List of Women who have won 3 or more awards, and the areas that the awards represent
The data are taken from the Raise Project database
Click on Awards link to see each person's awards, categorized and sub-grouped.
The areas of scientific and medical interest are culled from those award categories.
The specific citations can be obtained from the links to the individual awards listed next to each person.
! indicates elected membership in National Academy of Sciences.
* indicates elected membership in National Academy of Engineering.
# indicated elected membership in the National Academy of Medicine. Previously IOM
Count Of Awards RaiseProject AwardsFull NameStem AreasMedical Areas
4 AwardsLyn Y. Abramson Psychology
5 AwardsNancy E. Adler #PsychologyGeneral
7 AwardsLinda H. Aiken #Education: Health Care- General
3 AwardsLeona S. Aiken Psychology
6 AwardsMary D. Ainsworth Psychology
3 AwardsJoanna Aizenberg !*Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences
3 AwardsNasima Akhter GeneralPathology: Immunogenetics
8 AwardsHuda Akil !#General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuropharmacology:
3 AwardsStacy Alaimo 
3 AwardsKathy Albarado Engineering: General
3 AwardsDeborah Alderson Engineering: General
4 AwardsAmber Alhadeff General: Material SciencesEndocrinology: Obesity- Gastroenterology
3 AwardsNancy L. Allbritton Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsFran Allen Engineering: Computer- Computer Sciences- Technology
3 AwardsHeather C. Allen Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsLindsay H. Allen Nutrition
3 AwardsLauren B. Alloy Psychology
4 AwardsJeanne Altmann !Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- General: Science- Geology: General
5 AwardsSusan G. Amara !Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Pharmacology
5 AwardsNancy M. Amato Engineering: Computer Sciences- Information Technology- Robotics
10 AwardsAngelika Amon Biology: Innovation- Cell Biology- General: Science- Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyOncology
6 AwardsCristina Amon *Engineering: Education- Mechanics
3 AwardsAnne Anastasi Psychology
4 AwardsBarbara Anderson Engineering: : Petroleum
3 AwardsCarolyn J. Anderson PsychologyNuclear Medicine
3 AwardsKathryn V. Anderson !#Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental - Genetics: Biology
4 AwardsElaine Anderson Engineering: General
3 AwardsMary R. Anderson-Rowland Engineering: Communications- General
10 AwardsNancy C. Andreasen #MedicineMental Health- Psychiatry
6 AwardsNancy C. Andrews #HematologyPediatrics
13 AwardsKristi S. Anseth *#Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Biomaterials- Chemistry- Education- Material Sciences- General: Chemistry- General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsSharon Arad 
13 AwardsFrances H. Arnold !*#Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Nutrition- Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Science- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsBarbara J. Arnold Engineering: Minerology
3 AwardsAmy Arnold PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsVineet Arora #Geriatrics- Internal Medicine: General
3 AwardsSarah T. Arron Dermatology
4 AwardsChieko Asakawa *Engineering: Computer- Technology- Technology: Law
3 AwardsKaren Hsiao Ashe #Neurology: Neuroscience
4 AwardsGail Ashley General: Science- Geology- Geoscience
3 AwardsEstella Atekwana Geoscience- Geoscience: Geophysics
5 AwardsSara Aton General: Material Sciences- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral: Pharmacology- Sleep
4 AwardsSheena K. Aurora 
3 AwardsWanda M. Austin *Engineering: Computer- General: Communications
5 AwardsMary Ellen Avery !GeneralHistory- Pediatrics
3 AwardsByllye Y. Avery Public Health
3 AwardsSusan Axelrod Epilepsy- General
3 AwardsJean Bahr Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Geoscience
9 AwardsRuzena Bajcsy *#Engineering: Computer Sciences- Robotics- Technology- General
4 AwardsCarol J. Baker #Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology
3 AwardsDare A. Baldwin Psychology
5 AwardsTracy Bale Endocrinology: Neuroscience- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceLife Sciences- Neuropharmacology: Pharmacology
3 AwardsMrinalini Balki Agriculture: Obstetrics
6 AwardsEmily P. Balskus Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Technology- General
7 AwardsJillian F. Banfield !Engineering: Minerology- General: Material Sciences- Geology: Mineralology Petrology
3 AwardsM. Katherine Banks *Engineering: Civil
9 AwardsZhenan Bao *Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsClaudia R. Baquet Oncology- Public Health
5 AwardsGilda A. Barabino *Engineering: Biomedical- Biomedical - Chemistry- Microbiology
3 AwardsAmy Barger Astronomy- Physics
7 AwardsCornelia Bargmann !#Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- General: ScienceAnatomy- Neuroscience: Brain
4 AwardsMaria Barna Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Genetics: BiologyAnatomy
3 AwardsCarol A. Barnes !Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology
3 AwardsElizabeth A. Barnes Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsEllen Jo Baron Microbiology
3 AwardsFrancoise Barre-Sinoussi #Engineering: Computer- General
4 AwardsKim E. Barrett Physiology
6 AwardsLisa Feldman Barrett Psychology
7 AwardsElizabeth Barrett-Connor #Cardiac and Stroke- Diabetes- Life Sciences
3 AwardsMichele Barry #Microbiology: Virology
14 AwardsJacqueline K. Barton !#Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Science
3 AwardsJennifer L. Barton Physics: OpticsRhumatology
5 AwardsLinda Bartoshuk !Psychology
3 AwardsRegina Barzilay Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology- General:
3 AwardsAlexandra L. Basolo Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Geology: General
3 AwardsIngrid V. Bassett Infectious Diseases
12 AwardsBonnie Lynn Bassler !#Biology: Biomedical- General: Biomedical- General: Material Sciences- General: Science- Genetics: Biology- MicrobiologyGeneral
3 AwardsLisa Bateman Epilepsy
3 AwardsGerene S. Bauldoff Cardiac - Pulmonary
3 AwardsEleanor Baum Engineering: Computer- Education- General
3 AwardsYildiz Bayazitoglu Engineering: : Mechanics
3 AwardsWhitney M. Behr Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsAnna K. Behrensmeyer !Biology: Paleontology- Ecology: Zoology- General: Science- Geology- Paleontology
3 AwardsClaudia Benitez-Nelson Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsRegina M. Benjamin #Cardiologists- Cardiologists:
3 AwardsJoan W. Bennett Microbiology
6 AwardsJean M. Bennett #Opthalmology: Medicine- Optics- Physics: OpticsOpthomology
3 AwardsStacey F. Bent *Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum- General: Chemistry
12 AwardsMay Berenbaum !Chemistry: Ecology: Zoology- Entomology- General: Environmental health- Geology: General
4 AwardsBonnie Anne Berger !Engineering: Biophysics- Computer Sciences- Mathematics
3 AwardsMarsha Berger !*Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
3 AwardsWilma Fowler Bergfeld Dermatology
6 AwardsHelen Berman Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsJessie Bernard Sociology
3 AwardsLeslie Bernstein Oncology- Oncology: Breast
3 AwardsKathy A. Berra Cardiac - Pulmonary- Cardiologists
3 AwardsEllen S. Berscheid Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsElisa Bertino Engineering: Computer Sciences
16 AwardsCarolyn R. Bertozzi !#Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry- General: Nuclear- General: Science- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Technology
4 AwardsAndrea Bertozzi !Mathematics
4 AwardsIrene J. Beyerlein Engineering: Mechanics- Mineralogy
3 AwardsSangeeta N. Bhatia !*Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Mechanics- Technology
3 AwardsLisa R. Bielke Agriculture: Poutlry
4 AwardsLynne Billard Mathematics: StatisticsGenetics: Statistics
12 AwardsMina Bissell !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: NuclearOncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsVera Bittner Cardiac - Pulmonary
6 AwardsRena Bizios #Engineering: Biomaterials- Chemistry- EducationPathology: Immunogenetics
6 AwardsPamela J. Bjorkman !General: Material SciencesImmunology- Pathology: Immunogenetics
32 AwardsElizabeth H. Blackburn !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- Cell Biology- Chemistry: General - General: Biology- General: Biomedical- General: Material Sciences- General: Medicine- General: Science- Microbiology- TechnologyDermatology- History- Oncology
5 AwardsDonna G. Blackmond *Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
4 AwardsHelen Blackwell Engineering: Chemistry: Technology- General: Chemistry
3 AwardsHelen Blau #Biology: Biomedical- Cell BiologyOncology
4 AwardsBarbara A. Block Comparative: Comparative Biology- Physiology
6 AwardsClara D. Bloomfield #HematologyOncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsHilary P. Blumberg Mental Health- Psychiatry
3 AwardsBarbara Bogue Engineering: Communications
3 AwardsDawn Bonnell *Engineering: Vacuum
3 AwardsDiana M. Bontá Public Health
3 AwardsKathryn J. Boor Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
3 AwardsSarah Booth Nutrition
3 AwardsAnita Borg Engineering: Computer- Computer Sciences
3 AwardsKarin Borges Engineering: AcousticsEpilepsy
3 AwardsMary-Ann M Boyce Engineering: Aeronautics
3 AwardsSylvia T. Bozeman Mathematics
3 AwardsSuzanne G. Brainard Engineering: CommunicationsMarine Sciences
4 AwardsXandra O. Breakefield Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health
4 AwardsJoan F. Brennecke *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Nuclear
5 AwardsMarilynn B. Brewer Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsCarol Brewer Biology- Ecology: Zoology
8 AwardsYvonne C. Brill *Engineering: Computer- Mechanics- Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsMargaret Brimble Chemistry- General: Material Sciences
5 AwardsNancy G. Brinker Oncology
3 AwardsLinda Broadbelt *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry
4 AwardsJennifer Brodbelt Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General: Chemistry- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsAngela Brodie Oncology: Breast- Pharmacology
3 AwardsEmily E. Brodsky Geology- Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience
5 AwardsJeanne Brooks-Gunn #Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
5 AwardsAmy Brooks-Kayal Epilepsy
5 AwardsJoan Heller Brown Pharmacology
3 AwardsLaura S. Brown Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
3 AwardsAnna L. Bruckner Dermatology
5 AwardsJoan Brugge !#Cell BiologyOncology- Oncology: Breast
3 AwardsLinda B. Buck !#General
3 AwardsRebecca H. Buckley #MicrobiologyPediatrics
4 AwardsJessica Budke Biology: Botany
4 AwardsLisa Bullard Engineering: Education
3 AwardsCorinne Burger Epilepsy
4 AwardsDiane J. Burgess Engineering: PharmacologyPharmacology
4 AwardsJillian M. Buriak Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsBlakesley Burkhart Astronomy
3 AwardsS. Jocelyn Bell Burnell !Astronomy- Biology: Innovation
3 AwardsNeta Byerly Chemistry: General
3 AwardsNicola Cabibbo Physics- Physics: Research
3 AwardsRebecca M. Calisi Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Comparative: Comparative Biology
3 AwardsKristina P. Callis Dermatology
3 AwardsMichelle M. Camacho Engineering: Communications- Education
4 AwardsErika T. Camacho : All STEM- Mathematics
3 AwardsRebecca Campbell Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsJoyce L. Carbonell General: Education
6 AwardsSusan E. Carey !Biology: Cognitive- General: Science- Psychology
6 AwardsEmily A. Carter *Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum- Physics
3 AwardsIlana Cass Obstetrics/Gynecology
4 AwardsSherita T. Ceasar Engineering: Computer- General: Communications- Telecommunicatios: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsConstance Cepko !Biology: BiomedicalOpthalmology- Opthomology
3 AwardsJulia Chan Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsMichelle Chang Engineering: Chemistry: Technology- General: Chemistry
3 AwardsRita Charon History
19 AwardsEmmanuelle Marie Charpentier !Biology: Innovation- General: Material Sciences- General: Medicine- Sociology: Social Benefit- TechnologyPharmacology: Physics
5 AwardsJennifer Tour Chayes !Engineering: Technology- Mathematics
4 AwardsEdith Chen Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic
4 AwardsSheue-yann Cheng Endocrinology
3 AwardsNaomi Chesler Engineering: Biomedical- Mechanics- Technology
4 AwardsMichelene Chi Engineering: Biology: Cognitive- Education- Psychology
4 AwardsMary-Dell Chilton !Engineering: Agriculture- Chemistry: Computer- General
4 AwardsSallie W. Chisholm !Biology: Botany- General: Science- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsJean Chmielewski Chemistry: General: Chemistry
7 AwardsJoanne Chory !Biology: Innovation- Biology: Plant Sciences- General: Science- Genetics: Biology
3 AwardsEsther Nagn-Ling Chow Sociology
3 AwardsCharleen T. Chu GeneralPathology
3 AwardsAnne K. Churchland Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience
3 AwardsCarolyn M. Clancy #Cardiologists- Cardiothoracic Surgery- General
3 AwardsJane Clarke Biophysics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsMary Clutter Biology- Biology: Plant Sciences- Cell Biology
5 AwardsMichella Soares Coelho Physiology
3 AwardsMarlene Cohen General: ScienceNeuroscience
3 AwardsMildred Cohn !General: Chemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsAngela Colantonio Rehabilitation
3 AwardsPatricia Hill Collins Sociology
3 AwardsKathleen Collins *#Engineering: Cell Biology- Biomedical
3 AwardsKim A. Collins Pathology
15 AwardsRita R. Colwell !Engineering: Biology- Biology: Plant Sciences- Water- Geology: Geophysics: Geoscience- Microbiology
4 AwardsLillian Comas-Diaz Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
3 AwardsMartha Constantine-Paton General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsLynn A. Conway *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
3 AwardsEsther M. Conwell !*Engineering: Chemistry: General
3 AwardsMolly Cooke #Internal Medicine: General
3 AwardsLisa A. Cooper #Public Health
5 AwardsKizzmekia Corbett General
3 AwardsMaura Colleton Corbett Engineering: General
4 AwardsMinerva Cordero-Epperson Mathematics
3 AwardsKelly M. Cordoro Dermatology
3 AwardsFrance Anne Cordova Physics
3 AwardsBarbara E. Corkey General: ChemistryDiabetes- Endocrinology: Obesity
3 AwardsJamie M. Cornelius Comparative: Comparative Biology- Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsStephanie Correa Endocrinology: Neuroscience- General: Biomedical- Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsMile Corrigan Engineering: General
5 AwardsJulia Cort General
4 AwardsCorinna Cortes Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences
3 AwardsSuzanne Cory !Engineering: General: Biomedical- General: General: Material Sciences
5 AwardsPascale Cossart #General: Material Sciences- General: Science- Microbiology- Molecular Biology
4 AwardsLisa M. Coussens NuclearOncology- Oncology: Breast
3 AwardsVicki J. Cowart Geology- Geology: Geoscience
3 AwardsRebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch Engineering: General
4 AwardsDebbie C. Crans Chemistry: General
6 AwardsMelanie G. Cree Physiology
3 AwardsMolly Crockett Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsJanice Cuny Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
5 AwardsJennifer Sinclair Curtis Engineering: Comparative: Comparative Biology- Chemistry- Education
3 AwardsSusan Cutter Geoography: Geography- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsGabriella D'Arcangelo Epilepsy
3 AwardsGretchen Daily Sociology: Social Benefit
3 AwardsNika Danial Epilepsy
3 AwardsJessica Henderson Daniel Psychology- Psychology: TeachingGeneral
3 AwardsJane Zimmer Daniels Engineering: Communications- GeneralMarine Sciences
4 AwardsMarcetta York Darensbourg !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
17 AwardsIngrid Daubechies !*Engineering: General: Material Sciences- General: Science- Mathematics- Sociology: Social Benefit
3 AwardsMarie Davidian Mathematics: StatisticsGenetics: Statistics
5 AwardsNancy E. Davidson #Oncology- Oncology: Breast
4 AwardsWendy J. Davidson Geology
3 AwardsHelen Davies MicrobiologyGeneral
3 AwardsTeresa Davis Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
4 AwardsMargaret Bryan Davis !Biology: Botany- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Ecology: Zoology
4 AwardsKaren Davis #Engineering: EducationEducation: Health Care- General
3 AwardsJessica G. Davis Agronomy: AgricultureHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics
4 AwardsRebekah Dawson Astronomy
3 AwardsVivian Dayeh Engineering: Biomedical
10 AwardsTitia de Lange #Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Innovation- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
3 AwardsAndrea de Leon General
3 AwardsConsuelo M. De Moraes Entomology
3 AwardsDonna Joyce Dean General
4 AwardsCaroline Dean Chemistry: Biochemistry- General: Material Sciences- Molecular Biology
4 AwardsCatherine D. DeAngelis #History- Pediatrics
3 AwardsKay Deaux Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsDiana DeGette Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsDeborah P. Delmer  !Biology: Plant Sciences- Chemistry: General
3 AwardsJillian Dempsey Chemistry: STEM: Photochemistry
3 AwardsLiang Deng Dermatology
5 AwardsFlorence L. Denmark Psychology
3 AwardsDenice D. Denton Engineering: EducationMarine Sciences
3 AwardsClara Deser !Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsMarie desJardins Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
4 AwardsPatricia G. Devine Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
3 AwardsStephanie DeWitt-Orr Engineering: Biomedical
4 AwardsLisa Diamond Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsSandra Díaz General: Science
7 AwardsJennifer Dionne Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Technology- Optics
3 AwardsAnne Marie Dixon Engineering: Geology
3 AwardsNga Do Chemistry: General
3 AwardsErin Dolan Biology: Plant Sciences- Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsDana Dolinoy Nutrition
5 AwardsSarah S. Donaldson #Oncology- Radiology
4 AwardsVy M. Dong Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsElizabeth Donner Epilepsy
3 AwardsBarbara B. Doonan Engineering: Biomedical
3 AwardsBarbara Doornink Engineering: General
34 AwardsJennifer A. Doudna !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Biomedical- General: Material Sciences- General: Medicine- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology- Technology: LawClinical Chemistry- Dermatology- Oncology- Pharmacology: Physics
6 AwardsAllison J. Doupe Biology: Biomedical- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience
3 AwardsFiona Doyle *Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology
3 AwardsAbigail G. Doyle Chemistry: General
4 AwardsMaryAnne Drake Agriculture: Animal Husbandry
3 AwardsCatherine Drennan Biology: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
16 AwardsMildred S. Dresselhaus !*Engineering: Chemistry: Computer- Material Sciences- Mineralogy- General: Material Sciences- General: Nuclear- Physics
3 AwardsMary L. Droser Biology: Paleontology
3 AwardsEllen M. Druffel !Geophysics: Geoscience- Oceanography: Limnology
5 AwardsEsther Duflo !Economics: Economic- General
9 AwardsCatherine Dulac Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience: Brain
3 AwardsSophie Dumont Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Cell Biology
8 AwardsBonnie J. Dunbar *Engineering: Computer- Education- General
3 AwardsPamela Duncan Cardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsChristine M. Dunham General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsHarriet P. Dustan Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
3 AwardsEmily H. DuVal Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Ornithoology: Biology
8 AwardsCarol Dweck General: Science- Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsJohanna Dwyer #Nutrition- Psychology: Social Science
5 AwardsPatricia A. D’Amore Biology: Vascular- Opthalmology: MedicineOpthalmology- Pathology
7 AwardsAlice Eagly Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsConnie Eaves HematologySTEM Molecular Biology: Stem Cell Research
3 AwardsJennifer Eberhardt General: Science- Psychology
6 AwardsLivia S. Eberlin Chemistry: General: Material SciencesClinical Chemistry
6 AwardsJacquelynne Eccles Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
6 AwardsDeborah Echtenkamp 
3 AwardsMarian Wright Edelman #Psychology: Social SciencePsychiatry- Public Health
4 AwardsHelen T. Edwards *General: Nuclear- Physics- Technology: Medicine
5 AwardsKathryn Edwards #Infectious Diseases- Pediatrics
5 AwardsChristine A. Ehlig-Economides *Engineering: Petroleum
3 AwardsBethany L. Ehlmann Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsMelody J. Eide Dermatology
3 AwardsNaomi Eisenberger Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic
4 AwardsWafaa El-Sadr #Infectious Diseases
3 AwardsYonina C. Eldar Engineering: Mathematics
4 AwardsSarah C. R. Elgin !Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
6 AwardsGertrude B. Elion Engineering: Computer- TechnologyOncology
4 AwardsPhoebe Ellsworth Psychology
3 AwardsMaria Ellul Chemistry: General
4 AwardsCharis Eng #: Cancer- Endocrinology- Life Sciences- Oncology
3 AwardsSarah England Engineering: Technology- General: BiomedicalGynecology:
5 AwardsChristie G. Enke Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
4 AwardsElza Erkip Engineering: Communications- General
3 AwardsTami A. Erwin Engineering: General
4 AwardsMary K. Estes #MicrobiologyGastroenterology
3 AwardsThelma Estrin Engineering: Computer- General
5 AwardsDeborah Estrin *Engineering: Computer- Computer Sciences- Technology
3 AwardsJan Eudy Engineering: Geology
3 AwardsSusan M. Evans Engineering: Physiology
3 AwardsKatherine T. Faber Engineering: General
7 AwardsSandra M. Faber !Astronomy- General
3 AwardsAdrienne Fairhall Biophysics- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience
4 AwardsMartha Farah General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology
5 AwardsMarilyn Farquhar !Biology: Biomedical- Cell BiologyNephrology- Pathology
4 AwardsStephanie Farrell Engineering: Education
3 AwardsYasaman Farzan General: Medicine- Physics- Physics: Research
5 AwardsNina V Fedoroff !Biology: Plant Sciences- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General:
4 AwardsElaine B. Feldman NutritionCardiac and Stroke- General
4 AwardsCatherine C. Fenselau Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsBetty Ferrell #: Cancer- Medicine: Palliative- Oncology
6 AwardsCarol Fierke Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsBarbara A. Filas Engineering: Minerology
4 AwardsRuth-Marie E. (Rhee) Fincher General
4 AwardsMichelle Fine Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsAmy Finkelstein !#Economics: EconomicGeneral
4 AwardsBarbara J. Finlayson-Pitts !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsKathleen S Fisher Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences
13 AwardsSusan Fiske !Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsBrooke Flammang Comparative: Comparative Biology
7 AwardsEdith M. Flanigen *Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - General: Chemistry- Technology- Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsErica Flapan Mathematics
3 AwardsSally Floyd Engineering: Communications
3 AwardsEdna B. Foa Psychology
7 AwardsKathleen M. Foley #Medicine: Palliative- Neurology: Neuroscience- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsJoss Fong General
4 AwardsMargaret Foti Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsEfi Foufoula-Georgiou *Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
7 AwardsJoanna S. Fowler !Chemistry: General: Nuclear- General: ScienceNuclear Medicine
9 AwardsMarye Anne Fox !Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsEllen Frank #PsychologyMental Health- Psychiatry
3 AwardsVanessa Franssens Engineering: Biomedical
5 AwardsClaire M. Fraser #Engineering: General: Nuclear- Microbiology
3 AwardsAdediwura Fred-Jaiyesimi GeneralPathology: Immunogenetics
4 AwardsHelen Murray Free Chemistry: General - Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsWendy L. Freedman !Astronomy- General
6 AwardsKatherine H. Freeman Chemistry: Geochemisty- General: Science- Geology
3 AwardsKatherine Freese !Astronomy- Physics
4 AwardsCatherine E. French Engineering: Civil- Material Science:
3 AwardsLinda Fried #Geriatrics- History
3 AwardsSarah Friedman Comparative: Comparative Biology- Psychology
5 AwardsCynthia M. Friend !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsJudith Frydman !Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
22 AwardsElaine V. Fuchs !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: - General: Material Sciences- General: Medicine- General: ScienceAnatomy- Genetics- Oncology- STEM : Stem Cell Research
3 AwardsMayumi Fujita Dermatology
4 AwardsTerry T. Fulmer #Geriatrics
3 AwardsPatricia A. Gabow General
3 AwardsMichaela Gack Microbiology
3 AwardsAnne M. Gaffney Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
5 AwardsKaren Gale Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceEpilepsy- Pharmacology
3 AwardsGiulia Galli !Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
3 AwardsEilene Galloway Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy
3 AwardsAdriana Galván General: Science- Psychology
3 AwardsElisabeth Gantt !Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences- General: Science
4 AwardsPatricia A. Ganz #Psychology: PsychomomaticOncology
3 AwardsJudy A. Garber Psychology- Psychology: Social ScienceOncology: Cancer
3 AwardsKathy Gardner Neurology: Neuroscience
3 AwardsBarbara J. Garrison Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum
3 AwardsCarmala N. Garzione Geology
4 AwardsAlice P. Gast *Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General: Science
3 AwardsIsabel Gauthier General: Science- Psychology
4 AwardsMichele J. Gelfand !Psychology: Social Science
6 AwardsMargaret Geller !Astronomy- General: Science- Physics
3 AwardsRochel Gelman !Psychology
6 AwardsSusan Gelman Psychology
3 AwardsSusan Gerbi Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology
3 AwardsRachel Germain Biology: Botany- Ecology: Zoology- Geology: General
5 AwardsMorton Ann Gernsbacher Psychology
4 AwardsAnne A. Gershon Infectious Diseases- Pharmacology- Virology
3 AwardsLarisa J. Geskin Dermatology
6 AwardsAndrea Mia Ghez !Astronomy- Physics
4 AwardsKathleen Giacomini #Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Pharmacology: General
5 AwardsLila M. Gierasch !Biophysics- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsMary Knebel Gillespie Engineering: General
3 AwardsMelissa Gilliam #Obstetrics/Gynecology
3 AwardsAmy Gilliam Dermatology
4 AwardsMaria Gini Engineering: Computer Sciences- Information Technology
6 AwardsLinda C. Giudice #Gynecology: - Reproductive Fertility
3 AwardsJennifer Glass Sociology
4 AwardsLila R. Gleitman !Biology: Cognitive- Psychology
12 AwardsLaurie Glimcher !#Biology: Biomedical- General: Material SciencesCardiothoracic Surgery- Engineering- Immunology- Oncology: Cancer- Rhumatology
4 AwardsSharon C. Glotzer *Engineering: Chemistry- Material Sciences- Physics
4 AwardsClaudia Goldin !Economics: Economic- Sociology: Social Benefit
4 AwardsSusan Goldin-Meadow !Biology: Cognitive- Psychology
3 AwardsAlica M. Goldman Epilepsy
3 AwardsPatricia S. Goldman-Rakic PsychologyMental Health
5 AwardsPatricia Goldman-Rakic General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health
3 AwardsMillicent Goldschmidt Microbiology
8 AwardsAndrea Goldsmith *Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences
5 AwardsShafi Goldwasser !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Sociology: Social Benefit
5 AwardsRoberta Golinkoff Psychology
3 AwardsCarla P. Gomes Engineering: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsAna Gomez Microbiology
5 AwardsGabriela Gonzalez !Astronomy- General: Science- Physics
13 AwardsMary L. Good *Engineering: Biology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry: General - Education- Mineralogy- General: Chemistry
8 AwardsJane Goodall General: Environmental health
4 AwardsLinda Gooden Engineering: General: Communications
3 AwardsMiriam Goodman Biophysics- GeneralNeuroscience
5 AwardsGail Goodman PsychologyForensic
4 AwardsCynthia Goodman Engineering: Biomedical
3 AwardsCarolyn Gordon Mathematics
5 AwardsCatherine M. Gordon Adolescent Medicine- Public Health
5 AwardsSusan Gottesman !General: Science- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
10 AwardsJudith V. Grabiner Mathematics
3 AwardsClarisa Gracia Obstetrics/Gynecology- Reproductive Fertility
4 AwardsViviana Gradinaru Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral: Pharmacology
3 AwardsKathleen Grady PsychologyCardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsFrances K. Graham !Psychology
4 AwardsSusan L Graham *Engineering: Computer Sciences
5 AwardsChristine S. Grant Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Communications- General
3 AwardsJeanette A. Grasselli Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsJeanette Grasselli-Brown Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
4 AwardsVicki H. Grassian Chemistry: General
6 AwardsAnn M. Graybiel !#GeneralMental Health
4 AwardsValentina Greco Cell BiologyDermatology- STEM : Stem Cell Research
5 AwardsBeverly Greene Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
4 AwardsPatricia Marks Greenfield Psychology- Psychology: Teaching
4 AwardsJulia Greer Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Technology
15 AwardsCarol W. Greider !#General: Biomedical- General: Science- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryDermatology- History- Oncology
3 AwardsRobbie Rice Gries Engineering: Petroleum
4 AwardsDiane E. Griffin !#Biology: Biomedical- MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases- Virology
3 AwardsAngela J. Grippo Physiology- Psychology
6 AwardsAngela M. Gronenborn !Biophysics- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
4 AwardsAnn Gronowski Clinical Chemistry
4 AwardsCarol A. Gross !General: Science- Microbiology
4 AwardsAndrea Grottoli Chemistry: Geochemisty- Coral Reefs: - Geophysics: Geoscience- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsMary Guinan History
3 AwardsTheresa A. Guise Public Health
4 AwardsMartha Gulati Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- Cardiologists:
5 AwardsMegan Gunnar Psychology
4 AwardsRaquel E. Gur #Mental Health- Psychiatry
3 AwardsChristine Guthrie !Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsEmma Guttman Dermatology
3 AwardsTanYa M. Gwathmey PhysiologyAndrology
4 AwardsSossina Haile Engineering: Chemistry: General - Mineralogy
3 AwardsKristina Hakansson Biology: Biomedical- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsSarah Hake Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences
4 AwardsNaomi Halas *Chemistry: Physics
3 AwardsElissa A. Hallem Biology: BiomedicalNeuroscience
3 AwardsDiane Halpern Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsBeatrix Hamburg #Psychology: Social ScienceMental Health
4 AwardsMargaret A. Hamburg #Cardiologists: - History
4 AwardsHeidi E. Hamm Molecular Biology: BiochemistryMental Health- Pharmacology
4 AwardsHeidi Hammel Astronomy
5 AwardsSharon Hammes-Schiffer Biophysics- Chemistry- General: Chemistry
7 AwardsPaula Hammond !*#Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- Material Sciences- Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsJo Handelsman Biology- Biology: Developmental - Microbiology
5 AwardsCarol Handwerker Engineering: Mineralogy
3 AwardsPhyllis Hanson Biology: Biomedical- GeneralNeuroscience
3 AwardsKathleen Mullan Harris Sociology
3 AwardsJeanne Elizabeth Harris Engineering: Petroleum- Geoscience
3 AwardsKim Harris-Jones Engineering: Computer- General: Science
3 AwardsFiona A. Harrison Astronomy- Physics
3 AwardsDenise Hart Engineering: General
3 AwardsTayyaba Hasan Physics: OpticsGeneral
9 AwardsFlorence P. Haseltine #GeneralHistory- Oncology- Reproductive Fertility
4 AwardsDede Haskins Engineering: General
3 AwardsDeanna Haunsperger Mathematics
4 AwardsElizabeth Hay !Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental - Cell BiologyAnatomy
3 AwardsManajit Hayer-Hartl Biology: Plant Sciences- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsChristy L. Haynes Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics
3 AwardsBernadine P. Healy Cardiologists- General
3 AwardsMichelle Hebl Engineering: Communications- General
4 AwardsAmy Heimberger Neuro-Surgeons
3 AwardsYolanda R. Helfrich Dermatology
3 AwardsJanet Helms Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsDeb Hennessy Engineering: General
5 AwardsE. Mavis Hetherington Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsHelen V. Hickman Geology
3 AwardsWhitney A. High Dermatology
5 AwardsPamela Hinds 
3 AwardsCandice Hirsch Agriculture- Agronomy: Agriculture- Botony: Maize
7 AwardsHelen H. Hobbs #Engineering: Biology: Innovation- Petroleum- General: BiomedicalCardiac and Stroke- Engineering- Life Sciences- Mental Health
3 AwardsJudith Hochman Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
5 AwardsMarilyn Hockenberry-Eaton 
6 AwardsDarleane C. Hoffman Engineering: Chemistry: Computer- General
3 AwardsBrigid Hogan !#Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental
3 AwardsKristin A. Hogquist Biology: BiomedicalImmunology
3 AwardsBeth Holloway Engineering: Communications- Education
3 AwardsElizabeth Holm Engineering: Mineralogy
5 AwardsSarah Holt General
4 AwardsOlga Holtz Mathematics
4 AwardsMei Hong Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsCasey Hooke 
6 AwardsNancy Hopkins !#General: Biomedical- Microbiology- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMarine Sciences- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsGrace Murray Hopper Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsSarah Horst Astronomy- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geophysics: Geoscience
8 AwardsSusan B. Horwitz !#General: MedicineOncology- Oncology: Cancer- Oncology: Cancer Research- Pharmacology
3 AwardsBarbara A. Horwitz Physiology
5 AwardsAyanna Howard Engineering: Computer Sciences- Robotics- Technology
3 AwardsMartha M. Howe Microbiology
3 AwardsHedvig Hricak #Radiology- Urology
3 AwardsJenny Hsieh Epilepsy
3 AwardsLinda C. Hsieh-Wilson Chemistry: General
4 AwardsEvelyn L. Hu *Engineering: General
6 AwardsSally Huber Cardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsMarilyn A. Huestis General: Forensic
3 AwardsRhonda J. Hughes Mathematics
5 AwardsCarolyn Huntoon Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics
3 AwardsLucille S. Hurley Nutrition
3 AwardsKay Bailey Hutchison Engineering: Astronomy- Biomedical Oncology
3 AwardsJanellen Huttenlocher Psychology
7 AwardsJanet Shibley Hyde Psychology
3 AwardsBarbara Imperiali Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsSharon K. Inouye #Geriatrics
6 AwardsMary Jane Irwin *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
3 AwardsLori Isom #Epilepsy
3 AwardsAkiko Iwasaki !MicrobiologyImmunology
3 AwardsKristen Lynn Jablonski Physiology
7 AwardsShirley Ann Jackson *Engineering: Biology- Computer- Education- Physics
4 AwardsMarilyn E. Jacox Chemistry: Optics
3 AwardsElaine Jaffe #HematologyPathology
3 AwardsJudith James Engineering- Rhumatology
3 AwardsFrances Crews James Ecology: Zoology- Ornithoology: Biology
6 AwardsLeah Jamieson *Engineering: Education- Technology
4 AwardsKay Jamison Mental Health
6 AwardsLily Jan !General: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health- Neuroscience: Brain
3 AwardsMae C. Jemison #Chemistry: GeneralGeneral
3 AwardsRenee R. Jenkins #Adolescent Medicine- Pediatrics
3 AwardsJo Ann Jenkins Engineering: General
3 AwardsF. Suzanne Jenniches Engineering: General
3 AwardsMary Lou Jepsen Engineering: Computer- Technology- Optics
8 AwardsDeborah S. Jin General: Material Sciences- General: Science- Physics
5 AwardsMarcia K. Johnson Psychology
4 AwardsKristina M Johnson *Engineering: Computer- Technology
3 AwardsPeggy A. Johnson Engineering: Civil
3 AwardsAshanti Johnson Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsPaula Johnson #Cardiologists: - History
3 AwardsOlga Jonasson General
4 AwardsAnita K. Jones *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
3 AwardsLeemor Joshua-Tor !Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsCigall Kadoch Cell Biology- GeneralGeneral: Technology
4 AwardsBarbara B. Kahn !#Biology: BiomedicalDiabetes- Life Sciences
3 AwardsUrsula Kaiser Life Sciences
3 AwardsSara A. Kaiser Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsEugenia Kalnay *Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsVassiliki Kalogera !Astronomy- Physics
3 AwardsRuth Kanfer Psychology
3 AwardsJingqiong Kang Epilepsy
4 AwardsNancy G. Kanwisher Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Science- Psychology
14 AwardsKatalin Karikó 
4 AwardsIsabella L. Karle !Chemistry: General - General: Science
3 AwardsVictoria M. Kaspi Engineering: Astronomy- General
3 AwardsMiriam Kastner Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsDina Katabi *Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences
3 AwardsTamiko Katsumoto Rhumatology
4 AwardsBenita S. Katzenellenbogen Chemistry: GeneralLife Sciences- Oncology: Breast
3 AwardsDaniela Kaufer Epilepsy
3 AwardsCarol Kauffman Infectious Diseases
4 AwardsSusan Kauzlarich Chemistry: General: Chemistry
6 AwardsLydia Kavraki #Engineering: Computer Sciences- Robotics- Technology
3 AwardsKimberlee Kearfott NuclearNuclear Medicine
4 AwardsSarah Keller Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
5 AwardsUrsula Keller !Engineering: Optics- Physics: Optics
3 AwardsPatricia Kelley Biology: Paleontology- Geoscience
3 AwardsShana O. Kelley Engineering: Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsElizabeth Kensinger Biology: Biomedical- Psychology
6 AwardsCynthia J. Kenyon !#Biology: Biomedical- GeneralGeneral
5 AwardsEllen D. Ketterson Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Comparative: Comparative Biology- Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsLisa J. Kewley !Astronomy- General: Science
5 AwardsBarbara Keyfitz Mathematics
4 AwardsSusan M. Kidwell Biology: Paleontology- General: Science- Geology
3 AwardsSusan Werner Kieffer !Geology
9 AwardsLaura L. Kiessling !Chemistry- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsMyrna M. Killey Geology
4 AwardsCharlotte Kilstrup-Nielsen Developmental Biology: Embryology
3 AwardsEllen J. Kim Dermatology
26 AwardsMary-Claire King !#Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: BiomedicalDermatology- History- Human Genetics- Mental Health- Oncology- Oncology: Breast- Oncology: Cancer- Oncology: Cancer Research
3 AwardsMarjorie King Cardiac - Pulmonary
4 AwardsEden King Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsJaqueline Kiplinger Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsRuth Kirschstein Biology: Biomedical- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsMargaret Kivelson !Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsMaria Klawe Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
4 AwardsRachel Klevit !Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsAnne Klibanski Life Sciences
4 AwardsJudith P. Klinman !Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsRosemary Knight Engineering: Environmenal- Geoscience: Geophysics
3 AwardsNancy Knowlton General
3 AwardsKaren Knudsen Life Sciences- Urology
3 AwardsKara M. Kockelman Engineering: Civil
3 AwardsJane E. Koehler Engineering: Biomedical- MicrobiologyInfectious Diseases
6 AwardsJessica Elzea Kogel *Engineering: Minerology
4 AwardsElizabeth Kolbert Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsDaphne Koller *Engineering: Computer SciencesRhumatology
5 AwardsNancy Kopell !Mathematics- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
3 AwardsYael Korin General: Technology
3 AwardsChryssa Kouveliotou !Astronomy
3 AwardsBryna Kra !Mathematics
3 AwardsMilena Krasich Engineering: Geology
3 AwardsNancy F. Krebs Nutrition
4 AwardsMargaret L. Kripke Biology: Photo-BiologyAdministration- Dermatology
3 AwardsPenny Kris-Etherton Nutrition
3 AwardsDaniela Kroshinsky Dermatology
3 AwardsAnna Krylov Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Physics
3 AwardsValerie J. Kuck Chemistry: General
3 AwardsPatricia K. Kuhl *Engineering: Chemistry- Psychology
3 AwardsRoberta Kwok Geophysics: Geoscience
6 AwardsStephanie L. Kwolek *Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Computer- Technology- Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsAnne L'Huillier !General: Material Sciences- Technology: General
3 AwardsDeborah A. Lafond 
6 AwardsDolores Lamb Andrology- Life Sciences- Reproductive Fertility- Urology
3 AwardsSusan Landau Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology- General
3 AwardsLorraine Landfried Engineering: General
3 AwardsWendy Landier 
4 AwardsSusan M. Landon Engineering: Petroleum- Geology
3 AwardsLaura F. Landweber General
4 AwardsEllen J. Langer Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsCynthia K. Larive Chemistry: General
4 AwardsJanine M. LaSalle Developmental Biology: Embryology
3 AwardsDebra Lynn Laskin Pharmacology: Toxicology
3 AwardsJulia Laskin Engineering: Electrical- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsLaurie Lawrence Agriculture: Equine
3 AwardsDuy-Loan T. Le Engineering: Computer- Technology- General: Communications
5 AwardsNicole Le Douarin !#Biology: Developmental - General: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
5 AwardsVirginia M.-Y. Lee #Biology: InnovationNeurology: Neuroscience
3 AwardsJeannie T. Lee General: Science
3 AwardsEllen C. Lee Engineering: Chemistry: GeneralMental Health
4 AwardsSusan Leeman !Biology: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceLife Sciences
3 AwardsCristine Legare Psychology
4 AwardsRuth Lehmann !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology
3 AwardsPeggy Lemaux Engineering: Biology: Plant Sciences- Biomedical
3 AwardsSuzanne M. Lenhart Mathematics
6 AwardsZafra M. Lerman Chemistry: Physics
3 AwardsNancy G. Leveson *Engineering: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsEmily Levesque Astronomy
9 AwardsRita Levi-Montalcini !Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Technology: GeneralOncology: Cancer
4 AwardsBecca Levy Geriatrics
5 AwardsJennifer A. Lewis !*Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Mineralogy
3 AwardsLi Li Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mineralogy- Technology
3 AwardsXin Li Human Genetics- Urology
3 AwardsFang Li Engineering: ChemistryPathology- Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsMing Li Mathematics: StatisticsImmunology
3 AwardsLinda Liau #Neuro-Surgeons
4 AwardsAlice H. Lichtenstein NutritionCardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsNanette J. Liegeois Dermatology
4 AwardsAngie Lienert Engineering: General
3 AwardsFrances S. Ligler *Engineering: Chemistry:
4 AwardsChristine F. Lilek Geology
3 AwardsMarybeth Lima Engineering: Agriculture- Education
3 AwardsJacqueline Limberg Physiology
4 AwardsLee E. Limbird Mental Health- Pharmacology
3 AwardsXihong Lin #Mathematics: StatisticsGenetics: Statistics
4 AwardsNing Lin Geophysics: Geoscience
15 AwardsSusan Lindquist !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- Chemistry: Ecology: Computer Sciences- General: - Genetics: Biology- Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsSarah Hoffmann Lindsey PhysiologyPharmacology
3 AwardsEleni Linos Dermatology
4 AwardsJennifer Lippincott-Schwartz !#Biophysics- Cell Biology- General
4 AwardsMichal Lipson !Engineering: General: Science
3 AwardsSarah H. Lisanby Mental Health- Neuropharmacology:
3 AwardsPolina Lishko BiophysicsAndrology
4 AwardsBarbara H. Liskov *Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
4 AwardsYan Liu Engineering: TechnologyPublic Health
4 AwardsElizabeth W. Loder Neurology: Headaches
6 AwardsElizabeth Loftus !PsychologyForensic
4 AwardsSharon Long !Biology: Plant Sciences- General: ScienceEducation: Health Care
5 AwardsSusan M. Lord Engineering: Communications- Education
4 AwardsCatherine Lord #PsychologyGeneral
3 AwardsDeborah Loudon Engineering: General
3 AwardsGuillermina Lozano !#Cell BiologyOncology
12 AwardsJane Lubchenco !Engineering: Biology- Ecology: Zoology- Computer- General: Environmental health- General: Science- Sociology: Social Benefit
3 AwardsRuth Watson Lubic #Public Health
3 AwardsKarolin Luger !Biology: Biomedical- BiophysicsDevelopmental Biology: Embryology
5 AwardsKaren R. Lui Cardiac - Pulmonary
6 AwardsSusan M. Lunte Chemistry: Physics- General: ChemistryPharmacology
3 AwardsJoanne Lupton #NutritionCardiologists:
3 AwardsNicole Lurie #Education: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
3 AwardsMarguerete Luter Engineering: General
3 AwardsEsther Lutgens GeneralCardiac and Stroke
4 AwardsJane Luu Astronomy- General
6 AwardsMary F. Lyon !General: BiomedicalGenetics- Human Geneicw: Human Genetics
5 AwardsEleanor E. Maccoby !#Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsGina MacDonald Biophysics- Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsCrystal L. Mackall Dermatology
7 AwardsLynnette Madsen  Engineering: Communications- Mineralogy- Vacuum
3 AwardsNancy Makri General: Chemistry
3 AwardsNilufar Mamadalieva General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsBelinda Mandrell 
4 AwardsJoAnn Manson #Cardiac and Stroke- Oncology
3 AwardsMichele Manuel Engineering: Mineralogy
3 AwardsBharti Manwani General: Biomedical
3 AwardsLynda V. Mapes General
3 AwardsAnna K. Mapp Chemistry: Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
7 AwardsLynne Maquat !#Biology: Biomedical- General: Biomedical- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
8 AwardsEve Marder !#Biophysics- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
4 AwardsLynn Margulis Biology- Ecology: Computer Sciences- General
3 AwardsRamalatha Marimuthu Engineering: TechnologyEmergency Medicine- Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsMia K. Markey Engineering: EducationInformatics
4 AwardsHazel R. Markus Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsSusan Marqusee Biophysics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
7 AwardsPhilippa Marrack !#General: - General: Biomedical- General: Material SciencesImmunology
4 AwardsCora Marrett, SociologyOncology
3 AwardsSusan H. Marshall Mathematics
4 AwardsKelsey C. Martin #GeneralMental Health- Neuroscience
3 AwardsGail R. Martin !Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental - General: Biomedical
4 AwardsSophie G. Martin Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Molecular Biology
3 AwardsJulie P Martin Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsMargaret Martonosi *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
4 AwardsCynthia A. Maryanoff Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General
3 AwardsNadya Mason !Engineering: Technology- Physics
3 AwardsMara Mather PsychologyGeriatrics
3 AwardsPamela Matson !Ecology: ZoologyAdolescent Medicine
4 AwardsKaren Matthews #Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic
3 AwardsHelen S. Mayberg #Psychology: PsychomomaticMental Health
3 AwardsAnne M. Mayes Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- Physics
4 AwardsElizabeth McAnarney #Adolescent Medicine- Pediatrics
3 AwardsKathryn A. McCarthy *Nuclear
7 AwardsBarbara McClintock Genetics: BiologyGeneral
3 AwardsSusan K. McConnell !Biology: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience
3 AwardsMarie McCormick #Pediatrics
3 AwardsMary McGrae McDermott Cardiac and Stroke- Internal Medicine: General
4 AwardsDusa McDuff !Mathematics
4 AwardsUsha Lee McFarling Geophysics: Geoscience- Microbiology
3 AwardsM. A. McGuire Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Nutrition
3 AwardsDiane McKnight *Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsAnne McLaren Biology: Developmental - General: Material SciencesGenetics
3 AwardsMaria E. McNamara Palaeontology
5 AwardsMarcia McNutt *Chemistry: Biotechnology- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsPaulette McRae Epilepsy
3 AwardsAnna Meadows Oncology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer
5 AwardsMuriel Medard Engineering: Communications
4 AwardsDiane E. Meier #Medicine: Palliative
3 AwardsPamela L. Mellon Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceLife Sciences
3 AwardsCarolyn C. Meltzer Neuroradiology: Neuroscience- Radiology
4 AwardsCarole R. Mendelson Gynecology: - Life Sciences
5 AwardsSabeeha Merchant Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences- General: Science
3 AwardsC. Noel Bairey Merz Cardiologists
3 AwardsBarbara J. Meyer !#Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology
3 AwardsMathy Mezey Geriatrics
3 AwardsEvangelia Micheli-Tzanakou Engineering: Computer Sciences- General
3 AwardsFranziska Michor Biology: Evolution- GeneralOncology
3 AwardsCatherine H. Middlecamp Chemistry: General
4 AwardsBarbara Mikulski Engineering: Astronomy- Biomedical General
3 AwardsJocelyn Millar Entomology
4 AwardsJeanne Miller General
3 AwardsMelissa Miller MicrobiologyVirology
4 AwardsVirginia Miller Cardiologists: - Pharmacology
11 AwardsBrenda Milner !General: Biomedical- General: Science- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceEpilepsy- Mental Health
5 AwardsBeatrice Mintz !General: Biomedical- Genetics: BiologyGenetics- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsMaryam Mirzakhani Mathematics
3 AwardsTerrie E. Moffitt #PsychologyMental Health
3 AwardsS. Richelle Monaghan Engineering: Biomedical
3 AwardsKaren A. Monsen Public Health
3 AwardsIsabel Montañez !Geology
5 AwardsKathryn J. Moore !Cardiac and Stroke- General
5 AwardsKelly Moore Engineering: General
4 AwardsNancy A. Moran !Geology: General
5 AwardsCathleen Morawetz !Mathematics
3 AwardsDonna Morea Engineering: General
3 AwardsJosephine A. Morello Microbiology
3 AwardsMarilyn E. Morris Pharmacology
3 AwardsSally C. Morton Mathematics: StatisticsEducation: Health Care- Genetics: Statistics
3 AwardsLori Jean Mosca Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
3 AwardsMay-Britt Moser #General
3 AwardsEllen Mosley-Thompson !General
4 AwardsMartha Muñoz Comparative: Comparative Biology- Geology: General
6 AwardsMargaret Mary Murnane !Chemistry: Optics- Physics
5 AwardsCatherine J. Murphy !Engineering: Chemistry: Material Sciences- General: Chemistry
3 AwardsSusan L. Murphy Rhumatology
3 AwardsGail Murphy Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsSharon B. Murphy Oncology- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer
4 AwardsColeen Murphy Cell Biology- GeneralNeuroscience
5 AwardsBarbara H. Murphy Geology- Geology: General
3 AwardsJudy Murphy Informatics
4 AwardsCherry A. Murray !*Biology- Physics- Technology: Medicine
4 AwardsDeirdre Murray Engineering: General
3 AwardsAnne M. Murray Geology
5 AwardsElizabeth G. Nabel #Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
5 AwardsCarol C. Nadelson History- Psychiatry
3 AwardsJanice Naegele Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceEpilepsy
3 AwardsHiroko Nagahara Astronomy: Meteorology- General: Science
3 AwardsKlara Nahrstedt Engineering: Communications- Computer Sciences
5 AwardsJ. Madeleine Nash Geophysics: Geoscience
9 AwardsAlexandra Navrotsky !Chemistry: Geochemisty- Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsMary D. Naylor #Education: Health Care- Geriatrics
3 AwardsMaiken Nedergaard GeneralEpilepsy
4 AwardsDeborah Nelson General
4 AwardsPriscilla P. Nelson Engineering: Geology: Mineralogy
3 AwardsSharon D. Nelson Engineering: General
4 AwardsCeleste Nelson Engineering: Biomedical- Chemistry- Technology- General: Chemistry
5 AwardsElizabeth F. Neufeld !#GeneralGeneral
4 AwardsMarcia Neugebauer Engineering: Astronomy- Computer- General: Science
4 AwardsEva Neumann Engineering: General
4 AwardsMaria I. New !#Life Sciences
6 AwardsNora Newcombe Psychology
4 AwardsDianne K. Newman !General: Science- Microbiology
3 AwardsElissa L. Newport !Engineering: Chemistry- Psychology
4 AwardsAlexandra C. Newton Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryPharmacology
4 AwardsElisabeth G. Newton Geology
3 AwardsJane Nicholson Pathology: Immunogenetics- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development
5 AwardsMichelle Nijhuis Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsJudith Nitsch Engineering: Civil- General
6 AwardsEva Nogales Biophysics- Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsSusan Nolen-Hoeksema Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
3 AwardsKatharyn Nottis Engineering: Chemistry- Education
3 AwardsJulia Nowak Biology: Botany
3 AwardsPatricia Joy Numann General
4 AwardsRuth Nussenzweig #General: MedicineMicrobiology: Virology- Pharmacology
3 AwardsMary Jo Nye Chemistry: Biotechnology- Physics
8 AwardsChristiane Nüsslein-Volhard !Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- GeneralOncology
3 AwardsJeanne O'Kelley Engineering: General
3 AwardsErin O'Shea !Cell Biology- General: Science- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsBarbara A. Oakley Engineering: Education
3 AwardsCandice Odgers PsychologyForensic
4 AwardsTeri Odom Engineering: Chemistry- Chemistry: Material Sciences- General
3 AwardsSusan Olesik Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsNuria Oliver Engineering: Computer Sciences
4 AwardsOfelia Olivero General
4 AwardsOlufunmilayo I. Olopade #Oncology
7 AwardsSuzanne Oparil #PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
3 AwardsElaine S. Oran *Engineering: Computer- Physics
3 AwardsColleen Oresky Engineering: General
5 AwardsJanet Osteryoung Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: Chemistry: Physics- General: Chemistry
4 AwardsElinor Ostrom Ecology: Zoology- General: Science
4 AwardsUmit Ozkan Engineering: Chemistry: Chemistry- General
3 AwardsLauren O’Connell Endocrinology: Neuroscience- General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsMargaret Ann Palmer Ecology: Zoology- Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsKaren Panetta Engineering: Technology- General
4 AwardsCarol A. Parish Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsLynne E. Parker Engineering: Computer Sciences- Electrical- Robotics
3 AwardsAmy Pasquinelli Biology: Biomedical- Genetics: Biology
6 AwardsManisha Patel Epilepsy
3 AwardsGail Patricelli Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science
3 AwardsRuth Patrick !Oceanography: Limnology
4 AwardsAimee S. Payne Dermatology
3 AwardsJeanne Paz GeneralEpilepsy
3 AwardsIrene C. Peden *Engineering:
6 AwardsCharlotte Pelliccia Engineering: General
4 AwardsNancy Pelosi Biology: BiomedicalGeneral
3 AwardsJeanne Pemberton Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsSallie R. Permar Pediatrics
3 AwardsEffie W. Petersdorf Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsChristine Peterson Engineering: Geology- General
5 AwardsChristine Petit #General: Material Sciences- Neuroscience: Brain
6 AwardsLinda R. Petzold *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Mathematics
3 AwardsCynthia A. Phillips Engineering: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsMarina R. Picciotto #Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral
3 AwardsNaomi Pierce Geology: General
3 AwardsStephanie Pincus Engineering: General
4 AwardsPeipi Ping Mathematics- Physiology
8 AwardsVivian W. Pinn #History
6 AwardsAsla Pitkanen Epilepsy- Pharmacology
4 AwardsFrances Fox Piven SociologyPublic Health
4 AwardsJennifer L. Pluznick Physiology- Psychology
3 AwardsNicola L. Pohl Engineering: Chemistry: Technology
6 AwardsTresa Pollock *Engineering: Mineralogy
3 AwardsKornelia Polyak Oncology
3 AwardsBrenda E. Porter Epilepsy
3 AwardsSandra Postel Engineering: General
4 AwardsMary Poulton Engineering: Minerology
4 AwardsKimberly A. Prather *Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsKerri A. Pratt Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsBetty P. Preece Engineering: Communications- Physics: Teaching
3 AwardsDaphne Preuss Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology
3 AwardsHolly G. Prigerson Medicine: Palliative
4 AwardsGail S. Prins Andrology- Urology
4 AwardsElaine D. Pulakos 
3 AwardsLaura Pulido Geoography: Geography
3 AwardsHelen Quinn !Physics- Physics: Research
3 AwardsNancy Rabalais !Oceanography: Limnology
5 AwardsSheena Radford Biophysics- Chemistry: Biochemistry- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Protein Chemisty: BiochemistryPathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsNatasha Raikhel Biology: Plant Sciences- Cell Biology
4 AwardsSarah Rajala Engineering: Education
4 AwardsNimmi Ramanujam Engineering: Technology
4 AwardsBhama Ramkhelawon Biology: Vascular- General: Material Sciences
4 AwardsLisa Randall !Physics
6 AwardsJudith Rapoport #General: MedicineMental Health- Neuroscience: Brain- Psychiatry
4 AwardsKathleen Rasmussen Nutrition
3 AwardsTeresa Ravizza Epilepsy
3 AwardsLara A. Ray Psychology- Psychology: Social ScienceNeuropharmacology: Pharmacology
3 AwardsKatey J. Rayner Cardiac and Stroke
4 AwardsBarbara M. Reed Engineering: Biomedical
5 AwardsElaine Reed Pathology: Immunogenetics
10 AwardsAviv Regev !Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Computer Sciences- General: Biology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryOncology
7 AwardsElsa Reichmanis *Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Chemistry- General
3 AwardsConstance Reid Mathematics
3 AwardsTheresa M. Reineke Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsNancy L. Reinsmoen Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsSarah Reisman Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsMary V. Relling #Oncology- Pharmacology
3 AwardsBarbara Resnick Geriatrics
4 AwardsJennifer Rexford *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Information Technology
5 AwardsAna Maria Rey : All STEM- Physics
3 AwardsValerie M. Rice #Sociology: Family StructureObstetrics/Gynecology
3 AwardsJoAnne S. Richards Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences
7 AwardsRebecca Richards-Kortum *Engineering: Biomedical- Biomedical - Education- Mechanics- Technology
5 AwardsJane Richardson !#Biophysics- General: Science- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsCarol Richardson Engineering: Education
3 AwardsJennifer Anne Richeson Psychology- Psychology: Social Science
8 AwardsGeraldine L. Richmond !Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Physics
3 AwardsLynn M. Riddiford Comparative: Comparative Biology- Entomology
3 AwardsHarriett B. Rigas Engineering: General
4 AwardsMatilda White Riley SociologyGeriatrics
3 AwardsEmilie F. Rissman Endocrinology: NeuroscienceMental Health
5 AwardsAnita Roberts Biology: Biomedical- GeneralOncology: Breast
3 AwardsElizabeth J. Robertson !Biology: Developmental - General: BiomedicalOncology
3 AwardsNora Robertson Engineering: General
3 AwardsCarolyn B. Robinowitz Psychiatry
10 AwardsCarol Robinson !Biophysics- Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: General: Material Sciences- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Molecular Biology- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsJulia Robinson Mathematics
4 AwardsAnne Robinson Engineering: Chemistry: Biology- Chemistry
3 AwardsSusan Rodger Engineering: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsElizabeth Roemer Engineering: Biomedical
4 AwardsLorna W. Role Mental Health- Neuroscience
4 AwardsDebra Rolison Chemistry: Analylic- Chemistry: General
3 AwardsAntonina Roll-Mecak Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: Material Sciences
5 AwardsBarbara J. Rolls NutritionGastroenterology
3 AwardsBarbara A. Romanowicz !Geology: Seismology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsAmy Rosenzweig !Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsHolly L. Rosenzweig General: Technology- Rhumatology
4 AwardsHillary Rosner General
3 AwardsFrances M. Ross Engineering: Material Sciences- Vacuum
6 AwardsJanet Rossant !Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- General: Material SciencesGenetics
4 AwardsMary Rothbart Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
3 AwardsJune S. Rothberg 
4 AwardsAnna Rothschild General
24 AwardsJanet D. Rowley !Engineering: General: Biomedical- General: General: Science- HematologyHuman Geneicw: Human Genetics- Oncology- Oncology: Cancer
3 AwardsDella Roy *General
3 AwardsLisa V. Rubenstein Psychology: PsychomomaticEducation: Health Care- Internal Medicine: General
7 AwardsVera C Rubin !Astronomy- General: Science
3 AwardsKathy Ruccione 
3 AwardsRoberta Rudnick Geology: Mineralology Petrology- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsDaniela L. Rus *Engineering: Robotics
4 AwardsShelley Russek Epilepsy
3 AwardsPardis Christine Sabeti #General: Material Sciences- General: Science
3 AwardsLaure Saint-Raymond Mathematics
3 AwardsAnn Salamone *Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials
3 AwardsBonnie K. Sanderson Cardiac - Pulmonary
9 AwardsMelanie S. Sanford Chemistry- Chemistry: Catalysis- Chemistry: General
3 AwardsVijayalakshmi Santhakumar Epilepsy
4 AwardsErica O. Saphire Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryVirology
4 AwardsMyriam P. Sarachik !General: Material Sciences- Physics
3 AwardsNancy Gore Saravia MicrobiologyMicrobiology: Virology
4 AwardsElizabeth Sattely Engineering: Chemistry- GeneralGeneral: Pharmacology
3 AwardsChristine Schaefer Engineering: General
4 AwardsJulie V. Schaffer Dermatology
4 AwardsHelen Scharfman Epilepsy
3 AwardsIngrid Scheffer General: Material SciencesEpilepsy
5 AwardsAlanna Schepartz Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsNanci Schimizzi Engineering: General
3 AwardsCorinna Schindler : All STEM- Chemistry: General
3 AwardsTamar Schlick Biology: Biomedical- Biophysics- General: Chemistry
3 AwardsSandra Schmid !Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsAnn Marie Schmidt Engineering: BiomedicalCardiac and Stroke- Physiology: Diabetes
3 AwardsChristine E. Schmidt Engineering: Chemistry- General
4 AwardsBarbara O. Schneeman Nutrition
3 AwardsMelina Schuh Chemistry: Biochemistry- Molecular Biology
4 AwardsMolly Schumer Biology: Evolution- Comparative: Comparative Biology- General: Material Sciences- Genetics: Biology
5 AwardsNeena B. Schwartz Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences
3 AwardsJaclyn Schwarz Endocrinology: Neuroscience- General: Biomedical- Neuroscience: Behavioral Science
8 AwardsEugenie Scott Biology- Biology: Developmental - Biology: Evolution- Biology: Paleontology- Cell Biology- General: Science- Geology
3 AwardsSara Seager Astronomy
3 AwardsMargaret Seddon Engineering: Astronomy- Aeronautics
3 AwardsRachel Segalman *Engineering: Technology- General: Chemistry- Physics
5 AwardsChristine E. Seidman !#General: Medicine- PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke- Engineering
4 AwardsAmutha Selvamani General: Biomedical
3 AwardsGeraldine C. Seydoux Biology: Biomedical- General
3 AwardsDonna E. Shalala #Cell BiologyPublic Health
3 AwardsShu-ou Shan Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
4 AwardsElizabeth Shane Public Health
9 AwardsLucy Shapiro !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: Biomedical- General: Science- MicrobiologyGeneral
3 AwardsBeth A. Shapiro Biology: Biomedical- General: Science
3 AwardsTatyana Sharpee Biology: BiomedicalNeuroscience
7 AwardsCarla J. Shatz !#Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Technology
3 AwardsRuth G. Shaw !Ecology: Zoology- Geology: General
5 AwardsSheri Sheppard Engineering: Education
3 AwardsKanade Shinkai Dermatology
3 AwardsDonna L. Shirley Engineering: Computer- Mechanics
5 AwardsChristine A. Shoemaker *Engineering: Civil- General
3 AwardsMolly S. Shoichet *Engineering: Biomaterials- General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsJamie Shuda Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Genetics: Biology
3 AwardsMargaret Shupnik Endocrinology- Life Sciences
4 AwardsEllen V. Sigal Oncology
10 AwardsMaxine F Singer !#Biology- Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- General: Science- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsSusan Singer Biology: Botany- Biology: Plant Sciences- Comparative: Comparative Biology
3 AwardsTracy R. Slatyer Astronomy- Biology: Innovation- Physics
4 AwardsKaren E. Smith !Mathematics
4 AwardsLinda B. Smith !Biology: Cognitive- Psychology
3 AwardsKatherine Socha Mathematics
4 AwardsMary Lou Soffa Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
14 AwardsSusan Solomon !Engineering: Chemistry: Biotechnology- Chemistry: Geochemisty- Computer- General: Science- Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience- Sociology: Social Benefit
3 AwardsLinda Keene Solomon Engineering: General
4 AwardsMatia B. Solomon Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- General: Biomedical
3 AwardsLeah H. Somerville General: Science- Psychology
3 AwardsAvril Somlyo BiophysicsCardiac and Stroke- General
3 AwardsNancy Sottos *
7 AwardsElizabeth Spelke !Biochemistry: Biophysics- General: Science- Psychology
5 AwardsJanet Taylor Spence General: Science- Psychology
4 AwardsJeanne Spurlock Psychiatry
3 AwardsAngelica M. Stacy Chemistry: General: Chemistry
4 AwardsVirginia A. Stallings #NutritionGeneral
3 AwardsZvezdelina Stankova Mathematics
3 AwardsPatricia Steeg Oncology: Breast- Pharmacology
3 AwardsKristin Stegenga 
3 AwardsKimberly Stegmaier Pediatrics
3 AwardsLauren M. Stein Physiology
21 AwardsJoan A. Steitz !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology- General: - General: Biomedical- General: Material Sciences- General: Science- Microbiology- Molecular Biology: BiochemistryGeneral
4 AwardsT. Christine Stevens Mathematics
3 AwardsBeth Stevens #Developmental Biology: Embryology
4 AwardsMolly Stevens *Engineering: Chemistry: Biomaterials- Pharmacology
7 AwardsMary Caswell Stoddard Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Biology: Evolution- General: Material Sciences- Geology: Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsRebecca J. Stoltzfus Nutrition
5 AwardsSharon Strauss Ecology: Zoology- Geology: General
3 AwardsCaroline Stromberg Biology: Paleontology- Ecology: Zoology- Paleontology
13 AwardsJoAnne Stubbe !Chemistry: General: Biomedical- General: Chemistry- General: Science- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsLisa Su *Engineering: Technology
4 AwardsRebecca L Sudore Geriatrics- Internal Medicine: General
3 AwardsCatherine Sulem Mathematics
6 AwardsKathryn D. Sullivan *Astronomy- Biology- Ecology: Computer Sciences- Geoscience
3 AwardsYi Eve Sun Developmental Biology: Embryology
3 AwardsAnne M. Suskind Geriatrics- Urology
3 AwardsKristine L. Svinicki Nuclear
3 AwardsAshlyn Swift-Gallant Endocrinology: Neuroscience
3 AwardsCatherine Szpindor Engineering: General
3 AwardsJunko Takeshita Dermatology
5 AwardsEsther Sans Takeuchi *Chemistry: Technology: Medicine
3 AwardsMelanie Tallent Epilepsy
3 AwardsDelia Talos Epilepsy
4 AwardsCarol A. Tamminga #Mental Health- Neuropharmacology: - Psychiatry
3 AwardsNancy J. Tarbell #Administration- Oncology: Cancer
9 AwardsÉva Tardos *Engineering: Computer Science: - Computer Sciences- Mathematics
3 AwardsCorey Tarwater Ornithoology: BiologyPathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsHelen B. Taussig Cardiologists- General
5 AwardsShelley E. Taylor !#Psychology- Psychology: Psychomomatic- Sociology: Psychology
6 AwardsSusan S. Taylor !#Biology: Biomedical- Chemistry: Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
6 AwardsLynne S. Taylor Chemistry: PhysicsPharmacology- Pharmacology: General
4 AwardsJulie Taylor Engineering: General
3 AwardsTerrie Taylor Microbiology: Virology
4 AwardsSarah Teichmann Biophysics- Chemistry: Biochemistry- Molecular Biology
3 AwardsDavida Teller PsychologyOpthalmology- Opthomology
3 AwardsJennifer S. Temel : Cancer- Medicine: Palliative- Oncology
3 AwardsJulie Theriot !Cell Biology
4 AwardsPatricia Thiel Engineering: Chemistry: Vacuum- General: Chemistry- Physics
3 AwardsLydia Thomas Engineering: General: Communications
3 AwardsMarlo Thomas Oncology
3 AwardsAnne M. Thompson Geography: Meterology- Geophysics: Geoscience
4 AwardsJanet Thornton !Engineering: Computer Sciences- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
5 AwardsGretchen E. Tietjen Neurology: Headaches
8 AwardsShirley Tilghman !#Engineering: Biology: Developmental - Cell Biology- Chemistry: Biotechnology- General: Material Sciences- Genetics: Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
6 AwardsMary Tinetti #Geriatrics- Internal Medicine: General
4 AwardsAlice Y. Ting Chemistry: General: Chemistry
3 AwardsJudith Tintinalli #Emergency Medicine
3 AwardsMargaret A. Tolbert !Chemistry: Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsMary Tomayko Dermatology
3 AwardsSuzanne L. Topalian #Oncology
3 AwardsNim Tottenham General: Science- Psychology
3 AwardsRhian M. Touyz PhysiologyCardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsElizabeth Townsend General: BiomedicalGeneral
4 AwardsAnne Treisman !Psychology
4 AwardsJoAnn Trejo #Cell Biology- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
3 AwardsBlanca Treviño Engineering: Computer- General
3 AwardsVirginia Trimble Astronomy- General: Science- Physics
3 AwardsAradhna Tripati Geology
5 AwardsSusan Trolier-McKinstry *Engineering: Vacuum
4 AwardsDoris Tsao !Engineering: Biology: Biomedical- Technology- General
3 AwardsShirley C. Tucker Biology: Botany
3 AwardsMonica Turner !Ecology: Zoology
8 AwardsKay Tye Engineering: Technology- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceGeneral: Pharmacology- Mental Health- Neuroscience
8 AwardsKaren K. Uhlenbeck !Mathematics
3 AwardsLeslie Ungerleider !#Neuroscience: Behavioral Science- Psychology
3 AwardsVeronica Vaida !Chemistry: General
6 AwardsSari M. van Anders Endocrinology: Neuroscience- PsychologyPathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsChristine Van Broeckhoven General: Material SciencesNeurology: Neuroscience
3 AwardsEve Van Cauter Life Sciences- Sleep
4 AwardsEwine van Dishoeck !Astronomy- General: Science- Physics
3 AwardsMichelle vanDellen Psychology- Sociology: Psychology
4 AwardsSandra G. Velleman Agriculture: Poutlry
3 AwardsJoan Vernikos Engineering: Astronautics: Human Factors, Other- Astronomy- Aeronautics
3 AwardsAshlee N. Ford Versypt Engineering: EducationPathology: Immunogenetics
4 AwardsMargot Vigeant Engineering: Agriculture: Animal Husbandry- Astronomy- Astronomy: Meteorology- Biology- Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Fish- Biology: Innovation- Biology: Paleontology- Biology: Photo-Biology- Botony: Horticulture- Cell Biology- Chemistry: Computer Science: - Ecology: Zoology- Aeronautics- Biomedical- Chemistry- Civil- Communications- Computer Sciences- Education- Mechanics- Mineralogy- Technology- Water- Entomology- General: Education- General: Environmental health- Geology- Geology: Geophysics: Geoscience- Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry - Material Science: - Mathematics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Nuclear- Nutrition- Oceanography: Limnology- Paleontology- Pharmacology: Toxicology- Physics- Physics: Optics- Psychology- Psychology: Social Science- Public Service: Social Sciences- Sociology- Sociology: Psychology- Sociology: Social Benefit- Technology: Medicine: Eye Health- : Otolaryngology- Cardiologists- Cardiologists: - Dermatology- Education: Health Care- Epidemiology- Marine Sciences- Medicine: Palliative- Oncology- Opthomology- Pharmacology- Pharmacology: Drug Development- Physiology: Diabetes- Psychiatry
3 AwardsMargot Vigeant Engineering: Education
6 AwardsEllen Vitetta !#Biology: Biomedical- MicrobiologyImmunology- Oncology
3 AwardsRuth Ann Vleugels Dermatology- General
3 AwardsClaire Voisin General: Material Sciences- Mathematics
3 AwardsNora D. Volkow #Neuropharmacology: - Nuclear Medicine- Psychiatry
3 AwardsLeslie Vosshall #General: ScienceNeuroscience
4 AwardsGordana Vunjak-Novakovic *#Engineering: Biomaterials- Biomedical- Computer
3 AwardsEmily M. Wadsworth Engineering: Communications- Education
5 AwardsDenisa Wagner Cardiac and Stroke
3 AwardsKaren Dineen Wagner Mental Health- Psychiatry
4 AwardsRochelle Paula Walensky #Infectious Diseases
3 AwardsElaine Walker PsychologyMental Health
4 AwardsSuzanne Walker !Chemistry: General: Chemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsJudy Leavitt Walker Mathematics
4 AwardsCheryl Lyn Walker #General: Science- Pharmacology: Toxicology
3 AwardsJennifer Walsh Ornithoology: Biology
3 AwardsLouise C. Walter Geriatrics- Internal Medicine: General
3 AwardsRong-Yu Wan Engineering: Minerology
3 AwardsJun Wang Engineering: Civil- Computer SciencesRhumatology
3 AwardsKan Wang Engineering: Biomedical- Technology
3 AwardsWei Wang Computer Science:
3 AwardsPaula Waters Epilepsy
5 AwardsBevlee Watford Engineering: Communications- Education- Mineralogy
8 AwardsKaran L. Watson Engineering: Communications- Education- General
3 AwardsStephanie W. Watts Physiology
3 AwardsPamela J. Weathers Engineering: Biomedical
4 AwardsConnie Weaver #Nutrition
3 AwardsJane Weeks General
7 AwardsJulia R. Weertman *Engineering: : Material Sciences- Mineralogy
3 AwardsErica Wehrwein Physiology
3 AwardsNancy Lynn Weigel Biology: BiomedicalLife Sciences- Urology
3 AwardsAlice S. Weissfeld Microbiology
6 AwardsMyrna M. Weissman #Mental Health
3 AwardsMary Welter Engineering: Biomedical
10 AwardsNanette K. Wenger Cardiac - Pulmonary- Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists- General
6 AwardsZena Werb !#Biology: Biomedical- Cell BiologyAnatomy- Oncology
3 AwardsMargaret Werner-Washburne Cell Biology- General
3 AwardsSusan R. Wessler !Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Plant Sciences- Botony: Maize
3 AwardsJennifer West *Engineering: Biomaterials- General
3 AwardsSheila West Opthalmology- Opthomology
7 AwardsNancy Wexler #General: Medicine- Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceMental Health
3 AwardsElaine Weyuker *Engineering: Computer Sciences- Technology
3 AwardsMarilee J. Wheaton Engineering: General
3 AwardsMary F. Wheeler *Mathematics
3 AwardsGwen White Biology: Fish
4 AwardsKathryn Whitehead Engineering: Education- Pharmacology- Technology- General
4 AwardsTelle Whitney Engineering: Computer Sciences
3 AwardsAlice S. Whittemore #Genetics: Statistics- Oncology
5 AwardsShelia E. Widnall *Engineering: Aeronautics- Computer
3 AwardsEllen Williams Engineering: Material Sciences- Physics
3 AwardsRoberta Williams Cardiac and Stroke- Cardiologists
3 AwardsCarey Williams Agriculture: Equine
4 AwardsTalithia Williams Mathematics
6 AwardsRachel Wilson !Neuroscience: Behavioral ScienceNeuroscience
3 AwardsElizabeth Winzeler #Molecular Biology: BiochemistryMicrobiology: Virology
3 AwardsDyann Wirth #Microbiology: Virology
3 AwardsPhyllis Wise #Biology: Biomedical- PhysiologyLife Sciences
4 AwardsEvelyn M. Witkin !General: Biomedical- Genetics: BiologyGeneral
5 AwardsAlexandra Witze Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsCynthia Wolberger !Biophysics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsJoanne Wolfe : Cancer- Medicine: Palliative- Pediatric Hematology: Cancer
4 AwardsMelanie Wood Mathematics
3 AwardsSusan Wood Engineering: : TechnologyPharmacology
6 AwardsTeresa K. Woodruff  #Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyLife Sciences- Reproductive Fertility
3 AwardsKaren L. Wooley Chemistry: General
5 AwardsMargaret H. Wright !*Mathematics
3 AwardsHao Wu Biophysics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsCynthia Wyels Mathematics
3 AwardsKaren Wynn General: Science- Psychology
4 AwardsJoanna Wysocka Biology: Biomedical- GeneralAnatomy
3 AwardsVicki H. Wysocki Chemistry: Mass Spectroscopy: Chemistry
3 AwardsJiaxi Xu Physiology
3 AwardsKristine Yaffe #Neurology: Neuroscience- Psychiatry
4 AwardsRosalyn S. Yalow Engineering: Computer- GeneralRadiology
3 AwardsVivian Wing-Wah Yam General: Material Sciences
3 AwardsYukiko M. Yamashita Biology: Biomedical- Cell Biology
3 AwardsWei Yan Reproductive Fertility: EmbryologyAndrology
3 AwardsNieng Yan !Biophysics- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
6 AwardsWei Yang !*Engineering: Chemistry: Experimental : Mechanics- Molecular Biology: Biochemistry- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry
3 AwardsAudrey Yee Epilepsy
3 AwardsAmy Yee Epilepsy
3 AwardsSherry J. Yennello Chemistry: General
8 AwardsAda Yonath !Biophysics- General: Material Sciences- Protein Chemisty: Biochemistry- Technology
3 AwardsJane Yoo Dermatology
5 AwardsGina Yosten Physiology
5 AwardsLai-Sang Young !Mathematics
4 AwardsCourtney A. Young Engineering: Mineralogy- Minerology
3 AwardsSiegrid S. Yu Dermatology
3 AwardsAndrea A. Zachary Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsLaura Zahodne Psychology
3 AwardsSumaria Zamurrad Engineering: Biomedical
3 AwardsLauren Zarzar Chemistry: General
5 AwardsAdriana Zeevi Pathology: Immunogenetics
3 AwardsJin Zhang Biophysics- Chemistry: GeneralPharmacology
3 AwardsYan Zhang Engineering: Chemistry: Technology
3 AwardsFang Zheng Engineering: Biomedical- ChemistryPathology: Immunogenetics- Pharmacology
12 AwardsXiaowei Zhuang !Biochemistry: Biophysics- Biology: Biomedical- Biology: Innovation- Chemistry: General: Biomedical- General: Chemistry- General: Science- Physics
3 AwardsMary Lou Zoback !Geology- Geophysics: Geoscience
19 AwardsHuda Zoghbi !#Biology: Innovation- General: Biomedical- General: Medicine- General: Science- Neuroscience: BrainGenetics- Human Genetics- Neuroscience: Brain- Pediatrics
3 AwardsMaria T. Zuber !Astronomy- Geophysics: Geoscience
3 AwardsMarlene Zuk !Animal Sciences: Behavioral Science- Geology: General