility: Embryology
5 AwardsOwen N. Witte !#General: Medicine- HematologyOncology
5 AwardsP. Roy Vagelos !#Chemistry: Biotechnology- General: ScienceInfectious Diseases
5 AwardsRobert W. Galvin Engineering: Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsDavid W. Thompson *Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics- Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsThomas Waldmann !#Medicine- MicrobiologyDermatology- Immunology
5 AwardsRobert H. Abeles Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
5 AwardsVictor F. Weisskopf General: Nuclear- General: Science- Physics
5 AwardsMasanobu Shinozuka *Engineering: Civil
5 AwardsJohn Ross !Chemistry: GeneralCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
5 AwardsFred Basolo !Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
5 AwardsDieter Seebach Chemistry: General
5 AwardsBill Gates *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: Science- Technology: Technology: MedicineGeneral
5 AwardsButler W. Lampson *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsRobert M. White *Engineering: General: Environmental health- Physics- Sociology: Psychology
5 AwardsRichard A. Lerner !Chemistry: GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsAmnon Yariv !*Engineering: Optics- Technology
5 AwardsWade H. Berrettini Mental Health
5 AwardsMaurice S. Brookhart !Chemistry: General
5 AwardsAndrew J. Majda !General: Science- Mathematics
5 AwardsL. Eric Cross *Engineering: Material Sciences
5 AwardsDavid D. Awschalom *Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
5 AwardsAlec Jeffreys Biochemistry: Biophysics- Chemistry: Biochemistry- General: ForensicHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
5 AwardsNorman Hackerman !Chemistry: General
5 AwardsRonald A. Rohrer *Engineering: Acoustics
5 AwardsJames F. Leckman Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: Pharmacology- Psychiatry
5 AwardsD. Wayne Goodman Chemistry: General
5 AwardsDavid E. Rogers Infectious Diseases- Physics: Medicine/Physics
5 AwardsJoachim Frank !Biophysics- General: Biomedical
5 AwardsJohn A. Simpson *Astronomy- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
5 AwardsHiroo Kanamori General: Science- Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsRobert Plomin Psychology
5 AwardsRay W. Clough !*Engineering: Civil- Education- General
5 AwardsRobert Kunzig Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsEric N. Jacobsen Chemistry: Chemistry: General
5 AwardsGregory L. Verdine Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: GeneralOncology
5 AwardsJan L. Breslow !#General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Pediatrics
5 AwardsJames E. Mark Chemistry: General
5 AwardsJean Bourgain Biology: Innovation- Mathematics
5 AwardsSteven M. Block !Biophysics- Physics
5 AwardsWillem J. Kolff Engineering: GeneralNephrology
5 AwardsDavid S. Bredt Biology: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuropharmacology: - Neuroscience- Pharmacology
5 AwardsCraig H. Benson *Engineering: Civil
5 AwardsJohn P. Donohue Oncology: Urology- Urology
5 AwardsMarinus Los Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsJacob Ziv !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsTim Berners-Lee Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
5 AwardsAlejandro Zaffaroni *Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Pharmacology- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsSteven G. Boxer Biology: Photo-Biology- Biophysics- Chemistry: Physics
5 AwardsClaude Allégre !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsGeorge H. Beall Chemistry: General
5 AwardsAlan G. Marshall Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
5 AwardsKenneth S. Kendler #Mental Health- Psychiatry
5 AwardsAdel S. Sedra Engineering: Acoustics- Education
5 AwardsSteve Wozniak *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsJeffrey S. Moore !Chemistry- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsStephen Hanessian Chemistry: General
5 AwardsBertil Hille !#Biophysics- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsEdison Liu Mathematics: Food ScienceGenetics- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
5 AwardsUmberto Veronesi General: Cancer- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer
5 AwardsJohn H. Sinfelt !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Science
5 AwardsJerry D. Tersoff *Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics
5 AwardsCharles Vernon Shank !*Engineering: General: Nuclear- Physics
5 AwardsRangaswamy Srinivasan *Engineering: Chemistry: Physics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsGregory C. Fu Chemistry: General: Chemistry
5 AwardsMikhael Gromov Mathematics
5 AwardsA. James Hudspeth !GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsRichard O. Hynes !#Biology: Vascular- Cell Biology- General: MedicineGeneral
5 AwardsMasashi Yanagisawa !General: Medicine- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Sleep
5 AwardsThomas E. Lovejoy !Biology- General: Environmental health- Ornithoology: Biology- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsJack L. Koenig *Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
5 AwardsRobert J. Madix Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry
5 AwardsRobin M. Hochstrasser !Chemistry: Optics
5 AwardsBohdan Paczynski Astronomy- General: Science
5 AwardsCarl R. Woese !General: Science- Microbiology
5 AwardsSchahram Akbarian Developmental Biology: Embryology- Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
5 AwardsChristopher C. Cummins !Chemistry: General
5 AwardsRobert Fraley Agriculture- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsMark H. Thiemens !Astronomy: Meteorology- Chemistry: Geochemisty- General: Nuclear- General: Science
5 AwardsC. Dale Poulter Chemistry: General
5 AwardsSteven L. Teitelbaum GeneralPathology- Public Health- Rhumatology
5 AwardsIgnacio Rodriguez-Iturbe *Engineering: Civil- Water- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsWinfried Denk !Biophysics- Neuroscience: BrainGeneral
5 AwardsDouglas S. Massey !Sociology
5 AwardsAdrian S. Raftery !Mathematics: Statistics- Sociology- Statistics
5 AwardsYi Lu Chemistry- General: ChemistryGeriatrics- Pharmacology
5 AwardsNeal F. Lane Biology- General: Science- Physics
5 AwardsLawrence Krauss Physics
5 AwardsVictor J. Dzau #Cardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsRobert Freedman #Mental Health- Psychiatry
5 AwardsRichard L. Huganir !#Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience: Brain
5 AwardsJeffrey A. Lieberman #Mental Health- Psychiatry
5 AwardsAlan G. MacDiarmid Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
5 AwardsSalomon Z. Langer Cardiac and Stroke- Mental Health- Pharmacology
5 AwardsAlexander Y. Rudensky #Biology: Biomedical- GeneralImmunology
5 AwardsDonald G. Truhlar !Chemistry: General: Science- Physics
5 AwardsSolomon W. Golomb !*Engineering: General
5 AwardsLiang-Shih Fan *Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry
5 AwardsJohn A. Wheeler Physics
5 AwardsJeffrey R. Long Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
5 AwardsHoward K. Schachman !Biology: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
5 AwardsHarvey J. Alter !#Gastroenterology- General
5 AwardsTimothy M. Swager Chemistry: Technology
5 AwardsJohn H. Krystal #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
5 AwardsJohn P. Bilezikian Life Sciences- Public Health
5 AwardsDaniel J. Rader #Engineering: BiomedicalCardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsM. Gordon Wolman Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geology- Geology: Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsDennis P. Lettenmaier *Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsZhores I. Alferov !Engineering: Energy- Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsAnthony G. Evans Engineering: Material Sciences- Mechanics
5 AwardsAmal Mattu Emergency Medicine
5 AwardsHerwig Kogelnik !Engineering: Optics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsPeter B. Moore !Engineering: Biophysics- Civil- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsThomas A. Steitz !General: BiologyGeneral
5 AwardsHarry F. Noller !Biology: Innovation- Biophysics- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsMichael G. Hill Engineering: Technology- General: ChemistryEmergency Medicine- Neurology: Neuroscience
5 AwardsMagid Abou-Gharbia Chemistry: Chemistry: General
5 AwardsRainer F. Storb HematologyOncology- Oncology: Cancer
5 AwardsIsaac Kohane #Informatics
5 AwardsMartin T. Zanni Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General: Science- Physics
5 AwardsDaniel M. Neumark Chemistry: Optics- Physics
5 AwardsCharles T. Campbell Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Vacuum- Geology
5 AwardsPaul S. Anderson Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science
5 AwardsDavid A. Kessler #General: Science- Psychology: Social ScienceCardiothoracic Surgery- Oncology
5 AwardsCarl Pomerance Mathematics
5 AwardsFrank Talamantes Cell Biology- Physiology- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences
5 AwardsRonald L. Rivest !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsAdi Shamir Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
5 AwardsRussell Dean Dupuis *Engineering: Mineralogy- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsSaul Perlmutter !Biology: Innovation- General: Nuclear
5 AwardsPaul J. Turinsky *Engineering: Education- General: Nuclear- Nuclear
5 AwardsF. Dean Toste !Chemistry- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsEdward S. Yeung Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
5 AwardsDavid M. Altshuler #Engineering: BiomedicalDiabetes- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Life Sciences
5 AwardsBarry Honig !Biophysics- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
5 AwardsCarl C. Bell Psychology: Social SciencePsychiatry
5 AwardsPaul J. Fadel Physiology- Psychology
5 AwardsMichael J. Fay Engineering: Biomedical- Physiology
5 AwardsMichael B. Sporn Dermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
5 AwardsAhsan Kareem *Engineering: Civil
5 AwardsMichael G. Rosenfeld !GeneralDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- Life Sciences
5 AwardsPeter H. Seeberger Chemistry: General
5 AwardsRalph M. Steinman Biochemistry: BiophysicsGeneral
5 AwardsArthur Bruce McDonald Biology: Innovation- Physics
5 AwardsWalter C. Willett #Engineering: General: Oncology- Oncology: Breast
5 AwardsGeorge Q. Daley #Engineering: Biomedical- HematologyPediatrics
5 AwardsDonald Small Engineering: Biomedical- MathematicsCardiac and Stroke- Gastroenterology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer
5 AwardsDavid R. Karger Engineering: Communications- General: Science- Mathematics
5 AwardsCharles P. Thacker *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsJack K. Wolf Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsTimothy Lodge Chemistry: Physics
5 AwardsJuan M. Maldacena Biology: Innovation- Physics- Physics: Research
5 AwardsFernando Nottebohm !Ornithoology: BiologyGeneral
5 AwardsBruce Stillman !Engineering: General: Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsRoberto Bolli PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsRobert Morris Sapolsky Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- PsychologyMental Health
5 AwardsRichard Berg Geology- Geology: Physics: Teaching
5 AwardsSheldon Cohen #Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic
5 AwardsRichard M. Shiffrin !Biology: Cognitive- General: Science- Psychology
5 AwardsDennis Stuart Charney #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
5 AwardsClifford J. Schexnayder Engineering: Civil- General
5 AwardsJoseph A Smith !*Oncology: Urology- Urology
5 AwardsRustem F. Ismagilov Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
5 AwardsGiorgio Parisi !Physics- Physics: Research
5 AwardsKenneth Catania Biology: Biomedical- General: ScienceAnatomy
5 AwardsJohn Ayanian #Cardiothoracic Surgery- Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
5 AwardsKazutoshi Mori Biology: Innovation- General: BiomedicalGeneral
5 AwardsDouglas Coleman !Sociology: Social BenefitGeneral
5 AwardsJohannes Geiss !Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy: Meteorology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsRobert J. Hamers Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum
5 AwardsMarvin H. Caruthers !Chemistry: General: Science- Microbiology
5 AwardsDonald Lindberg #Informatics
5 AwardsRobert Pignolo Engineering: BiomedicalPublic Health
5 AwardsArdem Patapoutian !Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral
5 AwardsPaul J. Hergenrother Chemistry: General: Chemistry
5 AwardsEric V. Anslyn Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsMartin Chalfie !#Cell Biology- GeneralCardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsHarold Dvorak Biology: VascularOncology: Cancer- Pathology
5 AwardsMichael N. Castle Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsE. Bruce Watson !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsRobert Edward Black #NutritionGeneral
5 AwardsPeter Vitousek !Ecology: Zoology- General: Science
5 AwardsMark Thompson Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences
5 AwardsAlan Kazdin Psychology
5 AwardsHans-Joachim Freund Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum- Technology: General
5 AwardsMichael Strano *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences- General: Chemistry
5 AwardsMateo Valero Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsWebster K. Cavenee !#Engineering: General: Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
5 AwardsDavid A. Tirrell !*#Chemistry- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsGeorge Stephanopoulos *Engineering: Chemistry- EducationGeneral
5 AwardsWilliam M. Tierney #Informatics- Internal Medicine: General
5 AwardsSteven H. Strogatz Mathematics
5 AwardsStephen Jackson Biochemistry: Biophysics- Chemistry: Biochemistry- Ecology: Zoology- General
5 AwardsDavid Eisenberg Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Technology
5 AwardsJames T. Rutka Neuro-Surgeons
5 AwardsJohn Sampson #Neuro-Surgeons- Oncology
5 AwardsAndrew Parsa Neuro-Surgeons
5 AwardsMichael Marletta !#Chemistry- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
5 AwardsChristian Haass Neuroscience: BrainNeurology: Neuroscience
5 AwardsDavid Holtzman #Neurology: Neuroscience- Sleep
5 AwardsMichael Stonebraker *Engineering: Geoscience- Computer Sciences
5 AwardsCharles M. Geschke *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsJohn E. Warnock *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Optics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsBjarne Stroustrup *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
5 AwardsDavid Haussler !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- GeneralHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
5 AwardsMartin Hellman *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsRandy H Katz *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education
5 AwardsYassin A. Hassan *Engineering: Education- Mechanics- Nuclear
5 AwardsKenneth C. Gross Mathematics- Nuclear
5 AwardsMichael L. Corradini *Nuclear
5 AwardsRizwan Uddin Engineering: Education- Nuclear
5 AwardsDuncan T. Moore *Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsG. Wayne Clough *Engineering: Education
5 AwardsRichard M. White *Engineering: General: Pharmacology- Oncology
5 AwardsSung-Mo Steve Kang Engineering: Acoustics
5 AwardsJohn M. Cioffi *Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsRonald G. Hoelzeman Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsEdward A. Parrish Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsJames T. (Tom) Cain Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsBahram Javidi Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsJohn H. Lau Engineering: Technology
5 AwardsKhaled Ben Letaief *Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsRobert Morris *Engineering: Communications- MathematicsGeriatrics
5 AwardsTheodore S. Rappaport Engineering: Communications- Education
5 AwardsMarvin Minsky !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsDavid H. Bailey Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
5 AwardsCharles S. Peskin !#Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
5 AwardsJack J. Dongarra *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
5 AwardsCarlos Castillo-Chavez Mathematics
5 AwardsShahbudin Rahimtoola Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
5 AwardsJay N. Cohn Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
5 AwardsWilliam B. Kannel Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
5 AwardsCharles M. Rice #Biochemistry: Biophysics- MedicineGastroenterology- General
5 AwardsTakeo Kanade Engineering: Computer Sciences- Robotics- General
5 AwardsMichel X. Goemans Mathematics
5 AwardsMyron M. Levine #MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Microbiology: Virology- Pharmacology
5 AwardsEdward B. Burger Mathematics
5 AwardsAndrew Granville Mathematics
5 AwardsErnest Hodgson Chemistry: Pharmacology: Toxicology
5 AwardsPersi Diaconis !Mathematics
5 AwardsJeffrey Lagarias Mathematics
5 AwardsGulbank D. Chakerian Mathematics
5 AwardsKirk C. Klasing Agriculture: Poutlry- Nutrition
5 AwardsEdwin L. Bierman NutritionCardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsMichael F. Holick NutritionLife Sciences- Public Health
5 AwardsBarry Popkin NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity
5 AwardsXingen Lei Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
5 AwardsGeorge A. Bray NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity- General
5 AwardsScott M. Grundy #NutritionCardiac and Stroke
5 AwardsEric Ravussin NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity
5 AwardsSaharon Shelah Mathematics- Mathematics: Logic
5 AwardsAlan DeCherney #Gynecology: - Obstetrics/Gynecology- Reproductive Fertility
5 AwardsArthur E. Humphrey *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Microbiology
5 AwardsHarry W. Herr Oncology: Urology- Urology
5 AwardsRichard Rogers PsychologyForensic
5 AwardsPhilip Zimbardo Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Psychology: Teaching- Sociology: Psychology
5 AwardsMarvin Goldfried Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
5 AwardsHarold Stevenson Psychology
5 AwardsEdward Zigler #Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
5 AwardsDavid Kenny Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
5 AwardsJohn Dovidio Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
5 AwardsThomas Joiner Psychology- Psychology: Social SciencePsychiatry
5 AwardsHoward Chang #General: ScienceDermatology- Oncology
5 AwardsRichard Durbin Cell Biology- GeneralOncology
5 AwardsStephen E. Fienberg !Mathematics: Statistics- Statistics
5 AwardsS. Stanley Young Mathematics: Statistics
5 AwardsDavid R. Cox !Mathematics- Mathematics: Statistics- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsJerry E. Nelson !Astronomy- Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsKlaus D. Timmerhaus Engineering: Chemistry- Education
5 AwardsWalter W. Buchanan Engineering: Education
5 AwardsThomas F. Edgar *Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry- Education
5 AwardsH. Scott Fogler Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry- Education
5 AwardsReza Abbaschian Engineering: Education- Mineralogy
5 AwardsDouglas A. Lauffenburger *Engineering: Biomedical - Chemistry- Education
5 AwardsLorenz T. Biegler *Engineering: Chemistry- Education
5 AwardsJohn L. Junkins *Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics- Education- Experimental
5 AwardsFrank L. Lewis Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education
5 AwardsAlfred G. Fischer !Biology: Paleontology- General: Science- Geology
5 AwardsPeter R. Vail Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
5 AwardsHarrison H. Barrett *Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsPallab Bhattacharya *Engineering: Mineralogy- Optics- Physics: Optics
5 AwardsShaul Mukamel Chemistry: Optics- Physics
5 AwardsDavid Tilman Biochemistry: Biophysics- Ecology: Zoology- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsMartin M. Matzuk !Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences- Pathology
5 AwardsAnurag Agrawal !Ecology: Zoology- Entomology- Geology: General
5 AwardsAlan Alda Chemistry: General: Science
5 AwardsLewis E. Braverman Endocrinology- Life Sciences
5 AwardsKenneth Burman Endocrinology- Life Sciences
5 AwardsSamuel E. Lux HematologyPediatric Hematology: Cancer- Pediatrics
5 AwardsJohn D. Haun Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
5 AwardsHarrison H. Schmitt Engineering: Civil- Petroleum- Geology: General
5 AwardsTom Harkin Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Biomedical - Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsWinslow R. Briggs !Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsMichael Wong Engineering: TechnologyEpilepsy- Neurology: Neuroscience
5 AwardsChristopher Chang Engineering: Chemistry: Technology- General
5 AwardsGerald I. Shulman !#PhysiologyDiabetes- Engineering- Life Sciences
5 AwardsJoseph F. Fraumeni !#Engineering: General: Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
5 AwardsWilliam Schaffner Infectious Diseases- Public Health
5 AwardsMark L. Rosenberg #Psychology: Social ScienceNephrology
5 AwardsRobert J. Weimer *Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
5 AwardsGerald M. Friedman Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
5 AwardsMitchell A. Lazar !#Endocrinology- Engineering- Life Sciences
5 AwardsNahum Sonenberg #Chemistry: Biochemistry- GeneralMental Health
5 AwardsErnst Mayr Biology- Ornithoology: Biology
5 AwardsDavid S. Eisenberg !#Engineering: Biophysics- Computer Sciences- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsKevin Graber Epilepsy
5 AwardsMichael Sutton *: Plant pathology
5 AwardsPaul R. Sackett 
5 AwardsEnrico J. Ramirez-Ruiz Astronomy- Physics
5 AwardsPeter R. Rose Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
5 AwardsCleve Moler *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
5 AwardsErik Demaine Mathematics
5 AwardsJ Larry Jameson #Endocrinology- Life Sciences
5 AwardsCarl L. Faingold Epilepsy
5 AwardsBjorn Engquist Mathematics
5 AwardsTobin A. Driscoll Mathematics
5 AwardsGeorge P. Lahm Chemistry: Technology: Law
5 AwardsRobert M. Hazen Chemistry: Geology: Mineralology Petrology
5 AwardsRichard Alkire *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry
5 AwardsHung-wen Liu Chemistry: General
5 AwardsDaniel A. Spielman !Mathematics
5 AwardsJules A. Hoffmann General: BiologyGeneral
5 AwardsFranz-Ulrich Hartl Biochemistry: Biophysics- GeneralPharmacology: Physics
5 AwardsStephen O'Rahilly !MedicineDiabetes- Endocrinology: Obesity- Life Sciences
5 AwardsLloyd Aiello General: MedicineDiabetes- Opthomology- Physiology: Diabetes
5 AwardsRobert Mahley General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsJonathan G. Price Geology- Geology: General
5 AwardsMatthew Smyth Epilepsy
5 AwardsEdward Chang #PsychologyNeuro-Surgeons
5 AwardsMichele Zorzi Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsDavid B Allison #NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity
5 AwardsRyan Dilger Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Poutlry- Nutrition
5 AwardsMichael Bloomberg Oncology
5 AwardsMatthew W. Ohland Engineering: Communications- Education
5 AwardsRichard A. Layton Engineering: Communications- Education
5 AwardsWilliam N. Sharpe Jr. Engineering: Mechanics
5 AwardsMilo Koretsky Engineering: Education
5 AwardsClaude Bouchard NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity- Sports Medicine: Physiology
5 AwardsBart Selman Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsDieter Fox Engineering: Computer Sciences- Robotics
5 AwardsKenneth B. Wells #Education: Health Care- General
5 AwardsDonald E. Ingber #Engineering: Biophysics- Biomedical- Pharmacology: ToxicologyPathology
5 AwardsPeter Hansen Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Reproductive Fertility: Embryology
5 AwardsMichael Moskowitz Cardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsSebastian Thrun *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsKevin Volpp #Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
5 AwardsAkira Endo !General: MedicineGeneral
5 AwardsDavid Ward Astronomy- Biology: Fish- Geoography: Geography- Palaeontology- Paleontology
5 AwardsPaul G. Yock *Engineering: Cardiologists
5 AwardsJoel F. Habener !General: MedicineEngineering- Life Sciences
5 AwardsPhillip Gorden Life Sciences- Physiology: Diabetes
5 AwardsRobert M. Carey #Cardiac and Stroke- Life Sciences
5 AwardsDavid A. Bader Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsPaul Becher Chemistry: General
5 AwardsMiquel Salmeron Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics
5 AwardsSergei V. Kalinin Engineering: Electrical- Vacuum- General
5 AwardsRobert J. Glaser General: Biology- PsychologyGeneral
5 AwardsStephen Quake !*#General: Science- Microbiology- Physics- TechnologyGeneral
5 AwardsHarold H. Kung Engineering: Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry
5 AwardsIsaac Yang Neuro-Surgeons
5 AwardsMichael L. Shuler *Engineering: Biology- Biomedical- Chemistry
5 AwardsVincent H.L. Lee Engineering: Pharmacology- TechnologyPharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development
5 AwardsBruce Mason Engineering: Minerology- Geology- Physics: Teaching
5 AwardsXi Chen Chemistry: General: Chemistry
5 AwardsCharles Mullighan HematologyOncology
5 AwardsDavid Atlas *Engineering: Geography: Meterology
5 AwardsMaxence V. Nachury Biology: Biomedical- Cell BiologyOncology- Opthalmology
5 AwardsAndreas F. Molisch Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsGeorge Zografi #Pharmacology- Pharmacology: General
5 AwardsJoseph R. Robinson Engineering: PharmacologyPharmacology- Pharmacology: General
5 AwardsKinam Park Engineering: Biomaterials- PharmacologyPharmacology
5 AwardsSidney D. Drell !General: Nuclear- Nuclear
5 AwardsRichard B. Kaner Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences
5 AwardsMichael F. Doherty *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry
5 AwardsJoseph T. Hupp Chemistry- Chemistry: STEM: Photochemistry
5 AwardsZhijian Chen !Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
5 AwardsJay Giedd Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology: Social ScienceMental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
5 AwardsPaul A. Offit #Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology
5 AwardsJulio Ramirez Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology
5 AwardsMichel Mayor Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsDetlef Weigel Biology: Plant Sciences- Botony: Maize - Genetics: Biology
5 AwardsDale E. Klein Engineering: Mechanics- Nuclear
5 AwardsFrank Kreith Engineering: Education- Mechanics
5 AwardsAlbert S. Kobayashi *Engineering: Education- Mechanics
5 AwardsKeith A. Nelson Chemistry: Optics- Physics
5 AwardsTsu-Wei Chou Engineering: Mechanics- Mineralogy
5 AwardsHuajian Gao !*Engineering: Civil- Mechanics
5 AwardsLarry W. Lake *Engineering: Petroleum
5 AwardsStephen A. Holditch *Engineering: Petroleum
5 AwardsMukul M. Sharma *Engineering: Petroleum
5 AwardsThomas A. Blasingame Engineering: Petroleum
5 AwardsAdam M. Leventhal Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
5 AwardsDereje Agonafer *Engineering: Mechanics
5 AwardsNorman R. Pace !General: Science- Geology: Ecology- Microbiology
5 AwardsRichard J. Whitley MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Virology
5 AwardsStuart Cooper *Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials- Chemistry
5 AwardsWilliam R. Dichtel Chemistry: General
5 AwardsRoderic I. Pettigrew *#Engineering: Biomedical- Biomedical - GeneralRadiology
5 AwardsScott Armstrong #HematologyOncology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer- Pediatrics- STEM Molecular Biology: Stem Cell Research
5 AwardsDavid G. Harrison Chemistry: Physics- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke
5 AwardsEdward W. Lee PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke
5 AwardsDavid Swinehart Engineering: Geology
5 AwardsRobert Mielke Engineering: Geology
5 AwardsBarry Voight *Engineering: Environmental- Geology: Mineralogy
5 AwardsMatthew C. Lucy Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
5 AwardsMarshall D. Stern Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
5 AwardsRichard E. Lenski !Geology: Microbiology
5 AwardsKevin M. Keener Engineering: Agriculture: Poutlry- Agriculture
5 AwardsSubhash Mahajan *Engineering: Mineralogy
5 AwardsJames Evans Engineering: MineralogyAgriculture: Obstetrics
5 AwardsWilliam Johnson Engineering: Agriculture- Mineralogy
5 AwardsMircea Dinca Engineering: Chemistry: Technology- General
5 AwardsRobert H. Fakundiny Geology
5 AwardsRobert G. Font Geology
5 AwardsRobert A. Northcutt Geology
5 AwardsRonald J. Wallace Geology
5 AwardsWilliam J. Siok Geology
5 AwardsJordan S. Pober Biology: Biomedical- Biology: VascularCardiac and Stroke- Pathology
5 AwardsJames Arnold !Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics- Minerology
5 AwardsStefan W. Hell Biophysics- General: Science
5 AwardsJohn T. Yates !Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum
5 AwardsNeal Schmitt Psychology
5 AwardsBruce E. Rittmann *Engineering: Civil- Water
5 AwardsMarkus Greiner Engineering: Physics
5 AwardsEmmanuel E. Gdoutos Technology: General
5 AwardsVictor Tsai *Engineering: Chemistry- Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Physics
5 AwardsAnthony G. Greenwald Engineering: Chemistry- Psychology
5 AwardsHideyoshi Harashima Engineering: ChemistryPathology: Immunogenetics- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development
5 AwardsNeil Yeoman Engineering: ChemistryPathology: Immunogenetics
5 AwardsDeliang Zhou Engineering: Chemistry- EducationPathology: Immunogenetics- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: General
5 AwardsJens C. Brüning Diabetes- Pathology: Immunogenetics
5 AwardsSyd S. Peng *Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsH. Douglas Dahl Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsYoginder Chugh Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsNikhil C. Trivedi *Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsRobert C. Freas Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsS. Komar Kawatra Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsKenneth N. Han *Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology
5 AwardsRobert W. Bartlett *#Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology- Petroleum
5 AwardsPatrick R. Taylor Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology
5 AwardsJohn O. Marsden *Engineering: Minerology
5 AwardsScott W. Tinker Engineering: Petroleum- Geology- Geology: General
5 AwardsAkira Yoshino Engineering: Energy- General
5 AwardsJedd D. Wolchok : Cancer- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
5 AwardsLong-Qing Chen Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy
5 AwardsXiang Zhang *Engineering: Mechanics- Optics
5 AwardsWayne A. Parrott Engineering: Biomedical
5 AwardsJordan Green Engineering: Ecology: Computer Sciences- Biomedical- Chemistry- Education- Pharmacology
5 AwardsNeil K. Garg Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
5 AwardsMérouane Debbah Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsRichard J. Fruehan *Engineering: Mineralogy
5 AwardsNeal Pollock *Engineering: Chemistry: PetroleumHyperbaric: Human/animal physiology
5 AwardsAli Ghalambor Engineering: Petroleum
5 AwardsJ. Michael McWilliams Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
5 AwardsPaul R. Milgrom !General: Science
5 AwardsYozo Fujino Engineering: Civil
5 AwardsThomas J.R. Hughes !*Engineering: Civil- Mechanics- Mathematics
5 AwardsC.-C. Jay Kuo Engineering: Acoustics- Computer Sciences
5 AwardsDavid Elazzar Kaplan *Chemistry: Geoography: Geography- Physics- Psychology
5 AwardsRobert W. Heath Engineering: Communications
5 AwardsTasuku Honjo !General: Biology- General: Medicine
5 AwardsMarc Edwards Engineering: Mechanics- GeneralPublic Health
5 AwardsLewis E. Kay !Engineering: Biophysics- Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
5 AwardsMichael Steele Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Mathematics
5 AwardsPeter J. Goadsby Neuroscience: Brain
5 AwardsArthur H. Heuer *
5 AwardsClive Randall 
5 AwardsBaruch Fischhoff #Horticulture: - Psychology
5 AwardsGregory G. Deierlein *Engineering: Civil
5 AwardsDavid Kempe Computer Science:
5 AwardsKenneth M. Roemer 
4 AwardsErnest S. Kuh *Engineering: Acoustics- Education
4 AwardsHerbert Friedman Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsJames A. Yorke Mathematics
4 AwardsDonald J. Weidner Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsTom Maniatis General: Medicine- MicrobiologyGeneral
4 AwardsHenry Kendall Physics
4 AwardsHans Bethe Astronomy- Physics
4 AwardsBenjamin Widom !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsWilliam S. Knowles !Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Chemistry: General
4 AwardsTakeshi Oka Chemistry: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsStephen A. Cook !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics: Logic- Sociology: Social Benefit
4 AwardsGianni Bonadonna Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsSusumu Tonegawa !GeneralGeneral
4 AwardsMitchell J. Feigenbaum !General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsAlvin M. Weinberg !Nuclear- Technology
4 AwardsPerry Adkisson !Agriculture- Biology- Entomology- General
4 AwardsWalter Mischel !Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsWarren S. Warren Chemistry: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsArthur W. Adamson *Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General
4 AwardsEgor P. Popov Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsEdward J. McGuire Urology
4 AwardsDudley R. Herschbach !Chemistry: General - Physics
4 AwardsGeorge W. Parshall !Chemistry: Chemistry: General
4 AwardsWilliam R. Hewlett Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
4 AwardsIsadore M Singer !Mathematics
4 AwardsSimon Ramo !*Engineering: Astronomy-
4 AwardsOrlando A. Battista Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsPaul R. Halmos Mathematics
4 AwardsHarold S. Johnston !General: Environmental health- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsJohn A. Clements !General: MedicinePediatrics
4 AwardsMichel T. Halbouty Engineering: Mechanics- Geology
4 AwardsWilliam D. Phillips !Physics
4 AwardsEndel Tulving !PsychologyGeneral
4 AwardsEdward M. Brown Life Sciences- Public Health
4 AwardsDavid J. Nesbitt Chemistry: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsThomas H. Jordan !Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsDaniel X. Freedman !PhysicsNeuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
4 AwardsJames J. Heckman !Economics: Economic
4 AwardsThomas D. O'Rourke *Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsDavid Turnbull !Engineering: Mineralogy- Physics
4 AwardsLinus Pauling Engineering: Chemistry: Minerology- General
4 AwardsJames C. Stevens *Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Technology: Law
4 AwardsWilliam W. Chin PhysiologyEndocrinology- Life Sciences
4 AwardsRobert B. Laughlin !General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsMichael J. O'Hara Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsDavid M. Michaels GeneralPublic Health
4 AwardsBarry M. Brenner Cardiac and Stroke- Nephrology
4 AwardsDonald J. O'Connor Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsGeorge Lusztig !Mathematics
4 AwardsBela Julesz Biochemistry: Biophysics
4 AwardsHoward Green !General: Medicine- Technology: GeneralGenetics
4 AwardsAllen Newell Engineering: Psychology
4 AwardsDonald J. Cram Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsStuart A. Rice !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsSteven E. Lindow !General: Science- Microbiology
4 AwardsThomas Maniatis !#General: Science- HematologyGeneral
4 AwardsJohn D. Corbett !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsHans Wolfgang Liepmann !Engineering: Aeronautics- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsVernon B. Mountcastle !General: ScienceGeneral
4 AwardsChen Ning Yang !Physics
4 AwardsJohn Hill Engineering: Astronomy- Electrical- Psychology: Social Science
4 AwardsBernard Widrow *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsJames L. Flanagan !*Engineering: General
4 AwardsKarl O. Christe Chemistry: General
4 AwardsRudolf E. Kalman !*Engineering: Mathematics
4 AwardsVincent T. DeVita #Hematology: Cancer- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsYale E. Goldman !Biophysics- Physiology
4 AwardsWerner Stumm Engineering: Chemistry: Geochemisty- Civil- Water- General: Environmental health
4 AwardsJames P. Collman !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsJames C. I. Dooge Engineering: Civil- Hydrology/- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsDennis J. Selkoe #Biochemistry: BiophysicsNeurology: Neuroscience
4 AwardsJoe W. Gray #General: NuclearHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsLawrence G. Raisz Life Sciences- Public Health
4 AwardsGerd Faltings !Mathematics
4 AwardsMichael H. Freedman !MathematicsUrology
4 AwardsDavid R. Nelson !Chemistry: Biotechnology- General: Science- Physics
4 AwardsHarland G. Wood General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsWalter F. Boron #Biology: Biomedical- PhysiologyNephrology
4 AwardsArthur Rosenfeld *Engineering: Energy- General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsW. Keith Hall Biology: Entomology- Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsLewis M. Branscomb !*#Engineering: Biology- General
4 AwardsBritton Chance !Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Physics- Physics: OpticsSports Medicine: Physiology
4 AwardsW. Edwards Deming Mathematics: Statistics- Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsRene G. Favaloro Cardiologists- Cardiothoracic Surgery- General
4 AwardsWalter J. Gehring !GeneralGenetics
4 AwardsHarry G. Drickamer Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry
4 AwardsBurton E. Sobel General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
4 AwardsMorton Deutsch Psychology
4 AwardsHerman Friedman Microbiology
4 AwardsJ. Georg Bednorz !Physics
4 AwardsGeorge W. Housner !Engineering: Civil- Geology: Seismology
4 AwardsCalvin F. Quate !*Engineering: Physics
4 AwardsFrederick P. Li Engineering: General: Oncology
4 AwardsDennis P. Curran Chemistry: General
4 AwardsYasutomi Nishizuka GeneralGeneral
4 AwardsPierre-Gilles de Gennes Chemistry- Technology
4 AwardsDaniel Albert Opthalmology: MedicineOpthalmology- Opthomology
4 AwardsBruce M. Cohen Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
4 AwardsGlenn T. Seaborg Chemistry: Nuclear
4 AwardsMilton L. Lee Chemistry: General
4 AwardsHoward Brenner !*Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education- Physics
4 AwardsJames R. Lupski #MicrobiologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics- Human Genetics- Pediatrics
4 AwardsS. Ross Taylor !Astronomy: Meteorology- Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsEric Knudsen Biology: Fish- General
4 AwardsMaclyn McCarty General: ScienceGeneral
4 AwardsMichael Mann !General: Environmental health- Sociology
4 AwardsJörg Imberger Engineering: Civil- Water- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsFrank H. Stillinger !Chemistry: Physics
4 AwardsViktor Hamburger Biology: Developmental - Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsGeorge Levitt Chemistry: Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsGregory L. Holmes Epilepsy
4 AwardsWilliam (Velvel) Kahan Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
4 AwardsRaymond L. White !#Engineering: General: Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology
4 AwardsScott E. Denmark !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsPeter J Denning Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsJohn K. Ousterhout *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General: Science
4 AwardsAlexandre J. Chorin !General: Science- Mathematics
4 AwardsDavid M. Kreps !Economics: Economic- General: ALL- General: Science
4 AwardsRobert W. Balluffi !Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Physics
4 AwardsJohn T. Grayhack Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsBaruj Benacerraf !GeneralImmunology- Pathology
4 AwardsJohn McCarthy !Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsPhilip A. Schwartzkroin Epilepsy
4 AwardsSanford L. Palay Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceAnatomy- General
4 AwardsErkki Ruoslahti !#General: MedicineOncology
4 AwardsThomas Eisner !Biology- General: Environmental health- General: Science
4 AwardsWilliam L. Jorgensen !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsMordecai P. Blaustein Biophysics- General: MedicineCardiac and Stroke
4 AwardsRichard H. Holm !Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
4 AwardsCarl I. Wunsch !Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsArnold L. Demain !Microbiology
4 AwardsHarry B. Whittington Biology: Paleontology- General: Science- Palaeontology
4 AwardsHerbert Pardes #Psychiatry
4 AwardsJohn R. Carlson !Entomology- Genetics: BiologyNeuroscience
4 AwardsWilliam Roush Chemistry: GeneralEmergency Medicine
4 AwardsCharles Brown Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Ornithoology: BiologyEmergency Medicine
4 AwardsElvin A. Kabat GeneralImmunology
4 AwardsJohn A. Pople Chemistry: General
4 AwardsAndreas Acrivos !*Engineering: Chemistry- Physics
4 AwardsWatt W. Webb !*Biophysics- General: Science- PhysicsGeneral
4 AwardsStephen D. Bechtel Jr. *Engineering: Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsJulius Rebek !Chemistry: Chemistry: General
4 AwardsAmos B. Smith Chemistry: General
4 AwardsRichard Henderson !General: Biomedical- General: ScienceGeneral
4 AwardsKurt Wuthrich !Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsDon L. Anderson !Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsJacques-Louis Lions Mathematics- Technology
4 AwardsStuart Kornfeld !#Cell Biology- Hematology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsJames A. Van Allen Ecology: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsRobert R. Squires Engineering: Chemistry: Education- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
4 AwardsRobert Watson General: Science- Geophysics: GeoscienceGeneral
4 AwardsNoam D. Elkies !General: Science- Mathematics
4 AwardsDavid E. Pritchard !Optics- Physics
4 AwardsStuart S. Howards Reproductive Fertility- Urology
4 AwardsRoland W. Schmitt *Engineering: Mechanics- Physics
4 AwardsWilliam R. Sears Engineering: Aeronautics- Mechanics- General: Science- Physics
4 AwardsCharles D. Kelman Technology: MedicineOpthomology
4 AwardsPerry L. McCarty *Engineering: Civil- Water- General: Environmental health
4 AwardsGeorge C. Williams Ecology: Zoology- General: Science- Mathematics: Statistics
4 AwardsDonald Hilvert Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsA. Ian Scott Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsJames M. Musser MicrobiologyPathology
4 AwardsRichard W. Aldrich !Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsDavid Morrison Astronomy- Mathematics
4 AwardsMaynard V. Olson !Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyGeneral
4 AwardsJoel E. Cohen !General: Environmental health- Sociology
4 AwardsRobert W. Blum #Psychology: Social ScienceAdolescent Medicine- Public Health
4 AwardsKarl Johan Astrom Engineering: Mechanics
4 AwardsJohn H. Seinfeld *Engineering: Chemistry: Ecology: Computer Sciences- Chemistry- General: Environmental health
4 AwardsPeter Chen Engineering: Chemistry: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsJosef Michl !Chemistry: STEM: Photochemistry
4 AwardsRichard J. Santen Life Sciences- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsJames W. Jorgenson Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
4 AwardsPeter S. Kim Chemistry: General: Science- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsNoel R. Rose Microbiology
4 AwardsPatrick R. Murray Microbiology
4 AwardsThomas C. Schelling !#Economics: Economic- General: Science
4 AwardsJonathan R. Beckwith !General: Science- Genetics: Biology- Microbiology
4 AwardsMasatoshi Takeichi !Cell Biology- General: BiologyGeneral
4 AwardsBen Barres #Biology: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience
4 AwardsHenry Petroski *Engineering: Civil- Education- Mechanics
4 AwardsMarvin L. Cohen !Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
4 AwardsAndrew Fraknoi Astronomy- Physics
4 AwardsC. L. Liu Engineering: Acoustics- Computer Sciences
4 AwardsMichael J.S. Dewar Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsGottfried Ungerboeck Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsJames O. McNamara #Epilepsy- Pharmacology
4 AwardsSylvester James Gates !Physics
4 AwardsEdward Feigenbaum *Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsRaj Reddy *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsMarc E. Lippman Life Sciences- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsIwao Ojima Chemistry: General
4 AwardsEdward C. Taylor Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsVladimir I. Arnold Technology
4 AwardsRobert J. Celotta Engineering: Vacuum- Physics
4 AwardsMax G. Lagally *Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics
4 AwardsElliot Aronson Psychology
4 AwardsPeter Grünberg Physics
4 AwardsAlbert Fert Physics
4 AwardsHerbert F. York Astronomy- General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsM. Reza Ghadiri Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsPeter Goldreich !Astronomy- General
4 AwardsRobert W. Lucky *Engineering:
4 AwardsLeo Manzer Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsTerry McDermott General
4 AwardsEmil Unanue !#Immunology- Pathology
4 AwardsJonathan I. Lunine Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsWilliam E. Dietrich !Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsAndrzej Bartke Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyAndrology- Geriatrics- Life Sciences
4 AwardsDavid A. Relman #MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
4 AwardsDouglas A. Melton !#Biology: Biomedical- General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryPhysiology: Diabetes
4 AwardsWilliam Gordon McCallum Mathematics
4 AwardsMatthew Meselson Cell Biology- Genetics: BiologyGeneral
4 AwardsEric Wieschaus !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology
4 AwardsDavid Card !Economics: Economic- Sociology: Social Benefit
4 AwardsWilliam W. Mullins Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy
4 AwardsRudolf M. Tromp *Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics
4 AwardsJohn P. Holdren !*General: Environmental health- Physics
4 AwardsJean B. deKernion Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsKurt Hirschhorn #Human Geneicw: Human Genetics- Pediatrics
4 AwardsW. C. Lineberger !Chemistry: General: Science- Optics
4 AwardsJack H. Lunsford Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsStephen Smale !Mathematics
4 AwardsEdward J. McCluskey *Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsSeiji Ogawa #General: Biology- PhysicsGeneral
4 AwardsFerid Murad !#Cardiac and Stroke- General
4 AwardsJohn B. Robbins !#Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology
4 AwardsRobert M. Waymouth Chemistry: General
4 AwardsClay M. Armstrong !#Biophysics- GeneralGeneral
4 AwardsRandy D. Blakely Mental Health- Pharmacology
4 AwardsWilliam T. Greenough PsychologyGeriatrics- Mental Health
4 AwardsJohn William Daly !Chemistry: GeneralPharmacology: General
4 AwardsWilliam E. Bentley Microbiology
4 AwardsDavid E. Rumelhart !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Psychology
4 AwardsJames L. McClelland !Engineering: Biochemistry: Biophysics- Computer Sciences- General: Science- Psychology
4 AwardsT. Franklin Williams Geriatrics
4 AwardsThomas E. Thompson Biophysics- Mathematics
4 AwardsPedro Ruiz Psychiatry
4 AwardsRichard W. Tsien !#Biophysics- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Physiology
4 AwardsEarl K. Miller General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience
4 AwardsTito A. Serafini Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: GeneralNeuroscience
4 AwardsRobert M. Clark Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Civil- Physics: Teaching
4 AwardsMarcelo H. Garcia Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsDavid A. Hodges *Engineering: Acoustics- Education
4 AwardsJames S. Clark Chemistry- Ecology: Zoology- Geoscience: Geophysics
4 AwardsMurray Goodman Chemistry: Chemistry: General
4 AwardsRobert Lee Hotz Engineering: Aeronautics- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsWilliam Martin Engineering: Education- General: Biomedical- Optics
4 AwardsSamuel H. Gellman !Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsMichael B.A. Oldstone !#Immunology- Pathology- Virology
4 AwardsGabriel Hortobagyi Oncology- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsWilliam E. Bunney #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
4 AwardsVernon Young Nutrition
4 AwardsHerbert Tabor !Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsE. Neil Lewis Chemistry: Physics- General
4 AwardsMoungi G. Bawendi Chemistry: General: Nuclear
4 AwardsStanley Hart !Chemistry: Geochemisty- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsPhilip J. Davis Mathematics
4 AwardsKevin M. Murphy Economics: Economic- Geophysics: GeoscienceGeneral
4 AwardsJohn E. Walker !Botony: Horticulture- Chemistry: Biochemistry- General
4 AwardsJery R. Stedinger *Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsNicholas L. Abbott *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Chemistry
4 AwardsMartin Gruebele !Biophysics- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsBrooks Hart Pate General: Chemistry- Optics- Physics
4 AwardsNathan Seiberg Biology: Innovation- Physics- Physics: Research
4 AwardsMark Schoofs General
4 AwardsPhilip R. Lee #Public Health
4 AwardsCharles A. Mistretta *Engineering: Physics: Medicine/Physics- Radiology
4 AwardsKen Dill !Biophysics- Physics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsMaxim Kontsevich Biology: Innovation- Mathematics
4 AwardsWilliam E. Paul !#MicrobiologyImmunology
4 AwardsH. Eugene Stanley !Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
4 AwardsRobert Bjork Psychology
4 AwardsFreeman John Dyson !General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsJerald L. Schnoor *Engineering: Chemistry: Civil
4 AwardsArthur D. Smith Urology
4 AwardsJared Diamond !#General: Environmental health- Ornithoology: Biology
4 AwardsJohn B. MacChesney *Engineering: Physics: Optics
4 AwardsGeorge Johnson General
4 AwardsCharles W. Petit Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsR. Palmer Beasley Engineering: General: Infectious Diseases
4 AwardsRobin M. Murray #Mental Health- Psychiatry
4 AwardsJustin Du Bois Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsDaniel W. Armstrong Chemistry: General
4 AwardsRobert L. Baldwin !Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsStephen H. White Biophysics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsR. John Collier !Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- General: Science- Microbiology
4 AwardsLewis L. Judd #Mental Health- Psychiatry
4 AwardsIvan Kohn Schuller Engineering: Material Sciences- General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsJerome P. Richie Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsRichard D. Williams AstronomyOncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsDonald E. Wilson #Agriculture: Animal HusbandryGeneral
4 AwardsJeremiah P. Ostriker !Astronomy- General: Science
4 AwardsLinus Benedict Torvalds Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsMarc A. Hillmyer Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsJohn Horton Conway Mathematics
4 AwardsBarry Mazur !Mathematics
4 AwardsLewis John Fetters Chemistry: Physics
4 AwardsCharles J. Sherr !#Engineering: General: HematologyOncology
4 AwardsIra Flatow Biology- Geology
4 AwardsHarold Freeman #Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsJeremiah Stamler Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
4 AwardsJonathan A. Ellman Chemistry: GeneralPharmacology: General
4 AwardsDaniel Herschlag !Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsDouglas C. Wallace General: MedicineGeneral
4 AwardsNicholas Lydon General: MedicineOncology
4 AwardsPatrick O. Brown !#General: Science- MicrobiologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
4 AwardsRobert H. Foote Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Agriculture: Reproductive Biology- Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyAndrology
4 AwardsDonald Lynden-Bell !Astronomy- General: Science
4 AwardsCharles F. Stevens !General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsRobert Waterston !#Genetics: BiologyGeneral
4 AwardsHerbert Kroemer !*Engineering: Education
4 AwardsSamuel I. Stupp *Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences
4 AwardsLewis P. Lipsitt Psychology
4 AwardsHenryk Iwaniec !Mathematics
4 AwardsRobert A. Frosch *Engineering: Physics
4 AwardsAharon Razin GeneralDevelopmental Biology: Embryology- General
4 AwardsPhilip A. Ades Cardiac - Pulmonary
4 AwardsAlex Zunger Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Physics
4 AwardsGeorge A. Bekey *Engineering: Robotics
4 AwardsDan McKenzie !Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsBradley Hyman #Neurology: Neuroscience
4 AwardsDavid John Weatherall !#HematologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
4 AwardsMichael M. Merzenich !#Engineering: Psychology
4 AwardsGerard Karsenty #General: ScienceLife Sciences- Public Health
4 AwardsW. James Shuttleworth Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsSteven J. Luck General: Science- Psychology
4 AwardsGeoffrey W. Marcy !Astronomy- General: Science
4 AwardsMichael J. Hopkins !General: Science- Mathematics
4 AwardsJames W. Vaupel !General: Science- Sociology
4 AwardsJames R. Chelikowsky Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
4 AwardsDavid Mechanic !#SociologyEducation: Health Care- General
4 AwardsEd Diener Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsJohn Reynolds Chemistry: GeneralNeuroscience
4 AwardsJack W. McAninch Urology
4 AwardsMostafa A. El-Sayed !Chemistry: General
4 AwardsHongjie Dai #Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- Physics
4 AwardsDavid P. Bartel !Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsVernon J. Ehlers Engineering: Biology- Education- General
4 AwardsDavid Goldhaber-Gordon General: Science- PhysicsEmergency Medicine- General
4 AwardsStephen E. Harris !*Optics- Physics- TechnologyPharmacology
4 AwardsJohn H. Schwarz !Biology: Innovation- Physics- Physics: Research
4 AwardsRaymond N. DuBois #Gastroenterology- Oncology
4 AwardsAndrew C. Revkin Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsBari Scott General
4 AwardsWilliam Whittaker *Engineering: Civil- Computer Sciences- Robotics
4 AwardsRonald DePinho #Engineering- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsGordon Baym !Physics
4 AwardsElwood V. Jensen !Life Sciences- Oncology- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsArthur A. Patchett Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsGiacinto Scoles Chemistry: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsPaul R. McHugh #Gastroenterology- Psychiatry
4 AwardsAlan F. Schatzberg #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: Pharmacology- Psychiatry
4 AwardsJames P. Bagian *#AstronomyCardiothoracic Surgery- General
4 AwardsMasatoshi Koshiba Physics
4 AwardsSumio Iijima Physics
4 AwardsAlan B. Retik Urology
4 AwardsPhaedon Avouris !Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum- Physics
4 AwardsBruce D. Roth Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Science
4 AwardsVijay S. Pande Biophysics- General: Chemistry- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsMichael J. Krische Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsAlan Kay Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsCarlos L. Arteaga Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsJan Balzarini Microbiology- Technology: GeneralPharmacology- Virology
4 AwardsMarc Feldmann Pharmacology: Physics
4 AwardsFrank E. Speizer #Engineering: General: Public Health
4 AwardsColin C. Adams Mathematics
4 AwardsPaul B. MacCready Engineering: Aeronautics- Education- Geography: Meterology
4 AwardsWolfgang P. Baumeister Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- TechnologyGeneral
4 AwardsMark A. Schuster #Education: Health Care- Pediatrics
4 AwardsBruce E. Maryanoff Chemistry: General
4 AwardsHenry F. Schaefer Chemistry: General
4 AwardsJ. Michael Miller Microbiology
4 AwardsJohn T. Wasson Astronomy: Meteorology- General: Science- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsStephen R. Marder Mental Health- Psychiatry
4 AwardsLeon Eisenberg Mental Health- Psychiatry
4 AwardsArthur Ashkin !*Optics- Physics- Technology
4 AwardsJohn M. Barry Urology
4 AwardsDennis P. Sullivan !Mathematics
4 AwardsEmil Frei Oncology
4 AwardsYibin Kang GeneralOncology- Public Health
4 AwardsBrian Kuhlman Biology: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsPaul Julienne Optics- Physics
4 AwardsLarry Norton Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer
4 AwardsJohn Whitehead Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsAndrew Jackson *Engineering: Chemistry: Biochemistry- Ecology: Zoology- Mechanics- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsDan G. Blazer #Geriatrics- Psychiatry
4 AwardsWilliam Wood !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology- Geoography: Geography
4 AwardsJacob Israelachvili !*Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences
4 AwardsNeil J.A. Sloane *Engineering: Mathematics
4 AwardsBrian M. Stoltz Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsJohn G. Bartlett #MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
4 AwardsKhalid Aziz *Engineering: Petroleum- Technology: General
4 AwardsAhmet Yildiz Biophysics- Cell Biology- General
4 AwardsBrendan Lee #Human Genetics- Pediatrics
4 AwardsMarc G. Caron Mental Health- Pharmacology
4 AwardsJohn W. Williams Engineering: Ecology: Zoology- Environmental- General: Science
4 AwardsDavid J.P. Barker NutritionGeneral
4 AwardsGregory E. Miller Engineering: Communications- Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic
4 AwardsLaurence Steinberg Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
4 AwardsGiovanni Solari Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsRamamoorthy Ramesh *Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Physics
4 AwardsMurray Low Cardiac - Pulmonary
4 AwardsMikhail D. Lukin !Optics- Physics
4 AwardsWei Chen *Engineering: Communications- Mechanics- General: Chemistry
4 AwardsGary S. May *Engineering: Education- General
4 AwardsRichard D. DiMarchi #Chemistry: GeneralPharmacology
4 AwardsMarc Kamionkowski !Astronomy- General: Nuclear
4 AwardsStuart L. Pimm Biochemistry: Biophysics- Ecology: Zoology- General: Environmental health
4 AwardsEvan Simpson Gynecology: - Life Sciences- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsRichard L. Guerrant #Infectious Diseases- Microbiology: Virology
4 AwardsPeter J. Hotez #Microbiology: Virology
4 AwardsR. Michael Roberts !Reproductive Fertility: Embryology
4 AwardsChristopher Hacon !Biology: Innovation- Mathematics
4 AwardsKnut Wolf Urban Engineering: Material Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
4 AwardsMin Du Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Physiology
4 AwardsSteven V. Ley Chemistry: General
4 AwardsBrian P Schmidt !Biology: Innovation- General
4 AwardsMichael Grätzel Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Technology
4 AwardsDavid L. Braff Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
4 AwardsWilliam B. Russel *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry
4 AwardsMichael R. DeBaun #Engineering: Biomedical- HematologyPediatrics
4 AwardsMichael Karin !#Biology: Biomedical- TechnologyLife Sciences
4 AwardsThomas C. Hales Mathematics
4 AwardsCraig Tracy Mathematics
4 AwardsJun Ye Optics- Physics
4 AwardsJames E. Montie Oncology- Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsJohn Yu Neuro-Surgeons
4 AwardsFrederick Lang Neuro-Surgeons
4 AwardsMartin Schulz Engineering: Computer SciencesPharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development
4 AwardsEdmund M Clarke *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsMichael Rabin !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics: Logic
4 AwardsMichael M. R. Williams Engineering: Computer Sciences- Nuclear
4 AwardsJohn R. White Engineering: Computer Sciences- Education- Nuclear
4 AwardsDaniel G. Cacuci Nuclear
4 AwardsW. Kenneth Davis Engineering: Chemistry- Nuclear
4 AwardsCraig R. Barrett *Engineering: Biology: Botany- Mineralogy
4 AwardsPaul E. Green *Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsFrancois M. D'Heurle Engineering: Mineralogy- Vacuum- Physics
4 AwardsSupriyo Datta *Engineering: Education- General
4 AwardsC. P. Wong *Engineering: Technology
4 AwardsRoger W. Brockett *Engineering: Mechanics- Mathematics
4 AwardsBrian D.O. Anderson Engineering: Acoustics
4 AwardsSimon Haykin Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsAlfred Fettweis Engineering: Acoustics
4 AwardsRichard H. Friend *Engineering: Material Sciences- Technology
4 AwardsDavid Neil Payne Engineering: Agriculture
4 AwardsJoe C. Campbell *Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
4 AwardsGerard A. Mourou *Engineering: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsMichael G. Luby *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
4 AwardsG. David Forney !*Engineering:
4 AwardsXin Yao Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsHenry Samueli *Engineering: Acoustics- Communications
4 AwardsRaouf Boutaba Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsIan F. Akyildiz Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences
4 AwardsMansoor Shafi Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsVern Paxson Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences
4 AwardsCharles Wee Ming Lee Engineering: TechnologyGenetics- Neuro-Surgeons- Oncology
4 AwardsEphraim Suhir Engineering: Mechanics- Technology
4 AwardsAvram Bar-Cohen Engineering: Mechanics- Technology
4 AwardsStephen Hall Engineering: Technology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsMarcian E. Hoff Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsBenjamin W. Wah Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsVipin Kumar Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences- Mechanics
4 AwardsEugene H. Spafford Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsStanley Winkler Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsL. Thomas Engineering: PetroleumPathology
4 AwardsPeter A. Ward #Anatomy- Pathology
4 AwardsGene Robinson !#Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Entomology- General
4 AwardsFrank Zalom Entomology
4 AwardsJohn T. Trumble Entomology
4 AwardsBruce D. Hammock !Chemistry: EntomologyPharmacology
4 AwardsJames H. Tumlinson !Chemistry: Entomology- General
4 AwardsJere H. Mitchell PhysiologyCardiologists- Sports Medicine: Physiology
4 AwardsJohn Eisenberg Psychology: Social ScienceCardiologists- Internal Medicine: General
4 AwardsLance Liotta Dermatology- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer- Pathology
4 AwardsElazer Edelman *#Engineering: BiomaterialsCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
4 AwardsJoseph Bordogna Engineering: : Mechanics
4 AwardsNeil deGrasse Tyson General: Science- Physics
4 AwardsJoseph R. Bertino Oncology
4 AwardsAndrew Strominger Biology: Innovation- Mathematics- Physics- Physics: Research
4 AwardsCumrun Vafa Biology: Innovation- Mathematics- Physics- Physics: Research
4 AwardsHenry Roediger !Psychology
4 AwardsLu Le Dermatology
4 AwardsKurt Lu Dermatology
4 AwardsDaniel G. Nocera Chemistry- Chemistry: STEM: Photochemistry
4 AwardsRandy Jensen Neuro-Surgeons
4 AwardsLoren D. Walensky Andrology- Pediatrics
4 AwardsDavid M. Bressoud Mathematics
4 AwardsJames Tanton Mathematics
4 AwardsDonald G. Saari !Mathematics
4 AwardsTom M. Apostol Mathematics
4 AwardsStan Wagon Mathematics
4 AwardsWilliam J. Wepfer Engineering: Education- Mechanics
4 AwardsRoger O. McClellan #Pharmacology: Toxicology
4 AwardsSyed F. Ali Engineering: Petroleum- Pharmacology: Toxicology
4 AwardsToshio Narahashi Chemistry: Pharmacology: ToxicologyPharmacology
4 AwardsCurtis D. Klaassen Pharmacology: ToxicologyPharmacology
4 AwardsGilbert Strang !Mathematics
4 AwardsJonathan M. Borwein Mathematics
4 AwardsMichael Atiyah !Mathematics
4 AwardsRonald L. Graham !Mathematics
4 AwardsWilliam Yslas Vélez Mathematics
4 AwardsLouis H. Kauffman Engineering: Cybernetics- Mathematics
4 AwardsWilliam B. Hamlin Pathology
4 AwardsPierre W. Keitges Pathology
4 AwardsR. Bruce Williams PalaeontologyPathology
4 AwardsGlenn Flores Pediatrics- Public Health
4 AwardsJules Hirsch #NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity- General
4 AwardsMichael D. Jensen NutritionEndocrinology: Obesity
4 AwardsKenneth Brown NutritionGeneral
4 AwardsJames Y. Oldshue Engineering: Chemistry
4 AwardsBernard Amadei *Engineering: Education- Mechanics- Geology: Mineralogy
4 AwardsHarold P. Boas Mathematics
4 AwardsPaul H. Lange Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsKenneth A. Weaver Geology- Geology: Psychology: Teaching
4 AwardsRichard E. Miller *Engineering: Education- Psychology: Teaching
4 AwardsAvshalom Caspi PsychologyMental Health
4 AwardsNorman Garmezy Psychology
4 AwardsKenneth Dodge #Psychology
4 AwardsMark Snyder Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsRoy F. Baumeister Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsDavid H. Barlow Psychology
4 AwardsRoger S. Lo Dermatology- Oncology
4 AwardsDaniel F. Hayes Biology: BotanyOncology
4 AwardsJoseph V. Simone GeneralOncology
4 AwardsMark O. Hatfield Biology: BiomedicalOncology
4 AwardsConnie Mack Biology: BiomedicalOncology
4 AwardsPeter B. Armentrout Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
4 AwardsDavid Muddiman Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
4 AwardsCharles Dinarello !GeneralInfectious Diseases
4 AwardsJoseph Heitman !Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyEngineering- Infectious Diseases
4 AwardsSaul Krugman Gastroenterology- Infectious Diseases- Pediatrics
4 AwardsRoderick Joseph A. Little #Mathematics: Statistics
4 AwardsRafael A. Irizarry Mathematics: Statistics
4 AwardsWilliam Q. Meeker Mathematics: Statistics- Statistics
4 AwardsRobert R. Wilson !Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- General: Nuclear- Physics
4 AwardsFred L. Whipple Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsRoger D. Blandford !Astronomy- General
4 AwardsScott D. Tremaine !Astronomy
4 AwardsJack Wisdom !Astronomy
4 AwardsCharles C. Steidel !Astronomy- General
4 AwardsJohn E. Carlstrom !Astronomy- General
4 AwardsFrank H. Shu !Astronomy- General
4 AwardsAndrew C. Fabian Astronomy- General
4 AwardsWard O. Winer *Engineering: Education- Mechanics
4 AwardsEdward Cussler *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Education
4 AwardsC. Stewart Slater Engineering: Education
4 AwardsMichael J. Moran Engineering: Education- MechanicsUrology
4 AwardsDonald R. Woods Engineering: Education
4 AwardsDaryl E. Chubin Engineering: Communications- Education- General
4 AwardsJohn F. Brady *Engineering: Chemistry- Education- Physics
4 AwardsJohn H. Lienhard *Engineering: Education- Mechanics
4 AwardsRobert M. Nerem *#Engineering: Biomedical - Education- Mechanics
4 AwardsDavid Himmelblau Engineering: Chemistry- Education
4 AwardsDavid Silverstein Engineering: Education
4 AwardsBruce A. Finlayson *Engineering: Chemistry- Education
4 AwardsTheodore Randolph Engineering: Chemistry- EducationPharmacology- Pharmacology: General
4 AwardsPhillip C. Wankat Engineering: Chemistry: Education
4 AwardsDavid M. Karl !General: Science- Microbiology- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsJohn P. Smol Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsJohn Cairns !Biology- Biology: Fish- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsFederico Faggin Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsRobert D. Hatcher Geology- Geology: General
4 AwardsKenneth Jinghwa Hsu !Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
4 AwardsJack E. Oliver !Geology- Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Geoscience: Geophysics
4 AwardsAlan D. D’Andrea #HematologyOncology- Pediatrics
4 AwardsWilliam P. Jencks !Biophysics- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsPeter H. von Hippel Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsScott D. Emr !Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsEmil Wolf Optics- Physics: Optics
4 AwardsAdolf W. Lohmann Optics- Physics: Optics
4 AwardsHenry C. Kapteyn Chemistry: Optics- Physics
4 AwardsMarin Soljacic Engineering: Technology- Optics
4 AwardsRobert Uzzo Oncology: Urology- Urology
4 AwardsAaron J.W. Hsueh Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyGynecology: - Life Sciences
4 AwardsJerome F. Strauss #Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyGynecology:
4 AwardsEli Y. Adashi #Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyGynecology:
4 AwardsJonathan Levine Ecology: Zoology- Geology: General
4 AwardsJames Gibbs Engineering: PetroleumGastroenterology
4 AwardsRandy Seeley Diabetes- Endocrinology: Obesity- Gastroenterology- Life Sciences
4 AwardsWilbert E. Fordyce Pain
4 AwardsRobert J. Gatchel PsychologyPain
4 AwardsIrving Zucker Endocrinology: Neuroscience- PhysiologySleep
4 AwardsEdward Lazowska *Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsBruce Buchanan #Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsTed Senator Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences
4 AwardsJohn Riedl Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsEdmund D. Brodie Geology: Ichthyologists: Biology
4 AwardsKonrad B. Krauskopf Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geology: Geology: Mineralology Petrology
4 AwardsErnest A. Mancini Engineering: Petroleum- Geology: General
4 AwardsSteven Epstein Sociology- Sociology: Social Sciences
4 AwardsRoy L. Whistler Chemistry: Chemistry: General
4 AwardsWendell L. Roelofs !Chemistry: Entomology- General
4 AwardsDonald L. Sparks Engineering: Agronomy: Agriculture- Chemistry: Minerology
4 AwardsDavid Berry Engineering: Technology- General: Science- Technology
4 AwardsWilliam King Engineering: Electrical- Mechanics- Technology
4 AwardsAdam Cohen Engineering: Chemistry: Technology- General: Chemistry
4 AwardsMung Chiang Engineering: Education- Technology- General
4 AwardsLuis von Ahn Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology- Technology
4 AwardsRobert Wood Engineering: Technology- Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsMartin Burke Engineering: Chemistry: Technology
4 AwardsRobert M. Klein General
4 AwardsSteven A. Schroeder #Internal Medicine: General
4 AwardsArthur H. Rubenstein #Diabetes- General
4 AwardsSamuel I. Rapaport HematologyCardiac and Stroke- General
4 AwardsJerome P. Kassirer #General
4 AwardsMichael O. Thorner Life Sciences
4 AwardsStanley Sue Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
4 AwardsHarry Levinson Physics: Optics- Physiology: Management- Psychology
4 AwardsTom Miller Nuclear- Psychology
4 AwardsA. Antoine Kazzi Emergency Medicine
4 AwardsDuane Haines Anatomy- General
4 AwardsArnold H. Bouma Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
4 AwardsJohn W. Rold Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
4 AwardsStanislas Dehaene !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Cognitive- Neuroscience: Brain- Psychology
4 AwardsVamsi Krishna Mootha #Chemistry: Biochemistry- General
4 AwardsDavid J. Mangelsdorf !Life Sciences- Oncology- Pharmacology
4 AwardsWilliam C. Sessa Biology: Vascular- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Pharmacology
4 AwardsBruce Beutler !#GeneralEngineering- General
4 AwardsJens K. Nørskov *Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: Physics
4 AwardsStephen F. Smith Engineering: Computer Sciences- Psychology: Psychomomatic
4 AwardsJeffrey S. Flier #PhysiologyDiabetes- Life Sciences
4 AwardsRichard N. Bergman PhysiologyDiabetes- Endocrinology: Obesity
4 AwardsRalph DeFronzo Diabetes- Diabetes: - General
4 AwardsGeorge S. Eisenbarth Diabetes- Life Sciences- Physiology: Diabetes
4 AwardsMichael P. Czech Diabetes- Life Sciences- Physiology: Diabetes
4 AwardsTerry Engle Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
4 AwardsCharles H. Bennett !Physics: Research
4 AwardsSheperd Doeleman Astronomy
4 AwardsSatish Nagarajaiah Engineering: Civil
4 AwardsIsaac M. Daniel : Plant pathology
4 AwardsIn-Sue Oh 
4 AwardsDeniz S. Ones 
4 AwardsFilip Lievens 
4 AwardsAnthony S. Boyce 
4 AwardsTodd R. Klaenhammer !Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
4 AwardsCasimir Akoh 
4 AwardsD. Julian McClements 
4 AwardsStuart S. Antman Mathematics
4 AwardsJohn M. Ball Mathematics
4 AwardsBrian K. Hajek Nuclear
4 AwardsKenneth R. Miller Biology- Biology: Evolution- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsJohn O'Keefe Psychology
4 AwardsHerbert Gleiter *Engineering: Material Sciences- Mineralogy- Technology: General
4 Awards