Recognizing the Achievements of Women in Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine

Women Underrepresented in Cardiology:
Women make up about 12 percent of cardiology ranks, which is disproportionately low, given that half of medical school graduates are female, reports Duke Medicine study.

Women Are Underrepresented as Recipients of Many Prestigious Awards

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A Look At 63 Companies And Their Female Technical Workforces

The Anita Borg Institute got 63 companies to provide them with data on their workforces. Companies were then ranked by seven metrics including representation of women in tech roles at entry, mid, senior, and executive levels as well as the rates of recruitment, retention, and promotion of women. The institute found that the companies promoted their female tech workers at a higher rate than their male colleagues, but those promotions were primarily between entry and mid-levels, not into leadership roles.»  Link to the original article