Recognizing the Achievements of Women in Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine

High Attrition of Women in IT:
74% of women in technology report "loving their work," yet these women leave their careers at a staggering rate: 56% of technical women leave at the "mid-level" point just when the loss of their talent is most costly to companies. This is more than double the quit rate of men.

Women Are Underrepresented as Recipients of Many Prestigious Awards

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We Need More Role Models For Women In Stem Now

Nicki Palmer, the chief network officer at Verizon Wireless, credits supportive parents (including finding a role model in her mechanical engineer father) with her successful career in the telecommunications industry. "For more girls to be competitive in the technology-laden workforce of the future, they need role models and encouragement," says Palmer. "How many young girls with the interest and aptitude to be in STEM fields never get there because they don't have adequate examples or backing"»  Link to the original article